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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 169 - Reece- Gabriel Weighs In (VOLUME 2)




Gabriel matched my pace as I sped through the tree to the house. He didn't slow down once, even when we ran through the door and up the stairs. He stayed close at my heels until I ran into the room and found Griffin looking frustrated.

"Reece." Griffin called out to me.

"How is she?" my voice was full of concern again.

"Still no change. From everything that I have been able to affirm she is by all accounts healthy and shows no signs of trauma. I can't detect any magic alteration or other cause of this issue."

"Would you mind if I examined her?" Gabriel asked with a smile. The fact that Griffin immediately moved protectively in front of my mate, as if to ward off danger, made me proud to have such a loyal man at my service.

"Who are you?" Griffin ground out.

"I am the Watcher of the Sentinelle." Gabriel's voice was still calm and collected.

"The Sentinelle? Those weirdos that showed up yesterday?"

"Indeed." Gabriel smiled at the description.

"It's alright Griffin, he is here to help and we can trust him."

"Does that mean what they said yesterday is true?" Griffin looked shocked.

"Yes, Griffin, it's all true. Trinity is the Queen."

"And that makes you the King, and the baby-."

"Baby?" Gabriel interrupted him as soon as he heard the word.

"Yes, the baby." Griffin smiled.

"Trinity is indeed pregnant, Gabriel. We found out last month."

"So she is not very far along, but she is indeed with child?" Gabriel asked to confirm. 

"Yes, I confirmed it medically myself." Griffin told him.

"Is that your gift then?" Gabriel wondered. "You are a doctor, are you not? And your gift is to help people. Humans and non-humans alike?"

"Yes, I guess that is what you can consider it. But I never really thought of it as a gift before."

"You are a healer, that is a gift for sure."

After the word gift was repeatedly mentioned, something strange happened. Similar to what Heather mentioned earlier, there was a blinding light. But it was not white, instead it was a light shade of red and it felt like a healing energy was washing over me. The light looked like it was coming from Griffin. It looked like he had swallowed a glowing red ruby and it was being filtered through his body.

'Gift granted.' These words were spoken in a soft female voice just like Heather had described.

Gabriel and I were both staring, quite dumbfounded, at Griffin as he looked shocked. How could a gift be granted if Trinity was unconscious at the time? Could she hear us? Was she still aware of everything that was going on?

"Gabriel, am I wrong, or was Griffin just granted an ability like the ones you mentioned before?"

"You are entirely correct, my liege, he has most definitely been blessed by our queen."

"But what gift is it?" Griffin asked with a confused expression marring his handsome face.

"What is your gift? Were we not just talking about that."

"You mean me being a healer because I am a doctor?"

"Indeed." Gabriel smiled at the man. "I'm sure you will learn your ability over time, but it seems that you will have an easier time healing your patients now."

"Does that mean I can heal Trinity?"

"I do not believe that she is injured at all. As you said there appeared to be nothing wrong with her."

"Then what is it." Griffin ran his hands through his hair frustratedly causing the strands at the front to stick up a little.

"I think that her powers are overwhelming her at the moment. She has not learned to properly control them. And after her meeting with the original Goddess in the afternoon she was more open and receptive to the powers that she has been ignoring and subconsciously pushing away." Gabriel was indeed speaking as if he were a man much older than all the rest of us.

"Wait, how did she have a meeting with the goddess? I thought Trinity was the goddess."

"Queen Trinity is the new Goddess Incarnate. In a manner of speaking she is an extension of the original Goddess herself but not actually that person. She is indeed still very much herself. But the Goddess chose her to be the vessel for her powers as they returned to the world for this cycle. And it seems that this incarnation is a much more suitable embodiment than that of the last one."

"So, Trinity somehow spoke with the old Goddess?" Griffin still hadn't grasped that concept.

"Not in person, it was metaphysically." I told him, explaining the truth of it.

"Ahh, that makes much more sense. I couldn't imagine a way that an incarnate and original can be in the same place at the same time." Griffin was shaking his head as if he should have understood sooner. 

Even though he was a werewolf and a man with which magic personally moved through, he was a very rational person. If he couldn't explain it then it didn't happen. Magical wolf transformations be damned, to him that was a scientific reaction based on the genetic make-up of our physiology. I was just glad I had managed to stop him from turning into some crazy scientist, myself and my father both had. If not he would probably be dissecting us all one by one until he found out how that special transformation worked. Me, I firmly believed in magic, but I had met many Warlocks and seen it myself. Griffin spent his life studying and going to school to become a doctor.

"Gabriel, there may be nothing physically wrong with Trinity, but exhaustion is something that people have gone to see a doctor or healer for before isn't it? Should he try restoring her energy so she can wake up?"

"I must admit that it is worth trying."

"But I don't know what to do." Griffin balked at the idea.

"You simply must try. That is the only thing you can do."

"You've gotta try, Griff, please." I pleaded with him, knowing that my eyes were full of emotion as I looked at him.

"Hahhh." Griffin heaved a massive sigh. "I will try, I guess."

I watched as Griffin went over to my wife's side. My mate, my Little Bunny, was laying there completely motionless.

"Trust in your instincts and listen to your heart. Only when opening your heart, mind, and soul to the wisdom of the Goddess will you know your true path." Gabriel's wise words just made Griffin nod as he stood next to the bed.

He opened his hands above her and took a slow, deep breath. He didn't say a word or move at all. And I had absolutely no way of knowing what he was thinking.

As I watched him I noticed as a faint blue aura started to glow around him. Had I not been watching him so closely I would have missed it entirely. It was so pale that most eyes probably would never see it at all.

With his hands opened over Trinity and his eyes closed, he didn't see it when Trinity's eyes slowly fluttered open.