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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 182 - Trinity - Unexpected (VOLUME 2)




No sooner had we decided I was to help, and we were just about to get started, did an urgent sounding knock come from the door to the suite. With a raised eyebrow and a curious expression, Noah made his way to the door, the rest of us standing in the room and watching. 

At the door was a group of warlocks and witches ranging in age from early twenties to late fifties, by appearances anyway. But I knew that they could be over two hundred and look thirty, so age wasn't the relevant fact here. The thing about them that was the most interesting was the nearly identical looks of shock they were all wearing. Not a single one of them looked calm. Some were practically bouncing up and down from excitement and shock while others merely looked unsettled.

"We are very busy, is there something you need?" Noah asked them in a clipped and curt manner. He was standing at the door with his back to me, so I couldn't see his face, but I knew the potential that Noah had when it came to his frustrations.

"We would like to speak with Crawford momentarily." Henrich, who was standing near the front of the group spoke up.

"Henrich, it can wait." Eldrige glared at the man.

"Sir, this is something that you both should see." Henrich insisted.

"Just let Henrich in, not the others." I told Noah.

"You heard her. Him only, he will relay any info you all need." Noah was acting like a good security agent now. Had he always been like this? I thought he had, but then there were times when it came as such a surprise to me.

Henrich walked into the room and Noah shut the door behind him, directly in the faces of the excitable people outside it. Henrich made his way to where we all stood in a hurried manner. He looked like someone had recently chased him and he couldn't shed that feeling of adrenaline. I saw the look in his eyes and was instantly curious to what he had seen that would make him scared, nervous, shocked, excited, and happy all at one.

"What is it?" Crawford demanded of him when he had come to a stop.

"Sir, there has been something wonderful, no glorious, that has happened to us all." Henrich was sounding reverent about this mysterious occurrence he was talking about, he sounded like Eldrige had just a few moments ago.

"Well, out with it, just tell me what it is already." Crawford ordered him. With a nod, Henrich began to speak again.

"Yes, Sir. Well, you see, we have all been blessed."

"Blessed how?" Reece asked as I stood next to him, silently watching.

"What kind of blessing?" Vincent added.

"A blessing from the God Thoth. This is most definitely a cause to celebrate."

"I do not understand." Crawford rubbed his temples in agitation. "Please explain everything." He sighed as he looked at the man who was praising the god.

According to Henrich's retelling of the events. He had been waiting in the three room suite, like ours but less extravagant, for Eldrige to return. He had not expected the onslaught of visitors that had rushed to his room in their excitement. They had begun to talk among themselves after the first of them noticed the mark on their right shoulder. That man who had first noticed the mark on himself had ran excitedly to his roommate and showed him. The roommate had one as well.

Those two went room to room, looking for others. As it turned out every single warlock present had the mark now on their right shoulder. It was just like what had happened with my mark. The only difference was that the appearance of their marks had not been accompanied with the light or slight pain.

Eldrige and Crawford looked at each other in mystified confusion. Every single witch and warlock they had brought with them was now marked with the power focusing runic symbols. After a quick mutual examination they saw that they too had the mark. It did indeed look just the designs on the parchment like sheet.

I felt the stares from six sets of eyes on me. My nerves were just as high as ever, but I did my best to not let it get to me. I knew what they were thinking though, and it was mostly likely true. I had given them all the marks.

"Queen Trinity, what exactly did you do?" Crawford asked me with a hint of worry in his voice.

"I only recited the words you were chanting. I said them in my head as you two were activating the circle."

"That was all?" Vincent asked me.

"Well, yeah. But you all know that I said it would be a good idea to wear that circle to make things easier. It was right after that when I said the words. But like I said, I only said them in my head."

"You blessed all my people that are here, that is more than just saying the words inside your head."

I was feeling the weight of his words and skepticism as it bored down on me. The tension in the room was mounting as they all looked at me.

I first noticed something was off while the warlocks had their eyes locked onto me. I saw a rolling cloud of pale blue fog. It was blowing in around us like we weren't even there. I could smell a sweet yet spicy incense filling the fog.

Reece and the guys noticed the fog at almost the same time that I did. Looking out the corner of their eyes first then turning to look at it directly. The last to notice anything were the warlocks.

The fog moved fast and had surrounded us in an instant, but I didn't feel anything ominous about this cloud. Though I was still wary because of the purple fog I had dealt with so recently.

Once everyone was aware of the presence, the fog stopped moving forward. Instead the fog rose higher and high, coalescing into one place. And forming a vaguely man shaped form. As the form cleared I noticed some strange things about its appearance. The man had the head of a bird. He was bare chested but had a circular collar thing around his neck and cuffs on his upper arms. He was holding a staff and an ankh. The only clothing he was truly wearing was a knee length skirt.

"Thoth." Crawford breathed as the man came into better focus. This was an embodiment of God Thoth.

"Greetings my children."

"Thoth." Eldrige said with a little more substance to his voice.

"Is it really you?" Crawford asked. Reece, Noah, Vincent, and I were just watching on with awed looks on our faces.

"Yes, dear son, it is I." He was smiling happily at all of us present.

"What are you doing here?" Crawford asked him.

"I have come to announce my successor."

"Successor? You mean the Warlock King?" Eldrige was smiling.

"Yes, and no." Thoth answered him. "I have never named a successor in these past millenia. The reason being no one has been worthy enough."

"But you believe someone is worthy now?" Crawford smiled.

"I do." Thoth smiled as he looked at me.

"Me?" I asked him, causing him to nod. "You are half witch, that makes you a child of mine as well. But you have not been raised to be like any of my people. You have, however, been raised to accept people no matter who they truly are. You are strong, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Not to mention you are extremely powerful. With you taking the helm, on top of your other roles, you can unite the magic world with the shifter world. With these two lines coming together, you will help to unite the world."

"She will be the Warlock Queen?" Vincent smiled as he looked at me.

"That she is." He smiled at all of us in turn. "I leave it to all of you to spread the word. Queen Trinity, please lead your people with pride and wisdom."

"Wait, what if I can't do this?" I asked him, panicking.

"Much like your shifter goddess, I will always be near to help guide you. After all, I am part of all my children."

Thoth reached out his cloudy, barely there left hand, the one clutching the ankh. He brushed the stone piece in his hand across my forehead and whispered something so quietly I could not hear it, but there was a flash of light blue light and I felt another quick flash of pain in my shoulder, but this time the right one. I could clearly tell it was the formation of more marks. 

I just became queen of another whole group of people! Would the surrealness of my life ever stop. What the hell am I going to do now? This was way beyond my capabilities, wasn't it?