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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 168 - Reece- I Need Answers (VOLUME 2)




At that moment the door burst open and Griffin came running it with Noah quickly following at his heels.

"Any changes?" He asked me as he strode over at a hurried pace.

"No, she hasn't woken, moved, or even made a sound." Panic was written all over me, I knew that. I was supposed to be the one in charge here, but I was panicking like I didn't know what to do.

"Let me examine her."Griffin gently brushed me aside as he set to work.

"Reece." Noah called out to me. "Come on, you need to get out of here and let Griffin work."

"No." I snapped at him. "I need to be here for her."

"You're not in the right state of mind right now. You need to take a walk and calm down. Griffin will send word when he is done."

"I can't leave her. I promised her I never would."

"You're not leaving her. You're giving the doctor the space to work. Come on." Noah grabbed my arm and pulled me reluctantly toward the door.

"I will be back soon, Little Bunny, don't worry baby." I called out to her as I was dragged out of the room.

"Come on Reece, let's do another perimeter check."

I let Noah pull me along in my daze. I didn't know what was wrong with my wife, if she or my baby were going to be ok. Until I knew I was going to worry like hell. I hadn't even reached the bottom of the stairs before someone else came running up to me.

"Reece?!" Mom called my name in a panic. "Reece what is happening?" She hadn't been given any information yet and was scared. "I saw Griffin come through, is someone hurt?"

"I don't know what's wrong right now Mom, but I will tell you as soon as I do know." She could clearly see the pain in my eyes.

"Is it Trinity? Is it the baby?" Her eyes instantly filled with tears and shook with emotion, the red rimming them probably matched my own.

"I can't answer that yet Mom, I'm sorry." At my words she covered her mouth and let the fear wash over her. She was just as worried about my mate as I was, of course she would be, we were a family after all.

I went with Noah outside after that. I knew that no one had gotten to the house. Shane and David were on duty tonight and they would not allow anyone to get close. But seriously, I would need to get more guards to watch the house. I needed to double, no triple, Little Bunny's guard detail.

I stood there in my yard, looking out away from my house. My eyes were closed to boost my other senses. I could smell the traces of everyone that had been here recently. There were so many. The wedding was just yesterday after all, well I guess two days ago since it was after midnight now. 

I smelled all the familiar scents: Little Bunny, Noah, Mom, Vincent, David, Shane, Shawn, Dietrich, Emmalee, Riley. Those were people I dealt with often or had been around my whole life. Then there were the rest of the guests. I could smell the faint scent of the humans that had catered the wedding. I could smell the other supernaturals that had been here as well, except for the Warlocks, Trinity was still the only one who could smell them. 

Yet there among the various scents was a new one. One I hadn't even considered: the Sentinelle. Trinity was told to trust them by the Goddess, and I trusted her. But, they were supposed to be experts on all this Goddess stuff. Could what happened to my Little Bunny be something to do with her Goddess abilities? There was no reason not to ask them.

I pointed my nose in the direction of the trail that was strongest for that particular scent, specifically honing in on the scent for Gabriel I had gotten familiar with earlier. I started off in that direction, following the trail through the trees and down the sloping landscape.

The trail led me into the forest outside the compound. There were ways to get to the forest without having to leave the compound but they were not easy to find and were usually guarded at all times. It was for that matter that I passed by one of the six guards that were patrolling the forest on the night shift.

I continued on, walking further away from the compound and the city. This was still land that I owned. The trees went on for a while before giving way to the open, deserted land. The location of the Sentinelle camp was right before the trees gave way.

I saw quite a few large structures that had been made of natural materials as well as military like tarps. There was a campfire, perfectly maintained, and everything was being kept clean and orderly. It was a better campsite than anything I had ever seen before.

They had two men watching their borders and I was noticed long before I got to their campsite. I had noticed the scrambling of everyone present. There had been a dozen of them that showed up to my wedding, but it seemed that there were three dozen people here now.

"Alpha King Reece." I heard Gabriel's voice ring out as the entire group of them knelt to the ground as they had done before.

"ALPHA KING REECE." The sound of the other three dozen people greeting me was not unlike that of my pack addressing me, it was just the title they used that I was not familiar with.

"What may we humble members of the Sentinelle do for you this evening?" Gabriel seemed calm yet reverent, like he was used to dealing with people who awed him.

"Gabriel, come with me." I spoke curtly. I trusted Gabriel, but not the others, not yet. I had spoken to Gabriel on a couple occasions now anyway, and I didn't want this information being spread yet.

"Of course, your excellency." Gabriel rose to his feet and came toward me.

"Your Highness, King Reece, what should the rest of us do?" A young sounding man asked as Gabriel walked away from the group.

"Just go about your business as you were." I ordered him. The smile that spread across his face was relieved and elated at the same time.

As Gabriel as I were walking away I heard that young man's voice once more. 

"Did you see that? The king spoke to me." He sounded like a teen girl at a concert having a freak out. I wanted to laugh but couldn't bring myself to. 

We had almost made it back to the compound, having walked the entire way in silence thus far, when Gabriel spoke. His words broke into my inner thoughts and worries about my Little Bunny.

"King Reece, my liege, how may I be of assistance to you this evening?" His voice was calm and deferent, he was wholeheartedly acting like I was indeed his King."

"Why did you switch from calling me consort to king?" I had realized the difference when he came to the house to discuss things.

"The consort is what you were before the wedding. Technically I should not have called you that at all, so I corrected you to your true title."

"Oh." I guess his reasoning was sound enough.

"But surely, my liege, that was not why you sought me out in the middle of the night."

"No, that was just something that I started wondering all of a sudden." I answered him honestly and I saw the bright smile that appeared on his face.

"Then please, Sir, tell me the true meaning behind your visit." He was still smiling and that kind of pissed me off. If Little Bunny didn't get better I would never smile again.

"Something is wrong with Trinity." I told him in a flat, dead sounding voice.

"Sir?" His smile finally dropped as his face crumpled. "What happened, Sir? Please tell me."

"I don't know." I shook my head in desperation and despair, I needed to find out what happened, I needed answers.

"What is it you do know, Sir? There is a chance that something in our records could hold the key." He was instantly ready and willing to help.

"A friend of ours was attacked so I was gone and did not see anything. But she had spent the evening with some other members of the pack."

"If you don't mind, can you tell me what happened while they were there? I want to help my queen in any way that I can."

I explained to him everything that Heather had told me after I had discovered Trinity on the floor. What was said, the emotions she was supposedly feeling, and the blinding light that led to Juniper being granted a power. I even told him that I knew it was the truth because Trinity had gotten confirmation.

"Confirmation how?" He was taken aback by that last part. 

"After our three back to back meetings early in the day, Trinity was tired and decided to nap. She said that while she slept she had a metaphysical meeting with her inner wolf. She said it was actually her talking to the original Goddess herself."

"She is special indeed." He seemed to be in awe at my words, he was staring at the ground as we continued walking through the compound.

"What do you mean?"

"There is no record of the last queen having these types of meetings with the original Goddess, but that does not mean that it never happened."

"Do you know what is wrong with my wife?" I asked him flat out, no alluding, no evasions, no flowery bullshit.

"I will know for certain when I see her, but it is possible that she is spiritually exhausted. She has not learned to control the output of her powers when she uses them and therefore may have overextended herself."

"Could it really be that simple?" I was reluctant to believe it but still couldn't keep myself from being hopeful. 

"It's a possibility, but I will not know until I see her."

"Then let's not wait any longer." I told him, lengthening my stride and quickening my pace to move faster. I didn't want to wait any longer than I had to.