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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 184 - Trinity - New Marks And Setting Off (VOLUME 2) LONG CHAPTER




Reece decided to change the positions of us all in the room. He stood with me in his arms and moved us to the love seat from before. The three warlocks sat on the sofa facing us, Noah and Vincent were behind us defensively again, albeit unnecessarily.

"Can you tell us what exactly happened?" Eldrige asked me with a steady and calm voice. I nodded and began my explanation, a play by play account of what had happened from the moment I closed my eyes to focus until I closed my eyes and braced for impact with the ceiling in the basement.

"They were seriously that far underground?" Vincent seemed shocked by that the most.

"Yes, it felt like they were at least fifty or sixty feet underground."

"And you said there were two dozen children?" Crawford seemed confused. "I don't know why he would need so many children. That is more than what the summoning would require."

"How many guards do you think they have there? What kind of fight are we looking at?" Noah wanted to get straight to the strategic planning. 

"I know they had at least a dozen and a half warlocks."

"That seems like it will be no problem at all." Henrich sounded confident."

"Don't be so rash." Reece reprimanded him.

"Why, we have nearly a hundred. Their measly eighteen will be next to nothing compared to that." Henrich was smiling with his overconfidence.

"You're missing something." Vincent informed him.

"Precisely." Reece nodded.

"What am I missing?"

"Trinity, you want to tell him?" Reece smiled at me as I sat wrapped in his arms.

"Sure." I nodded at him before turning to face the warlocks. "Phillip told the guards to fortify the puppetry for the horde."

"What's that got to do with us?" Henrich was really beginning to sound stupid now.

"It means that the massive beasts that Edmond sent to attack us yesterday are likely being kept there." Reece was in Alpha mode, calm, cool, and collected. He always seemed so much wiser and stronger when he was in this role

"More of those beasts?" Crawford paled.

"How many more?" Eldrige asked.

"I didn't see them but I am guessing a lot."

"We have to assume that it will be a lot more than we dealt with before. But we have an advantage now." Reece smiled at me as he spoke. "We now have a Warlock Queen who will enhance the abilities of all those that fight with her." I blushed, a slight smile on my face. I loved the feeling his confidence in me gave me. It made me feel strong, powerful, and of course loved.

The Warlocks were dismissed and ordered to spread the news about what had happened. They needed to tell the others about Thoth's message, my being the Queen, and of course that we had found the kids and would be heading out soon. It was a quarter to one when they left and we planned to leave no later than two-thirty this afternoon. We had a time limit, and it was less than twenty-four hours away.

I was happy that Reece wasn't going to try and keep me away. That I was going to get to help and fight to save the kids. I didn't want to put my foot down and force him to let me go.

We had little to prepare, but there were still some things needed. First was acquiring more vehicles. We would be having more kids to transport, and with all the warlocks going with us we needed to have ample room. So, Reece sent some of the group to get more. 

When we had originally set out we had a dozen SUVs, enough seating for maybe eighty-four people. That would have allowed room for the eight or twelve kids we were expecting to be rescued and no crowding among the passengers. But now we already had more than that number of people who would be traveling with the group, and add to that the fact that we had to accommodate twice as many kids. We thought adding another eight SUVs would be a good idea.

I just wish that Reece and the others knew how conspicuous we would all look driving around in a huge ass caravan of big black SUVs. Did they want us to look like some military outfit that was on the move? Did they want to terrify and intimidate the public? Oh well, he would do what he wanted I guess. He probably thought it looked cool.

"Reece?" I called his name shortly after the others had left the room.

"Yeah Little Bunny, what is it?"

"Phillip said he was sending an attack to lie in wait for us. We need to let the others know." I didn't want them being left unguarded and be no better than lambs awaiting the slaughter.

"I have already sent word to the guards back home. As well as calling up The surrounding packs."

"Good. I don't want anything happening to the people back home."

"Too bad you couldn't just talk to them like you do." He smiled at me jokingly.

'You mean like this?' I asked him mentally as I slinked toward him seductively.

"Yup, just like that. Only hopefully without the accompanying visuals." He smirked at me as he reached out his right hand. In a quick gesture he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me toward him.

I hadn't intended for an intimate moment between us, just a little teasing. But I couldn't deny the need in either of us when he buried his face in the hair at my neck. His tongue licked up and down, gently caressing my flesh and leaving behind a thin wet line.

I gripped his shirt in my fists as I shivered from the feeling of his hot breath on my wet, sensitive flesh. Goosebumps were beginning to spread their way up my arms just from the feel of him being so close to me. He purred softly when my body had shivered, moving against him.

Next, his teeth clamped onto me, next to the place where my marks started. His gentle but firm pressure caused a quiet moan to escape from between my lips.

I so desperately wanted to continue, but I knew we didn't have the time. We had to leave, and soon. But it was hard, oh so hard, to push him away from me.

