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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 167 - Reece- Reece Is Scared (VOLUME 2)




Once I had finished the business with the human officers. I set about my duties for the rest of the night. I called David and sent him to see Mrs. Little so he could get the personal effect we needed. Vincent accompanied Ella but, unfortunately, so did Scott. I hoped he wasn't as observant as he seemed to be.

Noah and I followed the slight scent trails that were left behind, but like the street cop from earlier said it was hidden by the Warlocks. That explained why Ella didn't notice someone following her. She was distracted with the phone call and they had almost no scent. These rogue warlocks were getting on my last nerve, and if I found out that the magic council was in on this then I would kill them personally.

Now, thanks to this unfortunate turn of events my night was ruined. I was on a mock honeymoon for crying out loud. Yeah we weren't going anywhere, but I still wanted to be with my wife more. This was getting ridiculous. All I had done today was deal with unexpected events and have meetings. That's basically how my work days went. So much for my vacation.

Oh well, soon this business with Edmond should be over and I can take a real honeymoon with my wife. Ahh, I loved that word. Wife, wife, wife, wife, I had a wife now. That thought brought great happiness to my heart.

"Why are you so giddy?" Noah asked me as we were driving home for the night.

"No reason." I lied.

"Stop thinking of my cousin in that way while I'm sitting right next to you, you perv."

"I'm not a perv. And who's thinking what? Huh? I was just thinking how happy I am that I have not just a mate but a wife. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter McBarker."

"I see you've picked up on Trinity's bad habit." Noah laughed.

"I have to, otherwise she's going to out do me every time." I laughed back.

When we got to the house, Noah went off in the direction of the room Nikki was in. She had texted and told him which one it was. The last message I got from Little Bunny was telling me that the females were all going to stay in the house until things were settled. I had already planned that so I expected her to think of it too. I was glad we were on the same page.

I had tried to call Little Bunny while I was on my way home, but she didn't answer. She must have been so tired that she slipped into a deep sleep. I felt horrible, this was not the ideal way to spend the day after your wedding. 

Expecting to find my little wife sound asleep, I crept quietly down the hall. Also I knew that Heather was in the room across from mine with the kids, and Vincent was likely to be with her also. Opening the door quietly I slipped into the room and took my jacket off so I could get ready for bed.

Just as I got to the other side of the room to hang up my jacket I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A heap laying in the floor next to the bed. When I turned my head all the way I saw what it was immediately.

"Trinity?" I called her name loudly as I ran to her side. She was laying on the floor, not moving. She was so still she almost looked dead.

The lights were off so I couldn't see her clearly. My heart was pounding in my throat and my ears. I heard every beat of my heart and it drowned out all the other sounds in the room.

"Trinity, baby, what's wrong? What happened?" I felt the pain and sorrow start to swallow me whole.

"Reece? Is everything ok?" Vincent was outside the door, I heard his voice but didn't register his words.

"Get in here, and turn the light on." I ordered him. 

"Yes, Sir."

Vincent came in the room at once, Heather hiding behind him. When they saw me kneeling on the floor holding Little Bunny in my arms they both gasped in shock.

"Trinity?" They exclaimed at nearly the same time.

"Sir, what happened?" Vincent asked me.

"I don't know, I found her on the floor like this. Call Griffin and get Noah, I want you two to search the area, tell me if anyone was outside the house tonight."

"Understood." Vincent left right away, but Heather was still there.

"Is she alright?" She looked worried, but perhaps she might have some information.

"What all happened tonight Heather? I want to know everything."

"You mean after we got here, right?" I nodded, encouraging her to continue.

Heather looked nervous, but she started her explanation anyway.

"After the children were settled into the room across the hall with Lila, the rest of us came here and talked. Trinity told us about Ella, I admit that had scared me a lot. Trinity said she felt weak and useless, but she isn't. That would just be insane, she's so strong."

"What else happened?"

"Well, Juniper made her feel better, then there was this bright white light and a strange voice that said 'gift granted'. The light scared me, and on top of everything else I was nearing a breakdown. But then Juniper soothed me with words and a warm feeling washed over me."

"What was the light?"

"Well." She looked nervous now as she looked away from me. "Trinity said it was Juniper being granted a new power or ability. That Juniper now has like a mental healing ability."

"Granted an ability?" I knew that Gabriel said she could do it, and apparently she had done it for me. I was stronger and faster than I once was, and I can now turn into a fire wolf, but this? There was no light with my abilities, was there? Maybe they were granted in different ways.

After dismissing Heather I stood with Little Bunny in my arms, being careful not to jostle her too much. I was hoping and praying that she was alright as I laid her on the bed. Just as I slid my arms out from under her my phone rang, it was Griffin.

"Are you on your way?" I asked with no greeting or preamble.

"Yes, I will be there soon, what happened?" I could hear the sound of the car revving in the back and knew he was already driving.

"I don't know, I came into the room and found her collapsed on the floor."

"Did anything happen to her today?"

"Not that I know of. And I had the house under surveillance so I do not think that anyone made it close enough to get at her."

"I'll check her out when I get there. Don't worry Reece, she's strong, she will pull through."

"She'd better, I can't lose her." I heard my voice crack at my words.

"You won't. Do you hear me, you won't."

I ended the call and started to wait for Griffin to get there. All I could do was go from pacing the room and sitting by her side. I knew it wouldn't take Griffin no more than twenty minutes, max, to get here, but it was dragging by so slowly that it already felt like it had been hours.

After what felt like five minutes I checked my watch but it hadn't even been a full minute. Time was slowing down, it was freezing somehow. Those were the thoughts that came unburdened into my mind. Something was altering time to make my mate suffer.

"Hang in there sweetheart. Griffin is on his way." I whispered as I knelt on the side of the bed next to her legs. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek softly. "Please, please wake up. I need you." I felt the tears prick at the back of my eyes. "I can't live without you. You may have just become the Queen of our world, but to me, you've always been my Queen, my Goddess, and without you my life in nothing."

In my sorrow I held her in my arms. I let her scent, her warmth, wash over me as I pulled her close. I couldn't stop myself from touching her, I needed to make sure she was still there, still with me. I was worried about her, my wife, my mate, my everything, but I was also worried about the small, defenseless life growing inside of her. I now had to protect her and our child. I couldn't fail that duty here and now. Didn't my mark say that I was her protector, her guardian? 

"Come back to me and wake up baby, please." 

I kissed her soft lips quickly and gently, leaning over her still body and a tear ran from my eye and landed gently on her pale, soft, supple cheek. And, at that moment….