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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 170 - Trinity- A Surreal Experience (VOLUME 2)




I felt my strength leave me and my whole body just crumpled to the floor. I couldn't move a muscle. I couldn't talk, I couldn't turn my head. I couldn't open my eyes. I was extremely tired, and exhausted to the point of passing out, but I still couldn't fall asleep either.

I lay there, unable to move, unable to call for help. I'm not certain how long I was laying there. In the darkness it felt like forever. I had a feeling this was like the lost state that Lila had been in. How she managed to survive this, to keep her sanity during something like this for seven years I would never know.

After what felt like hours I heard the door click open.

'REECE!' I screamed inside my head. 'Reece, help me.' But of course no words could be heard.

I could sense where he was, I could feel the changes in the room's atmosphere as he moved. He was walking toward the closet to hang up his jacket, he should be able to see me soon. 

I heard him gasp, his sharp intake of breath told me he had finally seen me.

"Trinity?" His voice was filled with worry, fear, and pain then I heard his pounding footsteps as he ran to me. I felt his hands as he grabbed me, gripping lightly so as not to hurt me at all. He turned me over so that I was laying against him. "Trinity, baby, what's wrong? What happened?" He sounded close to tears as he hugged me tightly.

Another voice entered my consciousness, a very familiar one.

"Reece? Is everything ok?" Vincent was outside the door and his voice was full of concern. I had almost forgotten that Heather was in that room with the kids and it was only natural that Vincent would come back here and to that room with his family.

"Get in here, and turn the light on." Reece instructed him. 

"Yes, Sir."

I heard the door click open and the sound of the light switch flipping, but I couldn't sense the light at all. Usually if you're just laying in a room with your eyes closed you can still see the brightness of the light trying to push through your eyelids, lightening the edges slightly. But not this time, there was no change in what I was seeing. I was trapped in the darkness, and for some reason seeing this, or not seeing this, caused my stress level to rise.

"Trinity?" Vincent and Heather exclaimed at nearly the same time.

"Sir, what happened?" Vincent sounded scared and nervous. He was the captain of my guard and here I was probably looking dead.

'I'M ALIVE, GET SOMEONE TO HELP ME!' I screamed at them inside my mind.

"I don't know, I found her on the floor like this. Call Griffin and get Noah, I want you two to search the area, tell me if anyone was outside the house tonight." Reece's panicked voice was not helping my stressed feelings at all.

"Understood." Vincent Answered.

"Is she alright?" I heard Heather ask after a moment or two.

'You tell me, do I look alright.' My snarky attitude that I usually worked so hard to hide from everyone, except Reece, was coming out in full force inside my mind. 

"What all happened tonight Heather? I want to know everything."

"You mean after we got here, right?"

'No Heather, he wants to know everything that happened when I was alone without him or you.' I sneered, then immediately regretted it. I knew they couldn't hear me but Heather still didn't deserve that. I was just angry about my situation.

"After the children were settled into the room across the hall with Lila, the rest of us came here and talked. Trinity told us about Ella, I admit that had scared me a lot. Trinity said she felt weak and useless, but she isn't. That would just be insane, she's so strong."

'I am weak. I am useless. Just look at me. Look at what has happened to me. I'm pathetic. How can I be a goddess? How can I be a queen? I can't lead or guide anyone.

"What else happened?" Reece growled slightly when he asked.

"Well, Juniper made her feel better, then there was this bright white light and a strange voice that said 'gift granted'. The light scared me, and on top of everything else I was nearing a breakdown. But then Juniper soothed me with words and a warm feeling washed over me."

'That's right, she got an ability, and just doing that has nearly killed me.'

"What was the light?" I seriously couldn't believe he was focussing on that, was it important right now?

"Well." Heather sounded scared as she spoke. "Trinity said it was Juniper being granted a new power or ability. That Juniper now has like a mental healing ability."

"Granted an ability?"

'Yes my Deputy Dawg, your wife used her Goddess powers and is now as good as gone forever. Do you have to be Mr. Inquisitive like you're Mr. Peabody or something, can't you just try to save me like Krypto instead. Pick which doggie character is best for this situation."

"Thank you Heather, you can go now."

'Seriously, have you figured it out now, Einstein. And yes you dunce, that's a fictional mutt too.'

After I heard the door close and knew that Heather was gone, I felt Reece stand with me in his arms. He stood up smoothly, if it hadn't been for the shifting of his body I never would have known he had stood up. His movements were slow and smooth, like he was trying to be extremely gentle with me.