"Reece." I said as I placed my hands against his chest. "We can't do this."

"Of course we can." He chuckled against my neck. "We just need a few less layers." He started to push the jacket I was wearing down my arms. "See, it's that simple."

"No, we've got to stop. We need to leave soon."

"There's time for both." He murmured.

"Not if we wanted to savor our time and enjoy it." I teased him. "Come on, let's get ready to go." I pushed him, gently but firmly, causing him to take a small step back.

"Fine." He looked me in the eyes as he answered, the heat in their depths was almost enough to set me ablaze and throw the schedule out the window. Almost. I was still in control though and knew that wasn't an option.

I wanted to be ready to leave before the others. I wanted to show my leadership abilities by setting the example. So it was with that thought that I pushed the desire and need from my mind and started to change for the mission.

But, just as I stripped off the jacket completely, leaving me in nothing but the sleeveless racer back t-shirt I had on under it Reece's eyes went wide with a gasp.

"What is it?" I asked him curiously as I looked over my shoulder at him.

"Your marks." His eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

"What about them?" I was confused, we already knew that I had a new one, did he forget that? "Reece, I know there's a new one."

"There's more than one new one." He walked back toward me as I turned to face him. When I looked directly at him he paused, his eyes locked onto my chest.

"Now's not the time to look at my boobs Reece." I reminded him firmly. 

"While that would be a very pleasant sight, that's not what I'm staring at." He smirked at me again. 

"Then what?" I followed his gaze and saw a little of what he was looking at.

It was just a glimpse, that's all I could see with the shirt on, but there were more of the trinity symbols in a chain moving from left to right. Three lines of them in fact, but they were silver instead of black. It looked like they went all the way across my chest, at my collarbone really. They went from one shoulder to the next.

In a panicked hurry I pulled the shirt off over my head and threw it aside. I saw that I was indeed right in guessing that the chains went from one shoulder to the other. There was still that pawprint and crescent moon on my left collar bone, sapphire blue and silver like before. But now, there was the runic magic circle on my right collar bone, and this one was a dark ruby red color. 

Both were attached to the chains marking their way from one shoulder to the other. No longer did the chain just move down my shoulder to the mark on the collar bone. No, they looked like they were pendants dangling from a very large and elaborate necklace.

"Wasn't that mark on my shoulder?" I asked Reece pointing to the symbol on the right.

"It was, but now it's not. It wasn't there anymore when I looked just a moment ago, but there is a different new mark."

"Really?" I asked him, interrupting him.

"Yup." He nodded. "And there are a bunch of marks here now." He pointed to my right shoulder.

My head was spinning, I didn't know what to think. I had so many new marks. What did they all mean?

"Describe them. All of them. Please." I looked at him with shock filling my eyes. He nodded and obliged. 

"Let's start here." He said pointing to my left shoulder. "There are some changes."

"What changes?"

"For starters, all the marks on this shoulder are now blue. Next, the pack crest, that was already different from everyone else's, is different again. Before you had a group of wolves leaping and the goddess descending. But now the goddess is suspended in the middle of the moon, the pure white of your skin is visible in rays around her like she is glowing. And now, instead of wolves leaping you have a group of people and animals. There seems to be several different types of animals, like wolves, felines, deer, bears, even birds and rabbits. And the people seem to be wearing cloaks, like warlocks. All of them are seen from the back but you can tell they are looking up at the goddess. Maybe it's because you're the queen to all the warlocks and all the shifters."

"Hmm." I hummed my agreement, unable to think of anything else to say.

"All of the original marks are here. The clasped hands in the triangle, the wolf head with a tree growing out the top inside the oval, the eye inside the square, the different elements inside the plus sign looking shape. All of those are the same, but now there is a new one. It's inside a hexagon and it has what looks like icicles hanging from the top and snow falling around an arrow."

"An arrow?" I asked him, confused.

"Yup, maybe you can form ice arrows now." I could hear the awe in his voice.

"Alright, what else." I encouraged him to continue. 

"That is all on this shoulder. But on the right shoulder you have just as many marks. But these ones are all red. In the center is the same crest that is on the other shoulder. That is another reason why I think it changed to incorporate the warlocks. You have a coven now as well as a pack."

"You're probably right." I agreed with him. "What marks are surrounding this one?"

"Well, there are six, and they are connected with silver trinity chains. All the chains are now silver, even the ones on the other shoulder." I nodded to show I had guessed that when I saw the chains on my chest. And it seemed that the marks were the same ruby red as the one on my collar bone.

"This one," he put his finger on a mark just above the crest on my right shoulder, "this one is an ankh, like Thoth had. Then this one is a tornado." He continued to move his finger across my skin, leaving a warm trail in its wake. "This one here is a compass rose, that might have something to do with why you were able to take your consciousness to find the children. And none of these three are inside of a shape like the others. But this one, it is an oval like on the other shoulder, only instead of a wolf head with a tree coming out of it it's a hand with a tree growing out of it. This is the same symbol from the other shoulder, the elements one. And there is another hexagon with an arrow in it, only it shows wind and leaves blowing around it, perhaps meaning wind arrows as well as ice arrows."

