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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 161 - Trinity-Meeting With The Sentinelle (VOLUME 2)




"Trinity, please summon the man Gabriel." Grandfather instructed. I nodded and began to focus. I had been practicing my telepathy quite a bit over the last two months and was getting quite good at it. As long as I had met the person before and was familiar with their voice and the way they looked then I would most likely be able to talk to them. As long as they were not too far away that is. I hadn't pressed the distance issue too much, I knew I could span a distance of at least ten miles, but I never tried to go beyond that.

I focused on the way the man appeared yesterday. The small bits of his face I had managed to see through his hood, the sound and timbre of his voice. I even focused on what he had been wearing, the black cloak that gave him an eerie air.

The more that I focused on him, the more that I clarified his image in my mind, the easier it was for me to sense the connection. With my eyes closed, seeing with my mind's eye, I could practically see a line forming, leading from my head to his.

Following that mental link I spoke out to him and instantly knew that he had heard me.

'Gabriel?' I called out.

'My Queen.' He seemed happy to hear from me. 'I have been awaiting your message.'

'We have decided it is time to ask you to come discuss things with us.' I tried to sound formal as I spoke to him.

'Yes, Your Highness, we will head over immediately.'

'We would like for just you to come.' I informed him. 

'I will not ask for you to explain, I can understand that in this modern time it is hard for you to trust those you do not know well.'

'I mean no disrespect to any of you, we simply think it would be wiser to have a smaller group come to this initial meeting.'

'There is no need to worry, Your Highness, you are my Queen and I vow to follow you and your commands.' His words made me a little nervous, this was more than I had bargained for.

'If you don't mind heading over immediately please.' I requested.

'Of course, I will be there shortly. Thank you for agreeing to see me.'

"He has been summoned." I told them as soon as I severed the connection to the man.

"Did he agree to come alone?" Noah asked immediately.

"Yes." I nodded my head as I answered. "He said he would follow any request I gave."

"This guy really does think that you are his queen doesn't he." I heard Reece's voice, so filled with jealousy, as I stood there in my wolf form.

Fifteen minutes later, having shifted back and getting dressed, our meeting changed locations. We wanted to appear more relaxed when Gabriel arrived. We had no sooner sat in the downstairs sitting room when the elders decided to excuse themselves. They said that this was not something that was any of their business and should be left up to us. They informed Reece that they would be awaiting his summons to share any information that he deemed they needed to know.

"This is getting to be way beyond us, boy. No offense but we elders can't handle anything like this." Oswald grumbled.

"We're merely an advice council, please understand." James looked embarrassed.

"We fully understand, don't we Reece." I smiled at them as I went to shake their hands one after the other.

"Regardless of what they say, you are a queen in my eyes." Liam took my outstretched hand and kissed the back of it.

No sooner had the elders left than Gabriel arrived. He didn't seem to have driven to the house, instead he was walking toward the house from the trees at a quick but steady pace. When he was in the driveway facing the group of us at the door he stopped and knelt to the ground the same as he had yesterday. His right hand in a loose fist was placed in front of his chest over his heart.

"My Goddess Queen." He spoke reverently. "And Sir Alpha King. Thank you for inviting me to your home. I am humbled to be in your presence."

"Well, he seems to talk like someone who deals with a queen, or someone out of the middle ages." Shane said snarkily in a quiet voice. I could tell that Gabriel had heard him but chose to ignore his words, which was silenced with a glare from Reece.

"Please, Gabriel, come inside and let us discuss things further." Reece was speaking softly as if he was trying not to appear too out of control. I was glad he was restraining himself because I knew that he had been quite upset yesterday.

We settled into the sitting room. The room was at least twice as large as the office and had more seating. It looked a bit old and antiquated but still so full of charm. The walls were panelled in dark wood that were polished to a shine. The floor was covered in a soft dark blue carpeting. The wood of the furniture went well with the walls and carpet and everything was either upholstered in dark blue or light grays. There was plenty of natural light from the large window wall that seemed to give the room a welcoming air. There was a large fireplace, a wet bar, and lots of seating. Aside from the few bar stools in the room, the only furniture were the sofas, love seats, and armchairs scattered around with side tables and coffee tables for accents.