Reece gently laid me on the bed, and just as I felt his arms sliding out from under me I heard his phone ringing. He answered it in a hurry.

"Are you on your way?" 

'Wow! Not even a hello for him huh Rover.'

"I don't know, I came into the room and found her collapsed on the floor."

'Oh, great, a one sided conversation where I'm missing the other half.'

"Not that I know of. And I had the house under surveillance so I do not think that anyone made it close enough to get at her."

'If you think someone attacked me then you're wrong.' I snapped.

"She'd better, I can't lose her." I heard his voice crack as he spoke.

'I don't want to lose you either Reece, you adorable little mutt.'

After he ended his call with Griffin he started pacing back and forth. To the bed and off into another direction, then back to sink onto the bed again and again. His sighs and exasperated sounds were getting on my nerves.

"Hang in there sweetheart. Griffin is on his way." He whispered as he knelt on the side of the bed next to me. He leaned forward and kissed my cheek softly. "Please, please wake up. I need you. I can't live without you. You may have just become the Queen of our world, but to me, you've always been my Queen, my Goddess, and without you my life in nothing."

'Come on Reece, you're making it hard for me to be grumpy that I'm in this state. I never get to hear you be this honest with your feelings. I love you so much Reece, I want to be with you forever.'

He leaned over and held me in his arms, hugging me close to his chest. It felt like he was rubbing his hands along my arms. When he pulled away from the hug he gently touched my hands and my face, it was like he was trying to remember exactly how I felt.

"Come back to me and wake up baby, please."

'I want to, Reece. I really want to wake up right now.'

I felt his lips press against mine ever so lightly, just a feather's touch of a kiss. As soon as the kiss ended I heard the door bang open and two sets of hurried footsteps nearly running into the room.

"Any changes?" I heard Griffin's panicked, slightly breathless voice.

"No, she hasn't woken, moved, or even made a sound." Panic filled Reece's voice.

"Let me examine her." Griffin was right beside Reece now and I could tell he was leaning over me.

'Finally, if anyone can figure this out it will be Griffin.'

"Reece." Noah called out. "Come on, you need to get out of here and let Griffin work."

"No." Reece snapped at him. "I need to be here for her."

"You're not in the right state of mind right now. You need to take a walk and calm down. Griffin will send word when he is done."

"I can't leave her. I promised her I never would." I wanted to cry at how much pain I was causing my mate, my husband.

"You're not leaving her. You're giving the doctor the space to work. Come on." Noah's soothing voice seemed to have worked and I heard a slight calming in Reece's breathing.

"I will be back soon, Little Bunny, don't worry baby." He called out to me as I heard their footsteps retreating and the door close. 

"Now, time to find out what is wrong with you. I'm going to do my best Trinity, don't worry." Griffin's voice was like a soothing island in this whole messed up situation. As much as I love Reece, he was not handling this situation very well. I get he didn't know what had happened and therefore was unable to handle it at all, but still it was not good for my sanity right now.

I felt Griffin examine me. He opened my eyes, I felt the lids move at least, and I assumed that he shined a light into them but I still couldn't see anything. It was entirely as if I was a conscious spirit trapped in a dead body or something.

I felt him hold my wrist, most likely taking my pulse. He pressed a stethoscope to my chest and checked for a heart rate. But still I could only tell what he was doing after he started and it was very disconcerting.

"I don't know if you can hear me Trinity, but you are my Luna and the mate of a good friend of mine, I want to help you, I want to make you better, so please trust me." It was like he was asking permission to examine me.

'Do what you need to do, Griffin, I trust you.' I told him even though I knew he couldn't hear me at all.

"I'm going to check the baby next, ok." He really was going to tell me what he was doing, like he wanted me to not be shocked.

I felt him shift me a little on the bed, making it easier to examine me. Next, I felt my shirt slide up, he was exposing my stomach. Then, without warning, there was a sudden rush of cold on my belly. Judging by the feel and sudden 'pfft' noise that accompanied it, I could guess he was putting that blue gel on me again.

There was a slight pressure added to my abdomen and that same static sound as he moved the item pressing against me around. He was looking for the baby's heartbeat. This was the first time that I realized that I couldn't feel the baby's warmth inside of me since I collapsed.

"Come on, where are you." He spoke softly but I heard him. I was getting nervous now.

'Please find it, please.' I begged him.

"There you are." His voice sounded relieved as the rapid beating sound came over the speaker.

'Thank you, oh Goddess thank you.' I felt relief wash over me even though I couldn't move or react.

"So, the baby is alright, I don't think there is anything to worry about there. I am going to examine you now."