"So my wolf powers have an affinity for ice and my witch side has wind?" I asked him with a smile so big it could be heard in my voice.

"Seems like it."

"Well, at least I know all of the marks now." I laughed as I went to move away.

"That's not all of them." He said as he put a hand on my shoulder.

"You said there were only six surrounding the crest." I reminded him of his previous words.

"Yes, but there are marks along here." He said as he ran a finger along my back and across my shoulder blades.

"What?" I hadn't expected that.

"Yup. Just like your chest there are three chains of trinity symbols going from one shoulder to the other."

"That's it?" I asked him as I was about to laugh, that wasn't much.

"Nope." His words shocked me.

 "Then what?"

"There are nine symbols back here. In the middle is a large trinity symbol dangling from the chains. It is about the size of my fist and is by far your largest mark. It probably is meant to represent Wolf Queen, Warlock Queen, and Goddess. Trinity, means three after all."

"Yeah." Again all I could really do was nod my agreement. "What else is there?"

"There are four symbols on either side. On the left side there is another elements symbol, I think it means that it is counted among both and therefore extra powerful. Then next to that is another hexagon, but this one with a bow and the word archer. Then a rectangle with a strange looking capital F, it slants to the right a little and the lines lean down toward the bottom. And the last one on that side is a circle with an open padlock, there is a skeleton key inside the padlock as well. To the other side of the Trinity symbol there is another triangle with the hands clasped, I think this means you can grant powers to anyone as it seems to be a unity or allies symbol. There is another oval, this one with two trees and their branches are intertwining and the roots are showing below them very long, I think this has to do with your telepathy. Then, there is another circle with two fancy letters, an R with a C overlapping it. And lastly, another compass rose, not inside any shape, and this one has an arrow for the east to west line."

"Arrow and a compass?" I had an idea about what that meant, but I would have to ask the god and goddess if I was right. "Could that mean precision, or target seeking?" I asked Reece.

"Seems right to me." He nodded. "One last thing."

"What?" I asked him, worried about what else there could be.

"All the marks on your back are a dark purple, like the sapphire blue on the left mixed with the ruby red on the right."

"Great, so now I am an overly tattooed rainbow freak." I grimaced at my words. 

"You're not tattooed, you're blessed and marked with power. And this does nothing to diminish your beauty. Never forget that these marks mean you are stronger than anyone around. Except for me of course." He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me from behind, his hands just happening to cup my breasts as he did so.

"Oh stop, you perv." I snapped at him playfully.

"You're beautiful, Little Bunny, these marks only add to that, never forget that, got it."

"Yeah, I got it." I nodded and smiled at him as I turned my head. I kissed him on the cheek quickly then stepped out of his arms. "Come on, let's get ready.

After learning just what had happened to my body when I changed statuses again, I needed to get dressed. I wanted my marks to be hidden at first, but then I thought about what they would mean to the others. So, I decided to dress in a light blue cami that would show off all the marks easily. I chose one of my favorite black jackets to go over it, one of the ones made of cloth but with no buttons or zippers. I finished the outfit with a pair of comfortable black jeans and hiking boots that would be good for the mission, both for walking in and kicking ass with. 

The last thing I needed to do to get ready was contain my long brown hair. I pulled it back into a high ponytail then braided it so it would not get in the way. I thought I looked like I was ready to kick some major ass.

Less than ten minutes later I was with Reece standing in front of the resort. We had told the manager that we would be leaving for a late check out but would pay for the two days to accommodate them for the inconvenience. As everyone was getting ready to leave they were carrying all our things to the car, slowly but steadily.

We had essentially rented out about half of the resort, a few other guests were here but not many at all, and with our large group we were definitely intimidating to the others. The manager and other employees mostly just watched us from a distance as they seemed too afraid to spend much time directly in our presence. It was probably the sheer amount of money we'd spent on a whim. 

The rooms hadn't been cheap, and we had rented seventy of them. Add to that the food we had ordered in the restaurant and had delivered to the rooms for all of us to eat since yesterday afternoon, we had probably spent around sixty thousand dollars, if not more. And Reece just handed over his credit card without batting an eyelash, that was a lot of money. 

After we had all loaded up and were seated in the SUVs, we were ready to ship out. Twenty SUVs total, that's what we were all spread into. I had wondered what had happened to all the cars the warlocks had driven, but Noah told me that they had gone in teams to drop them off at the Aerie Convento and then come back. We were going with uniformity here apparently. Noah and Reece were both stuck on this Hollywood idea of group travel. I just wanted to laugh at them.