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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 163 - Trinity- Talk With My Inner Wolf (VOLUME 2)




After leaving the sitting room on the first floor I slowly made my way up the stairs. With each step I took it felt like my energy was slipping away. I staggered and swayed down the hallway, dragging my feet along behind me. I barely made it to my room and into the bed before I collapsed. I didn't know what was wrong with me, but this exhausted feeling was pulling on me strongly.

"What's happening to me?" I asked the empty room as my eyes fell shut and I drifted off into unconsciousness.

I was suddenly standing in the clearing where we hold pack meetings, and where my wedding was held. It was bright, and clear of all the decorations. The midday sun was shining down on me as I squinted to see what was happening around me.

I was confused. I knew I had just been in my bed, my eyes heavy and filled with exhaustion. But now, for some reason, I was standing outside. And to top it all of, I didn't feel tired at all.

I saw something shining with the sun glinting on it. The large shape was moving toward me across the clearing to where I stood atop the stone platform. I gasped when I finally made out what the shape was.

I watched, in awe and apprehension, as my wolf slowly and steadily walked to me. She leapt lightly and landed in front of me, her paws making no sound at all on either the grassy and rock strewn clearing or the large stone platform. Her movements were completely silent like she was not real, not solid at all. 

"It is a pleasure to see you again." My wolf spoke to me, her mouth not moving at all.

"I didn't think I would ever talk to you like this again." I let my doubt show in my voice.

"I will come to you in times of great need. When there are things that you need to understand. When time is of the essence, or when I am needed to guide you through something that you cannot traverse on your own." She sounded just as wise and serene as she did before.

"And now is one of those times?" I asked her, causing her to nod her head in answer. "What do I need to know?" My voice held a note of desperation. "Does it have to do with the missing children? We've had people searching for them continuously. But there have been no traces of them or Edmond." I could feel the hurt that spread and ached throughout my body at my words of failure.

"I believe it will help and aid you to find what you seek, yes. But to a more immediate end, it will help you to understand yourself."

"What does that mean?" I demanded.

"You need to trust the Sentinelle." The words she said hit me in the face, hard.

"So everything they said, it's-." I trailed off, unable to finish my thought.

"Yes, young one, they speak the truth. You are the new goddess, and it is your destiny to lead your people."

My mind reeled at her words. I felt myself spinning as I stood still on that raised rock. Had this been reality and not a dream I am certain I would have fallen over. Still, I felt the blood drain from my face with fear and nerves.

"How is this possible?" I needed clarification.

"I chose you to be my next vessel. What the Goddess Incarnate looks like and the form the wolf takes depends on the woman chosen."

"So, you are Nehalennia?" My eyes popped open wide revealing my surprise.

"I am, this is not the form I had when I lived more than two thousand years ago, but it is instead the form you have given me." 

"How did I give you a form?"

"Just by being yourself. Your wolf, the powers that will be unique to you, they all depend on you. This form shows your purity and strength as well what you are capable of."

"What about my marks?" I asked her pointing to some of the mate marks that appeared on her left shoulder.

"Those are some indicators of your special abilities. As you grow in power you may receive more marks as well."

"How will I learn more powers?"

"Start by training with the Sentinelle. They are not your enemies." She smiled. "They are indeed the children that have chosen to walk the path of servitude to the Luna Queen."

"So they're like slaves?" I asked, appalled at the thought.

"Far from it." She laughed lightly. "These are men and women who chose to put their lives on hold until they could help you. When you reestablish the Goddess Guard their lives will continue. They will once again age, though slower to help match your lifespan. They will once again be able to find mates and live normal lives. This is not a punishment inflicted upon them, but rather a life they decided to live on their own."

"Won't any mate they were destined for be long since dead?" My heart broke for all those in the Sentinelle.

"I choose their mates, do I not. And those around you are more likely to find their mate than others. One perk to being the goddess is spreading the happiness you yourself have."

"So, that is why so many of my guards have mated recently?" This actually made me happy, I didn't want to make those around me miserable. If I could spread my happiness then I would definitely do so.

"Yes, and there will likely be several more." I smiled at her words.

"What exactly am I supposed to do though?" I asked, still nervous about my future.

"Listen to the Sentinelle, and your heart. Find the children, then travel to France. That is as direct as I can be with your instructions at this time. You are an extension of me, trust in your instincts. If you begin to walk the wrong path, I will once again come to help guide you."

"I understand."

"Just trust in yourself, for trusting yourself is the same as trusting me. The Goddess will alway come to the right conclusion. It may not be the right choice to start, but you will understand everything in time."

"Thank you, Nehalennia." I smiled at her.

"That name is no longer mine. That was the name of the goddess that walked the earth. When I gave up my physical body so I may protect and watch over all my children I gave up all my earthly connections, name included."

"So what shall we call you."

"Moon Goddess has sufficed for a long time, and many call me Mother, names have no meaning to me as long as my children are happy and safe."

"One last question, if I may."

"Please." She tilted her head telling me to continue.

"Is it just wolves that I will be the Queen of? Dietrich said that all shifters worshipped you."

"He speaks the truth, and you are correct, you will not just rule over the wolves but over all the shifters this world has to offer. Whether they be wolf, feline, bear, eagle, or any of the other smaller species, they are my children and now yours."

"What if this becomes too much for me to handle?"

"Turn to those around you for help. No one ever said a Queen needed to save the world single handedly. You will always have help."

She turned around and jumped off the stone. While she was walking slowly away from me she stopped and turned toward me again.

"There will be many who do not trust and believe in you at first. You simply need to show them your strengths. And when you find those you trust and who believe in you, keep them close to you. Your Goddess Guard starts with the Sentinelle but you may grow it larger." With that being said she turned back and left the clearing. I was alone once more.

I opened my eyes and felt fully rested, Even though a look at the clock told me it had not been much longer than half an hour since I collapsed into bed. The exhaustion was the pull of the Goddess. I now understood that.

I smiled to myself and sat up in the bed.

"Thank you for your guiding support. I will do my best to live the life that you have chosen me for."

I left the bed and went down to the kitchen. It seemed like having metaphysical meetings with the Moon Goddess left you very hungry. I had a brief curious and scary thought about if I had somehow left the room physically and went to talk to her. Or was my body still laying in bed and only my consciousness travelled to the clearing. 

Either way, everything I learned I would need to share with Reece and the others. I wonder what they would have to say about it. I hadn't even told them about the first dream. Oh well, time will tell. I smiled to myself as I got something to eat.