At these words he started to check all over my body. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt so it was easy for him to do so. It was evident right away that there were no bruises on me, but it looked like he was looking for more than just bruises. 

He seemed to be checking closely. At times I could even feel his breath on my skin. Normally, in a situation like this I would feel uncomfortable, a man I barely knew intensely checking my body while I was for all intents and purposes unconscious. That would be creepy under most circumstances. But Griffin was a doctor, a damn good one too, and I knew he wouldn't hurt me or Reece would kill him.

"There are no apparent wounds or needle marks. So you weren't attacked or drugged. Of course I will have to have your stomach contents and blood run for toxins, but they're unlikely."

He checked around in my hair as well, feeling my scalp and checking my hairline. There was a point when it seemed like he was smelling me. I knew it wasn't anything sexual but that was the weirdest part of it all.

"There is no scent of magic or drugs, no bumps, bruises, anything." He sounded frustrated. "Your pupils are not reactive, you are basically catatonic. This is completely unexplainable."

'Yeah, it's a real mystery, call up Scooby and the gang, get McGruff the crime dog, do whatever you can, just get someone in here to help me.' My annoyance was back again. Griffin wasn't finding anything and I was getting scared. 

"I'm not going to give up, Trinity, I promise. But right now, I am stumped. I need to get you to the hospital, or at the very least my clinic so I can run more tests."

Just after Griffin spoke those words I heard the door bang open and footsteps thunder in. 

"Reece." Griffin yelped.

"How is she?" Reece sounded hopeful but like it was halfhearted.

"Still no change. From everything that I have been able to affirm she is by all accounts healthy and shows no signs of trauma. I can't detect any magic alteration or other cause of this issue."

'Yup, I'm healthy as can be, I just can't see, move, talk, or do anything. Guess I'm just going to be a rag doll from now on.'

"Would you mind if I examined her?" Gabriel's voice startled me, was this state messing with my sense of smell too, I didn't know he was in here until I heard his voice. Then again, I hadn't noticed anything other than touch and sound, guess I was down to just two of the five senses. 

"Who are you?" Griffin ground out.

"I am the Watcher of the Sentinelle." Gabriel's voice was still calm and collected.

"The Sentinelle? Those weirdos that showed up yesterday?"

"Indeed." Gabriel seemed calm even with the insult.

"It's alright Griffin, he is here to help and we can trust him."

"Does that mean what they said yesterday is true?" Griffin sounded shocked.

"Yes, Griffin, it's all true. Trinity is the Queen."

"And that makes you the King, and the baby-."

"Baby?" Gabriel interrupted him as soon as he heard the word.

'Yeah, sorry Gabe old boy, we forgot to mention that.'

"Yes, the baby." Griffin sounded smug.

"Trinity is indeed pregnant, Gabriel. We found out last month."

'You mean you knocked me up last month, even though I had just told you in January that I wasn't ready for a baby. You're lucky I love you and am happy about this baby you stupid over grown dog.'

"So she is not very far along, but she is indeed with child?" Gabriel asked to confirm. 

"Yes, I confirmed it medically myself." Griffin told him.

"Is that your gift then?" Gabriel wondered. "You are a doctor, are you not? And your gift is to help people. Humans and non-humans alike?"

"Yes, I guess that is what you can consider it. But I never really thought of it as a gift before."

"You are a healer, that is a gift for sure."

I kept hearing them talk about gifts and it reminded me of granting Juniper hers. Yes, Griffin should have a gift. He is truly a healer, someone who brings peace back to others by healing their body. I wish I could give him that ability, something to make it easier for him.

No sooner had I thought those words than I could feel a strange pulling sensation. It wasn't pulling my body, it actually felt like it was pulling my mind and my heart. The last of what I could hear and feel was being pulled from me.

Once the pulling was gone I was laying there in the dark with nothing but utter silence surrounding me. I couldn't feel anything or hear anything like I did earlier. Everything was gone now. I knew my heart was racing but I felt nothing. 

Outwardly they could see nothing of the immense fear that was gripping me. I couldn't hyperventilate, I couldn't scream, I couldn't even feel the rapid beating of my heart. Fear was slowly taking over my entire body with every passing second.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth begin to spread over me. It started in my chest and moved slowly, outwardly, until it had spread to every part of my body. I could just barely sense the light that was in the room, but still there was no sound around me at all. I could however hear the pounding of my heart pulsing in my ears. I could also smell the three men who were standing in the room. I was back.

Slowly, I tried opening my eyes, fluttering them against the bright lights in the room. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath, I could even taste the air.

"Finally." I breathed quietly.