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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 171 - Reece- Like An Answered Prayer (VOLUME 2)




When I saw her eyes flutter open and heard that one word come from her mouth I felt like my world, that had been spinning out of control, had finally been set right. Finally, up was up, down was down, and my mate had come back to me.

I had been standing nearby and watching the scene as it unfolded, but when she woke up I rushed forward. I threw my arms around her and pulled her close. The feeling of her arms snaking around me and squeezing me back was like heaven.

"Thank the Goddess, you're awake."

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Fido." Her voice held a slight edge of laughter.

"So you were not fazed at all." I smiled, hearing her joking words made it feel like everything was back to normal.

"My Queen, it is good to see you awake." Gabriel interjected.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you more." Griffin sounded like he was depressed by the events.

"You did though, didn't you?" My Little Bunny spoke to him as she pulled away from me. I was not ready to break my contact with her, so I moved around her and pulled her to sit against my side.

"I did nothing but confirm that you were healthy." Griffin hung his head.

"But you're the one that actually woke me up."

"How do you know that?" I asked her, confused that she would know this.

"I couldn't move, or talk, but I was able to hear and feel everything." She smirked at me. That made me remember how pathetic I probably sounded when I was waiting for Griffin to get here. Oh well, it just confirmed my love for her.

I watched her, sitting there pressed to my side, her pale face shining like a moon among the dark wooden furniture and dark bedspread. She really did look like an extension of the Moon Goddess, she always had.

"I love you." My whispered words brought a smile to her regal face.

"I know."

"So, if you heard everything, then does that mean that you know-." Griffin trailed off.

"That you were given a goddess gift?" She finished for him. Griffin nodded, looking uncertain.

"I guess I really should start talking to you differently, huh."

"Oh Goddess, no!" She exclaimed while laughing. "Please, people that I know calling me Goddess and Queen will start creeping me out."

"It is a title you will need to get used to, so the sooner the better Your Majesty." Gabriel gave a half bow at his words.

"Just don't try to rush me into, alright." She grimaced at the thought.

"How did it happen, giving a gift while you were unconscious?" I asked her. "I know that you could hear everything but how did you grant the ability?"

"I don't know, I just simply agreed that Griffin is someone worthy of an ability and felt the power being pulled from me."

"Then how was it you granted me an ability when we never experienced that light or those words?"

"I don't know, do you think I am an expert." She snapped snarkily at me with an irritated look in her eyes. "Maybe it's because you were marked."

"My King? You were marked?" Gabriel was beyond shocked at those words. The look on his face was one of utter bewilderment.

"Yes, I have a mate mark that Trinity gave to me."

"That is stupendous. Sincerely, it is beyond amazing. To have been marked by your Queen, one can only hope to be quite as blessed."

"Does it mean something?" Little Bunny asked him.

"It does indeed. It means that King Reece has been elevated to not just a mate and King. He will be able to exhibit and share in abilities similar to those you will be capable of. You have raised him to the status of something like a demi-god."

The three of them were staring at me quite intently. I think I finally understood why my little mate kept getting embarrassed with all this Goddess and Queen stuff. I was not a regular wolf anymore? I guess I was somehow infused with her magic, her power, her aura when we simultaneously bit each other that night. But honestly, being stronger made things easier didn't it. I could protect my family and my pack better.

Now that I think about it, I don't have a 'pack' anymore. I have 'people'. Every breed of shifter in the world was under my rule. I was King, and I would need to have someone take over for me here from time to time. Still, this was my pack and it always would be. Looks like Noah will have his hands full from now on.

"Looks like you get to be my Almighty Reece now." She winked at me. "Are you going to use those powers for good?" Her joking voice made me smile.

"I might just use them to keep you in check." I purred at her.

"You couldn't control me too well before I outranked you, how are you going to do it now." The laughter that came from her was beautiful, musical, and full of evil mirth.

"You evil Devil Bunny." I growled playfully.

"Muwahahaha." She gave a fake evil laugh.

"Well, I'd say that it looks like you're back to a hundred-percent now." Griffin seemed embarrassed, did we take our joking too far? Oh well.

"Griffin?" That little devil bunny called out to him.

"Yes Luna?" He responded deferentially.

"I want you to remember something. I may have granted you that ability but I didn't know I was doing it, and you're the one who instantly figured out how to use it on your own. You were worried about me and were being very caring and gentle with me. You made certain both me and my baby were healthy. And in the end, I couldn't wake up without you. You're the one that used the new ability you have to wake me up. I will always be thankful for that." The smile that spread across his face at her words was filled with happiness and thanks.

"Thank you."

"Griffin, use the gift the Queen has given you. Abilities like yours can bring great healing and happiness to the world. Over time you will figure out all that you are capable of doing."

"Thank you Gabriel." Griffin gave the man a smile and a nod. "I need to do some reflecting, so I will leave you for the night since it is very late. Reece, Trinity, have a good night."

"I shall accompany you, Griffin. I believe it is time for me to take my leave as well."

"Gabriel?" Little Bunny called after him before he could leave.

"No worries my Queen, I know that you have accepted who you are, but there is something else that is taking priority, am I correct?"

"Yes." I answered for her. "It's something that you might be able to help us with."

"Then I will come back in the afternoon to discuss it with you."

"Make it noon." Little Bunny told him. 

"As you wish."

"Oh, Griffin, let everyone know that things are OK now, will you? Tell them we will have a meeting in the morning." I asked the man as he was walking toward the door.

"Yes, Sir." 

With having said all that needed to be said between us the two men took their leave and left the room. Gabriel bowed before he left, Griffin nodded his head at us. This day had been nothing but a rollercoaster ride. Ups and downs, twists and turns, happiness, excitement, anger and fear. I experienced all of that in the course of just one day and I was feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.

"What do you say we get some sleep, Little Bunny." I smiled at my mate who was still sitting against me.

"I say lay me down and call me sleeping beauty. I feel like I can sleep for a hundred years." She joked, the natural flow of her humor always made me laugh.

"Then let's turn the lights out and get to bed."

I scooped her up into my arms and walked to the light switch. 

"Why are you carrying me?" She asked me, confused by my actions.

"After what happened today, I'm never letting go of you again." I responded quickly and smoothly.

"Oh no. You just intensified my prison sentence, didn't you."

"So, being with me is like being in prison?" I faked a hurt expression and tone of voice.

"I feel like I'm gonna be shackled to you like I'm in a chain gang or we are two escaping criminals in an action movie."

"You can be so mean sometimes." I pouted.

"Thank you." She batted her eyelashes at me.

When I made it to the bed I managed to unbutton my jeans and strip them off one handed, but no matter how talented I was, I wouldn't be able to pull the t-shirt off with her in my arms. So I climbed into the bed and set her on my lap while I pulled it over my head and threw it aside. Once I was in just my boxers I nestled her next to me and pulled the blanket over us.

"Hmm, look at you Mr. aggressive."

"This isn't me being aggressive, this is me being loving and caring." I smiled before laying my lips against her forehead for a quick kiss. "Now, be quiet, hug me, and sleep."

"Oh, yes Sir, Mr. King, Sir. I will be certain to do just that." Her words were mocking but she did as I asked. She wrapped her arms around my neck, nestled against my chest and closed her eyes. She was asleep in under a minute. She really was exhausted too. I laid a gentle kiss against her hair and whispered one word.