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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 165 - Reece- To The Rescue (VOLUME 2)




"Mrs. Little, this is Reece Gray, the private investigator assisting the FBI in finding your son. We think we might have narrowed down where your son is being held, but we need to send in dogs to locate the building. For that purpose we are asking for a personal effect to track his scent."

"Oh my God, is he dead? You need to find his body don't you." Her hysterical voice answered as she immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion.

"No Ma'am, I assure we are certain he is still alive. We just need to narrow down the building among those in the location we have in mind."

"Really?" She asked me with relief in her voice.

At the same time that Mrs. Little felt relieved I heard an outburst from my Little Bunny.

"ELLA!" Her voice sounded worried and I saw anger and panic wash over her face.

"Either I will be there or I'll send someone over to pick an item up from you later today."

"Thank you Mr. Gray, thank you so much. Please bring Jacob home to me."

"I will Ma'am." I ended the call just as I heard another angry outburst from my wife.

"How about one for you instead."

"Trinity? What's wrong?" I had walked to her side and I could feel the anger rolling off her in waves.

Trinity didn't answer me right away, instead she walked over to my desk and grabbed the same pen from earlier. She wrote a small note on my desk calendar. 'Someone is attacking Ella. Just left the shop.' I knew instantly that she was on the phone with the attacker now and not Ella. I also knew she would try to keep them distracted for as long as possible. I grabbed my phone that I had sat on my desk and my keys. Seeing that something was up the others ended their calls and got ready to leave as well.

"Stay here Trinity, we will take care of this." I told her just as I walked out of the room.

I knew I couldn't just shift and run there, even though that would likely be quicker. No, I had to drive as it was in the middle of a busy city street. The three of us got into the mustang and sped off immediately. 

Knowing that Ella was potentially in great danger I called Andrew. He was pack and a detective so he would handle this situation right away. The ringing coming through the speakers didn't last long before a voice answered.

"Hey Gray, what can I do for you?" Andrew's typically amiable voice sounded like it had a smile held in it. He was always a happy guy, well usually.

"Ella Taylor is being attacked outside her shop right now." 

"What?" All happiness and jokes were now gone. It was time for Andrew the Detective to show his face. This version was full of determination, cunning, and a perpetually angry sounding voice. His serious mode was something to behold. "Give me all the details. Now" Sometimes I had to remind myself that Andrew was not a street cop and therefore bossed around his juniors so that command probably came natural to him.

"I don't have many details right now. Who ever is there was on the phone with my wife just now. She had called Ella just before the attack."

"Do you know what they're after?"

"No, Trinity is still getting details from them right now." I was past the gate of the compound now and speeding toward town.

"Does she know what she's doing? Or is she going into this blind?" He seemed to doubt his Luna in that moment. That pissed me off.

"Whether she's experienced in hostage negotiations or not doesn't matter. She will know to keep him on the phone for as long as possible. Trust in your Luna."

"I didn't mean to express doubt. I'm sure she knows what to do." He sounded scared. "I am on my way and I will be sending others as well."

"Good, I'm on my way also."

By the time I pulled onto the street of the dress shop I saw flashing lights and a large commotion about a half a block away from the storefront. Ella was most likely walking home. I knew she lived on her own somewhere close to the store and enjoyed walking to and from. I pulled the car to a stop right next to where the largest gathering of people was.

As soon as the car was in park I was already jumping out. I saw Ella sitting on the ground with a man supporting her upper body. Ella looked as if her attackers had beaten her as well as cut her. I saw more than a few large bloody red lines sliced into her arms. There were also bruises all around her face and arms. There might have been more damage that I simply couldn't see yet.

"Ella?" I called out to her while I ran to her side.

"Reece?" She seemed to be in pain and unable to stand.

"What happened? What did they do to you?" I asked her but someone else answered instead.

"Mr. Gray I assume?" He didn't sound happy.

I looked into the face of the man who had spoken. It was the man supporting her. He seemed tall, maybe a few inches shorter than me with a strong look about his face and body. His light blond hair and light brown eyes would have fit into the pack just fine if it wasn't clear that he was human.

"Yes, I am Reece Gray. And you are?"

"Detective Devon Scott, CSPD." 

"Thank you for your help, Detective." I filled my voice with sincerity to show that I meant what I was saying. For some reason it appeared as if Detective Scott didn't like me.

"It wasn't for you, Mister Gray." He dragged out the title into a sneer.

"Did I offend you Detective Scott?" I asked him, starting to lose my patience as well.

"You walk around this city like you own it. You even act like you can run the police department." He snapped at me angrily.

"I don't try to run the police department. I do however, try to help people. And in case you didn't notice, Detective, I do own about sixty percent of this city."

"See, that's the attitude I am talking about."

"Enough!" Vincent snapped from near my left shoulder. "Ella is the one who matters right now, so stop your damn pissing contest." 

