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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 172 - Trinity- My First Morning As A Goddess And A Queen (VOLUME 2)




Thankfully I slept soundly. I fell asleep snuggled in Reece's arms and woke up the same way. And I was glad that I didn't have any dreams at all. It was completely calm and serene compared to the rest of that day.

After my oh so eventful day, I expected to sleep late, so I was not surprised when I didn't wake up until almost ten in the morning. Reece had still been there with me as well, snuggling me happily. After waking I was too hungry to shower first before breakfast, I needed food in me.

The first thing that we planned to do after breakfast that morning was send David and Rawlynne to collect the personal effects of the missing children. We needed to get one for everyone of them just in case they were being kept in separate locations. 

The Warlocks had already left and returned to the Aerie Convento, which I had learned was the name of the magic council's headquarters. Reece and I, along with a proper amount of guards, would be traveling there tomorrow so the search for the missing kids could finally commence.

I admit that I have been busy the past month, but we didn't abandon the kids at all. Half of the pack warriors have been traveling all around the country looking for any trace of Edmond and the missing kids. The problem is, if someone was actively covering their tracks it would be so much easier to hide from us. Most wolves could not smell the trails left behind by a Warlock.

That was something I wish I could take care of. My warriors needed to level up, so to speak. I would have to figure that out at some point. I couldn't leave them so ill prepared.

I was now sitting in the kitchen, eating a large plate of pancakes and bacon, and don't forget my favorite poached eggs on the side. I had almost forgotten that Juniper had been here all night when she came walking into the room.

"Hey, glad to see you're doing good today. After all that commotion last night I was worried about you." She called out to me as she went to sit in the chair.

"Hey Juniper, sorry to worry you." I was embarrassed that everyone knew what had happened by now. How weak it made me sound.

"No, don't sweat it. Gabriel and Giffin came and told us all that it was because you're not used to your Goddess powers. It was my fault wasn't it?" She looked sad, and her eyes were filled with guilt. "It's because you granted me that ability that you ended up sick, right?" I saw tears in her eyes and I just had to stop her.

"Absolutely not, Juniper, it is not your fault." I put as much sincerity into my words as I could. Those bright green eyes of her were usually filled with just joy and an intensity for life, so seeing her so upset was causing me physical pain. "Juniper, what happened to me was because I was not fully accepting my Goddess powers before. In all fairness I didn't know about them, but my body has not had a chance to adjust to them and therefore using them completely drained me of all my energy."

Are you sure that it is not my fault?" She still looked sad.

"Yes, Juniper, I am sure. Plus, you deserved that ability. It was inside you already anyway. All I did was help to bring it out."

"Really?" She smiled like those words made her really happy.

"Yeah." I nodded at her. "And like Gabriel told Griffin last night, keep using it and learning more about it so that you can discover the true extent of your abilities."

"I really don't think there will be much use for it, honestly. Yeah, it can help calm people down when they're upset, but what else is it good for?"

"I have an idea for it, but I'll tell you about it later. Do you feel like coming on a trip with us tomorrow?"

"A trip?" She was confused since I hadn't told her about the rescue mission we would be going on soon.

"Yeah, it has a purpose, but I will tell you about it later."

Throughout the whole conversation with Juniper, Reece had sat there eating his breakfast in silence, listening to us talk. I honestly didn't think he could keep his mouth shut for this long so I was kind of shocked. As I looked at him during a momentary lull in the conversation his phone rang.

"Hmm, what does Griffin want?" He mused as he stood up. "I'll take the call in the other room so you two can keep talking." He kissed the top of my head as he walked by. "I'll see you later Juniper." With that he walked out of the kitchen and toward the sitting room across the house from us.

"So, uh, Trinity." Juniper was looking nervous as she spoke. "Now that Reece is gone, there is something that I want to talk to you about."

"What?" She looked so embarrassed that I couldn't help but have a smirk on my face and a laugh in my voice.

"So, I woke up this morning with a strange mark on me." Her eyes were darting around, side to side, as if she was afraid someone would hear.

"What kind of mark?" I was intrigued but didn't know if this was a joking matter or not.

"Well, it almost looks like a tattoo." She smirked now. "But I definitely didn't go and get one last night."

"What is it? Is it embarrassing?" I laughed trying to lighten the mood.

"Not really embarrassing, no. But I didn't have it before."

"Come on, just spit it out, Juniper. What's the big deal? You've seen my marks before."

"Those are mate marks, they're different."

"Actually, they're goddess marks, apparently. I got them when I was fully mate marked, but they're symbols of my powers."

"Huh, I didn't know that." She tried changing the subject, I could tell what she was doing and I wasn't going to let it slide.

"Neither did I til yesterday, but we're talking about you, not me." I fixed her with a firm look. "What kind of mark is it Juniper?"

"Just, look for yourself." She snapped at me and pulled the collar of her t-shirt to the side.

When she revealed her collar bone to me I saw a mark about half the size of my fist. It was a sapphire blue paw print with a silver crescent moon to the left of it, well left in my view but on her right side. The crescent moon was thin and went from the middle of top of the paw print to the bottom middle, half encircling it.

"That's, interesting." I only slightly paused as I was saying these words.

"I've never seen it before, and it definitely wasn't there last night."

"Do you think that maybe, me granting you that power somehow, you know." I couldn't fully form that thought to even ask the question. Did I leave that mark on her? I didn't know if I would ever find out for certain.

"Do you think it's possible?" She asked me. "It's the only thing I can think of."

"I guess it's possible. But what would it mean?" Gabriel said me marking Reece made him special, but this was different. Wasn't it? I mate marked Reece, we shared power between us, this was just a tattoo after getting an ability.

"It's kind of strange to just wake up with it, but it's pretty cool too. Don't you think so?"

"Yeah, it's interesting." I smiled at her as I tried to wrap my head around the idea of putting a mystical tattoo on my best friend's collar bone. It was surreal.

"I'm gonna get going. I need to call Paul."

"He can come stay here too you know."

"I know that, now. But yesterday I didn't know that I would be staying here, so I sent him to spend the night with Cedar. Anyway, I'll talk to you later."

With that, she left the room just as Reece came back in.

"So, uh, Griffin told me something strange."

"Really? Like what?"

"He woke up with a tattoo."

"A paw print and a crescent moon? On his collar bone?"

"How did you know that?" He looked shocked.

"Guess who else told me they have one." 

"So, it's because of the powers you gave them?"

"Seems like it." This was going to be interesting. I needed to talk to Gabriel about this right away. I just wonder what he had to say. Was this kind of thing normal? Could this be something he would have a record of? What exactly am I capable of now that I was the goddess? I guess I had to wait and find out, like they say 'time will tell'. I just hated waiting.

When I went back upstairs to take my shower, Reece tagging along, The first thing I noticed when I took off my t-shirt was a mark that matched the ones on Juniper and Griffin. It was just below my collar bone. The crescent moon was a bright shining silver and the paw print was an iridescent sapphire blue. Only my mark was connected to the others by the chain of trinity symbols that linked all my other marks. The chain trailed down from my shoulder to the mark. I guess it really was meant to show that whoever got a power from me would be marked.