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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 164 - Trinity- Someone Has Been Attacked (VOLUME 2)




While I was still sitting in the kitchen I decided to pull my phone out and text Reece, I wanted to tell him about my dream before we met with the Sentinelle again.

T:Are you done with the meeting yet?:

R:Heading home now, what's up?:

T:I just need to talk to you about something.:

R:Did something happen?:

T:Don't panic. It's nothing bad.:

R:Then don't scare me like that.:

R:Are you feeling ok? Nothing wrong with the baby?:

T:No Courage nothing is wrong.:


T:Yeah, Courage the Cowardly dog, lol. Don't be a worry wart.:

R:Even in texts 😔:

T:😂😂 Calm down Fido, you know I love you 😍😘❤:

R:Love you too Little Bunny ❤🐰 I'll be home soon.:

T:See you soon. I'll be waiting in the office.:

Just as I told him, I went to the office to wait. I was reading a chapter for my next class while I waited for him. I hadn't even been there for ten minutes when I heard three sets of footsteps coming down the hall. It seemed like Noah and Vincent were with him.

Seeing three tall, impressive figures come into a room was a sight to behold. Especially when one of those three figures was your super sexy, drool worthy, thick headed, worry wart of a husband. Just seeing him brought a smile to my face. I was sitting in the chair behind my desk and felt like a CEO about to deal with some corporate issue.

"Now, why does this position seem right to me?" I asked them with a giggle.

"What position is that?" Reece quirked an eyebrow as my question.

"Me behind the desk while you three come and report to me?"

"Already drunk with power are you, Queen Trinity?" Noah joked.

"Ugh, that sounds so wrong." I laughed. "But unfortunately it's exactly what I needed to talk to you about."

"Really?" Reece asked as he came around the desk and lifted me out of my chair. Instead of sitting in his chair he took mine and put me on his lap again.

"Seriously?" Noah asked him with a disgusted voice. "You have your own chair."

"This is more comfortable." Reece snapped back.

"Just sit in your own chair for crying out loud." Noah seemed like he was still adjusting to seeing his baby cousin acting intimate with his best friend.

"Fine." Reece responded to him by getting up and sitting in his chair, with me on his lap.

"You're an asshole, figuratively and literally." Noah laughed. "Is this going to be the new thing?"

"It helps me to think, and to calm down." Reece answered him.

"Yeah, sure, it helps you to calm down. Just keep it PG until I'm gone. Please, I'm begging you to do that at least."

"I'll try." Reece smirked at him with a wink.

"Sure you will." Noah laughed as he rolled his eyes. "So Trinity, what's up? What did you need to talk about?"

"Well, I sort of received confirmation of what Gabriel was telling us."

"About you being the Goddess Queen?" Reece looked suspicious. "How?"

"Well, I had another metaphysical meeting with my inner wolf."

"Metaphysical?" Vincent looked confused.

"Another?" Reece asked.

"Explain." Noah demanded.

So, I did as Noah asked. I told them about the first dream just after my first shift and the second dream today.

"These are dreams, Trinity. They're not real." Noah seemed exasperated.

"No, I don't believe that." Reece looked at me with curious eyes.

"I agree with Reece, these weren't just dreams."

"Don't be so cynical Noah. You already know things were pretty much confirmed earlier today." I wanted him to understand me, and to trust in me. "I think what was said is the truth, and she told me that we needed to rescue the children then go to the Sentinelle. So, once they're safe we will be going to France."

"Oh joy." Noah scoffed. "I hate travelling." That he did. Noah was a stick in the mud, serious and tightlaced. Travelling didn't suit him very well.

"Well, the first thing we need to do is get a hold of the parents of the children and get some personal effects." Vincent brought the conversation back to where it needed to be.

"Agreed. I will start calling them now." Reece shifted with me on his lap to grab his phone.

"There are four of us here, you doof, split the work to make things go quicker." I laughed at him as I stared at the black cellphone in his hand.

"Fine, you all can help me." He took a file folder out of his desk and placed it on the top, flipping it open to the contact info page. "Move down the list and call the next one you see. Put a check next to the ones you've already called."

The first number on the list was for Sammy's family. Sammy was Ella's little brother. I knew that she was hurting really bad without her brother here, but she had been doing her best to be strong.

"I'll call the first family." I snatched my phone and a pen at the same time.

"Why?" Noah asked me, bewildered.

"That's Ella's family. If there's a chance we can find her brother then I want to tell her."

"Fine, call the Taylors, I will call the next one." Reece put his check mark by the second name and started dialing.

I slid off Reece's lap and walked across the room, pulling up Ella's number in my contact list as I went. The phone only rang twice before she answered.

"Hi Trinity, what's up?"

"Hey Ella, I hope this isn't a bad time?" I asked her as I looked at the time. It was only about six, late afternoon, but it was already starting to get dark.

"I'm just closing up the shop for the day. Mom didn't seem up to working too late today. It's been hard on her lately. On all of us really." I heard the sorrow in her voice, the sadness she tried so hard to hold in.

"That's why I'm calling really."

"It is? You have news? Is he alright? Is he going to be ok? Please tell me he isn't-." She was bombarding me with questions without even taking a breath.