Gabriel sat in a large, high backed armchair across from the love seat Reece and I were sitting on. He didn't seem nervous, scared, or uneasy in the least. In fact he was looking quite pleased as he smiled at me.

"I think the first thing that we need is a few explanations. Who you are, who the Sentinelle is, and what exactly it is you want from my wife."

"Of course, I would be more than happy to provide you with any information that you desire. I exist only to serve the new Queen." Gabriel's slightly accented voice spoke politely as he nodded his head. 

"I will begin with my introduction. As I said yesterday my name is Gabriel Abadie, and I am the Watcher of the Sentinelle. Simply put the Watcher is the highest authority in our organization. I was born six hundred and ninety years ago. I have been in position for nearly six hundred years." These words threw me through a loop because I knew he was a wolf but I had never heard of a wolf living that long. Not to mention that he only looked like he was in his early thirties.

Today Gabriel was not wearing his cloak. Instead he wore a pair of black dress pants and a white button up shirt tucked into the waistband. It was plain, yet presentable at least. He had a fair complexion with deep auburn hair. His eyes, a bright hazel color, looked old and wise beyond the age he appeared to be. He wasn't remarkably handsome, but he was still a good looking man with a well kept figure.

"How is it you could be nearly seven hundred years old?" Dietrich questioned the man.

"Ahh, Lord Dietrich, I am quite grateful to make your acquaintance as well. And to answer your question, we who devote our lives to the Sentinelle freeze in time until we are permitted to serve the next Goddess Incarnate, our Luna Queen." He seemed all too happy to explain.

"How do people like you join the Sentinelle?" I asked him, not understanding how people applied for a job like that.

"Young men who were nomads, men without homes, were brought to our abbey and given a chance to devote their life to our cause. If they chose to then their life was spent in the service of the future queen, if not, then they were not permitted to stay."

"Did you often have people who refused?" David wondered aloud.

"It was rare, but we did have a fair few who chose to walk a different path. It is not easy to know that your life will be like that of a monk waiting for a woman you will never be able to have as your own, but it is a spiritually enriching life." He was still smiling happily.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked him.

"We live life like we are monks. We do not seek mates. We do not live in packs. The headquarters for our organization is located in an abandoned abbey in a small village in France. Truth be told, the village is entirely populated by those associated with the Sentinelle. There are but a handful of women among our group, relationships are strictly prohibited. And to be honest, once you have joined our ranks, one no longer has those desires and urges. It is part of the magic that keeps us young and strong while waiting for the Queen."

"What exactly do you do though?" Reece asked him, a little frustrated.

"We scour the earth, gathering information about all the living beings on the planet. Our Queen may need information at any time and we will be able to easily aid her in any situation no matter the country. Also, we have scouts that we send out to every country that travels around and gathers information. These scouts are specially trained to be able to sense the Goddess's energy from a relatively close distance."

"What do you consider relatively close?" Noah didn't sound happy.

"Anything within eight kilometers, but within five or less is preferential." Gabriel had yet to even let his smile falter, answering question after question happily.

"So it is safe to assume that one of your scouts was here recently." Grandfather finally spoke up.

"Yes, he was here just a couple weeks ago. We didn't know that a wedding was being planned and we simply made our way to your city immediately. It took a little more than a day to narrow down our search, but when we did we headed to your location without hesitation."

"How did you know that I have abilities and marks that are not normal?" I asked him, this was something that I was most desperate to learn.

"It is how the last queen was. She was able to do many things and had marks unlike that of any other wolf."

"How many queens have there been?" Rawlynne asked in a voice like she was in the interrogation room.

"Queen Trinity will be the second. The last, Queen Ylsa, was born one thousand two hundred and twelve years ago. She lived to be nearly two hundred years old, as did her consort, the King."

"Did they have children?" I asked him. "If so, why weren't her children kept in a royal line of succession."

"Unfortunately, they did not have children. No one knows why, but I suspect that the compatibility between the last queen and her mate was not as suitable for the Goddess lineage as it should have been, even though they were a mated pair."

"Did she ever get pregnant?" I asked, now worrying about my own child growing within my womb.