After his outburst, I watched as Vincent knelt next to Ella, checking on her. He had been with my Little Bunny on most of her trips to the dress shop so he had gotten to know Ella as well.

"Are you alright?" His voice was soothing as he reached toward her.

"I will be." She told him.

"An ambulance is on its way." Scott told him, the anger gone from his voice.

"We can get her there sooner." Noah offered.

"No, she needs an ambulance."

"I will be alright, Detective Scott." Ella smiled at him. Just the sight of the look in her eyes told me all I needed to know.

"No, Ella, you need to be taken care of." I wonder if he knew what he was feeling yet?

"Fine, when the ambulance gets here I will ride with you Ella." I assured her, after all we couldn't let the humans see her healing already.

"Like hell you will." Scott yelled.

"Will you two stop arguing?" Vincent snapped at us again. "Ask Ella what she wants and stop trying to decide people's lives for them."

"Thank you Vincent." Ella smiled at him but it looked like the gesture hurt her like it was painful to move her face.

Detective Scott looked like he was five years old and just got scolded for stealing a cookie, the embarrassment and shame on his face was kind of comical.

"What do you want to do Ella?" Scott asked her.

"Since the two of you are arguing, perhaps it would be best if Vincent rode with me. I think he will be the most level headed." It was understandable for her to choose him, honestly. She didn't know this human before her, and I was the alpha so she would be nervous. Vincent, on the other hand, was a kind and gentle person when he wasn't needed to fight. I had seen him fight though and I knew he could be just as fierce and me.

"Of course, I will be happy to ride along with you." Vincent told her. "How about I wrap those wounds up while we wait." He smiled amiably, making her feel at ease. I saw Scott give Vincent a very jealous look after that smile.

"Relax, he's very happily married with three children. And he's definitely not the type to cheat on his wife." I patted Scott on the shoulder with a smirk.

"What are you even talking about?" He asked me with shock written on his face.

"Yup, just try to keep that attitude up for a little longer." I laughed as I stood up. "Ella, I will leave you to Vincent while Noah and I go and talk to the other officers. I want to know what happened here but I will let you rest first. Do you mind if I come see you tomorrow?"

"No Reece, that will be fine. Will Trinity be with you?" I could guess that a familiar face would help soothe her, also she was probably thinking about how worried Trinity was likely to be right now.

"If you want her to be, then yes."

"Mmhmm, thank you." I saw the gratitude in her eyes just before I walked away. 

When I left her side I went in search of Andrew. I knew he was eventually going to tell me what the hell had happened here. I found him with a small group of officers, some uniformed some not.

"Andrew." I yelled for him. All those surrounding him were wolves from my pack or Riley's.

"Reece." He waved me over.

"What the hell happened here?" I demanded.

"Sir, it appears as if wolves under the protection of a Warlock attacked her." One of the uniformed officers answered.

"A Warlock, huh?" I mused just as my phone started to ring.

The display screen showed Little Bunny's name as the ringing continued. She would have info that we didn't, so answering it would be helpful.

"Hey Trinity."

"Reece, is Ella ok?" Her voice held a slight note of panic. "I know the men ran away after the cops showed up. That Detective Scott sounded a little less than friendly." So, even she could tell that he was not happy with us. Did he know about us?

"She will be alright." I assured her. "Tell me what you know about the attack."

"Three men were there, well I heard three at least, it could have been more. I don't know what they did to her but she was screaming and sobbing in pain." My Little Bunny took a steadying breath before continuing. "The man who seemed to be their lead said they were a message, that they were using Ella to send their message."

"To who?"

"Me." She sounded pissed about that.

"So they're after you and are using your friends?" I asked her, anger rising in my voice for a different reason than hers. These people were not just attacking my pack but they were targeting my mate. This had Edmond written all over it.

"Do you think Edmond upped his game because we met with the magic council?"

"That's a possibility." I answered her honestly. "I will find out what I can and get back to you later."

"Be careful Reece."

"Now who's the worry wart?" I laughed quietly. "I'll be home soon."

"Ok, I love you."

"Love you too, Little Bunny." I smiled as I hung up the phone. "Well, you all heard that I assume. Three men, sending a message to my wife."

"What I remember most, or am dwelling on the most, is that you called her Little Bunny. What's that about?" Andrew grinned at me.

"None of your damned business." I snapped at him. "Now focus."

"Yes, Sir." He grinned again but didn't say anything else.

"It's just a fucking nickname, drop it." I growled at him. 

"Alright." He was still smiling.

"Dammit, Andrew, I'm going to knock that look off your face." Andrew laughed this time.

After the laughter was settled, and Andrew was rubbing the side of his head, we got to work. I directed the wolves to search the surrounding area for any trace of their scent or clues leading to who they were. But I was already certain this was a warning message sent by Edmond to tell Trinity to stop looking for him. That Warlock was already going to die, but now I wanted to make his death slow and painful.