"Calm down Ella. Slow down and take a breath." I tried to settle her with just my voice.

"You're right." She said the words between long, slow breaths.

"Feeling a little more calm?" I asked her.

"A little, but I really miss him, Trinity. I wish it was me that was taken and not him." She was holding so much pain inside right now that it broke my heart to think about it.

Just after Ella said those words I heard a voice growl from her side of the line.

"Then I can make that happen." His voice felt sticky and disgusting over the phone call.

"Who are you?" I heard her ask the man.

"A message." Another gravelly voice answered her.

"Leave me alone, I don't have time for this." She sounded annoyed as she spoke to them.

"We can't get to your Luna, but we can get to you." A third disgusting voice laughed over the line.

"Ella!" I called her name but she didn't hear me.

"Stop, let go of me."

"What kind of message should we make out of her?" One of the voices said.

"ELLA!" I screamed her name into the phone.

"Sorry, she can't come to the phone anymore." The first disgusting voice laughed into the phone. "Want to give her a message?"

"How about one for you instead." I snarled at him.

"Ohhoho, really. Fine go ahead little Miss." He spoke so condescendingly. 

"Trinity? What's wrong?" Reece came over to me after finishing his call. My outburst had alerted him that something was wrong.

I didn't say anything for a second. I grabbed a pen and scrawled a note to Reece on the calendar. 'Someone is attacking Ella. Just left the shop.' The quick, two lined message told him everything he needed to know. I saw the understanding on his face. He grabbed his phone and keys and started toward the door, the phone already to his ear.

"Stay here Trinity, we will take care of this." I knew that was coming so I nodded my head.

The three of them left the room, leaving me alone.

"I'm waiting, or are you too scared to answer?" That mocking voice spoke again.

"Sorry, I had to calm myself down before I said something I truly shouldn't." I tried to placate the annoying asshole.

"Calm enough? How about you give me that message now."

"Fine, if you're so willing to hear it. If you touch so much as a hair on her head, if you hurt her in any way, I will kill you myself."

"Such fierce words for a woman." The man laughed. "What makes you think you can threaten me?"

"Because I am her Luna, and it's my job to protect her. And if I ever fail in my duties it pisses me off and makes me really wanna hurt someone." I was slipping into an improper way of talking. Grandfather would be displeased but I didn't care, my friend was in trouble. 

"The Luna you say? Well, we were just looking for you. You know, your friend here is only in trouble because you refuse to come out and play with us."

"Trust me, you don't want me to play with you. It would be the last thing you ever did."

"Don't make me laugh you stupid bitch. There's nothing a weak piece of half breed trash like you could ever do to me." He spat the words in anger. "Let's make the bitch sing so her Luna can hear the song we're making with her." He spoke to someone on his side of the line.

Just after he said these words I heard Ella scream out in pain or fear, I didn't know which one.

"ELLA!" I screamed again.

"Didn't you like her singing voice? It's got potential." He growled sickeningly. "Again." He spoke to whoever was hurting Ella and she screamed again.


"Leave her alone and bring your fight to me instead." I snarled at him.

"Nah, this is getting fun." Ella screamed again. I could hear her sobbing quietly when the sounds settled.

"Shit, someone's coming." One of the other men said in the background.

"Leave her, the message has been received by the target loud and clear. Isn't that right Luna?" He spoke so arrogantly.

"I swear, I'm going to kill you." I ground out through my clenched teeth.

"Freeze! Put your hands above your head." A strong, masculine voice shouted in the distance, you could tell he was running but he didn't sound out of breath at all.

"Bye for now Luna." The disgusting voice said just before a loud banging noise and static filled the line. Judging by the pounding footsteps could I hear I guessed that he had dropped the phone to run away.

I heard Ella's heavy, pained breathing still on the line and several sets of running footsteps.

"Are you alright, Miss?" The new voice asked her. "You guys go after them." He said as he had clearly knelt down by her side. The other sets of steps continued running on.

"ELLA!" I yelled into the phone again.

"Hello, who is this?" The man picked up the phone and spoke to me after hearing my screaming voice.

"Who are you?"

"I am Detective Scott from the CSPD. Again, who are you?"

"I'm Ella's friend. Is she alright?"

"It looks like she will be." I could hear sirens in the background that were getting louder as they approached Ella.

"My husband called the police when I heard the men attacking her. He is also a friend of hers and on his way."

"Really? And just who is your husband?" He seemed skeptical right now.

"Reece Gray."

"Reece Gray? The Reece Gray? As in the billionaire Reece Gray?" He seemed shocked at my declaration.

"Yes. Ella is a family friend and he is on his way to offer his help."

"Just perfect." He didn't sound happy. "Well, I guess you'll know how things are with her soon enough."

"Trinity." I heard Ella's voice in the background.

"Take care of her, please." I begged him.

"Already planned on it." He hung up the phone then, cutting off my only connection to knowing what was happening with Ella.

"Ella." I whispered as I looked at the phone in my hand. I needed to tell Reece everything I had heard. He needed to know what was happening and what those disgusting assholes had said and done, and that there were police on the scene already.