"To my knowledge, which is as vast as the crypts of the abbey, no. The former Queen and King never conceived at all. They did spread their magnanimity throughout the world of werewolves. They took in several orphaned children and raised them as their own." I looked at Reece with worry filled eyes.

"What if the Queen were to conceive and have a child?" Reece asked the question that was shining in my eyes.

"If the queen were to have a child that was successfully raised, then the reincarnation cycle will be broken until her bloodline is no longer able to rule our people."

"How do you know this?" I wanted to know more specifics.

"Our guiding principles were handed down to us by the original Goddess herself. When she decided to no longer walk the world with her children but to mother them from afar, she left prophecies, guiding words, and directives. The original scrolls are still being protected in the abbey, though they have been copied to other mediums with the advancement of time."

"So the moon goddess herself left instructions saying that Trinity would be a Goddess?" Jackson was in awe by this conversation.

"In a manner of speaking, yes." Gabriel smiled at him.

"Ok, let's say we believe you, what exactly do you want from Trinity?" Reece was growing tired of the endless talking and was trying to cut to the heart of the discussion.

"We would ask her to take up the crown that is rightfully hers and to lead her people."

"And when you say people you mean-." Reece trailed off, unable to finish.

"I mean all of us, every wolf alive now or soon to be."

"Do we have the right to refuse?" Noah wondered.

"Yes, and no. You will still be what you are no matter what. It will just make those of us in the Sentinelle obsolete at the current time. I guess if that were to happen we would continue on as we have until the next incarnation." This was the first time he looked less than cheerful as he spoke.

"And if I were to accept, what does that really mean for me?"

"Queen Trinity, you will be asked to visit us at the abbey. There we will share our knowledge with you and help you to train your abilities and unlock those that you might not know about."

"What types of powers might those be?" I admit, I was intrigued and needed to ask.

"It is said that all the abilities will not remain the same, but some are set in stone. Your telepathy for one. That is an ability that you have been granted to quickly communicate your needs with your retainers and guards. Another, is you have the ability to awaken powers in others."

"What kind of powers?" Reece looked stricken as he asked this.

"That will depend on the person. It could be something as simple as making someone stronger or faster, or it could be something with a magical or god like ability that alters reality as we know it." I looked at Reece and knew exactly what he was thinking.

"So, making my mate stronger, faster, and able to become a wolf made of fire would count as that type of ability?" The words trembled out of me in my nervousness.

"Yes, my Queen." Gabriel smiled knowingly. "That would most definitely be considered an ability release." He was grinning now as he looked between me and Reece.

"Wait, you did that?" Jackson's eyes were shining.

"To be fair, I don't know how I did either." 

"This is wonderful news?" Gabriel was still grinning widely.

"You have given us much to talk about." I looked at Reece nervously.

"My wife and I will discuss things and sort our thoughts. Please wait until we summon you again."

"But of course. Until we meet again." He knelt and bowed to us once more. "I thank you for your time my Queen, and you as well my King."

When Gabriel rose David walked with him to show him out. I just sat there in shock at everything I had heard. I didn't think I could deny it any longer. If what Gabriel was saying was actually true, then I was for certain the Luna Queen and Goddess Incarnate.

"I think things have become quite clear." Dietrich was smiling as much as Gabriel had been.

"I would have to agree." Shawn added.

"I think the information we gathered was most enlightening." Grandfather was looking at me with a soft smile.

"Even I must agree." Noah looked at me with soft, loving eyes.

"It would explain something else as well." Rawlynne looked at me with kind eyes and a knowing smirk. "It explains why she was able to issue a command that I had to follow."

"And why I was compelled to follow her orders over the Alpha's." Vincent seemed like he finally understood something.

"I guess it explains something for me as well." Reece grinned. "Luna or not, she shouldn't be able to give me orders that I have to follow, unless she outranked me."

"Haha, even as a King you won't outrank your wife, she's a Queen, and a Goddess." Shane chuckled earning a glare from Reece before he too smiled.

"I guess I really am lucky though, since I get to be second in command of all the wolves in the world." Reece was smiling and laughing lightly.

"All hail the Goddess, Queen Trinity." Jackson smiled like he was living in a surreal dreamlike movie.

"All hail Queen Trinity." The rest of the room echoed him in a laughing tone causing me to blush scarlet.