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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 160 - Trinity- Strategy Meeting (VOLUME 2)




The morning after my wedding, needless to say, I woke up feeling not so refreshed. I was tired, groggy, and pleasantly sore. All in all, it was a great wedding day, and night. All except for the unexpected visit.

That visit was exactly why Reece and I were on our way to our home office to meet with all my guards and the elders. That made me a little nervous. What exactly were we going to do about these people?

We got to the office after everyone else had already gathered. The office was much more crowded than usual with the sheer number of people in there. On top of Noah, my guards and the elders there was also Rawlynne, Jackson, and Dietrich in the room. Once Reece and I were in there it brought the total up to fifteen people. Every seat was being used and there were still people standing.

Reece had settled himself behind the desk and pulled me onto his lap, freeing up my desk chair for someone else to sit in. Conveniently, or not so conveniently, he had offered the seat to my grandfather which made me nervous for sitting on Reece's lap, but there was nothing I could do about it right now. I mean, I was married to him for crying out loud, and pregnant already, they knew what was happening between us.

The looks on everyone's faces were serious and somber. We all had more questions than answers about the Sentinelle, well all except for Dietrich, he seemed relatively calm right now.

"You all know why we're here." Reece addressed the room. "I want to hear everyone's thoughts about what happened yesterday before we summon those people back here."

"You want us here for the meeting as well?" David asked him a little nervously.

"I want as much protection here for my wife as possible." I looked into his eyes and saw the love he had for me and it melted my heart.

"I agree. I do not want Trinity to face these people with too few guards around. We don't know anything about them, that makes them a danger in my eyes." Noah added.

"Dietrich." I called his name, drawing the attention of not only the vampire but the entire room. "Why do you look so calm about this? Do you know anything about the Sentinelle?" He didn't look surprised by my question, on the contrary he seemed to be expecting it.

"I have never met them myself, but I have heard of them."

"Seriously?" Shawn looked at his mate in surprise.

"When you have been around for as long as I have, you hear many things."

"Just how old are you?" Shane asked him.

"I turned five hundred and twenty eight this past November." His smile was serene and youthful looking but so full of age and wisdom at the same time. The matching looks of shock on Shane and Shawn's faces were a bit comical. I guess Shawn had not asked his true age yet as Dietrich still only looked about thirty at the very most.

"His age is not what matters right now." Reece barked to the room. "What matters the most right now is that he is the most experienced person in this room, and he has information that we do not." 

"If I may interject for just a moment." Liam raised his hand up as he spoke almost like he was in a classroom. "I do not know if this information is relevant, but I have heard rumors and stories about a sort of werewolf history council. They have for generations travelled the world collecting data on our people to store for record keeping."

"Is this true?" Reece asked the rest of the elders.

"It is." Oswald growled in his surly voice. "I just didn't think this group would be associated with that band of weirdos from yesterday."

"Lord Dietrich, would it be safe to assume that this group Liam speaks of is the same as the Sentinelle?" James asked.

"I would think so. The information I have heard about them is that they keep a record of all the major events in the world, not just werewolf related but all supernatural and human events. And they planned to share this information to the new Luna Queen."

"How do they determine the Luna Queen?" Michael asked them.

"I am not certain. I only know that the Luna queen was said to be reborn after a thousand years."

"Would the title not pass down to her children?" Reece asked him.

"I do not know the rules of such a thing. This would be better asked of the Sentinelle themselves."

"Are you actually saying we should trust them?" Noah shouted at Dietrich's words.

"Noah." Grandfather spoke for the first time after having just listened this entire time. "Calm yourself. We have no choice but to hear them out."

"Why?" Noah looked at him hurt and confused. "With everything that she has been through, how can we trust them? After what her father did."

"We cannot deny the facts though. Think about it boy. They knew she had abilities that no other wolf does. They knew she would be able to contact them, not us, but her. Why do you think that is?" Grandfather looked serious and business-like as he spoke.

"Her telepathy." Noah responded dejectedly.

"Precisely, how would they know about that if not for the fact that they might be telling the truth."

"What if someone told them and they're lying to us?" Shawn asked offhandedly.

"That is a possibility, but unlikely. The only people that know of her gifts are in this room. Unless one of you has told someone you were not supposed to then we can rule that out as a possibility." Everyone in the room looked around at each other nervously, wondering if someone had done exactly as Grandfather had said.

"I know that every wolf in this room is loyal to the pack and our Luna, I do not believe any of you have shared that news with anyone."

"What abilities does she have?" Rawlynne asked curiously. "It might help with figuring things out if I knew."

"Further proof of what I just said. David didn't even share the information with his mate."

"I too would like to know about her abilities, and before you ask or say anything Shawn has said nothing to me as well." Dietrich smiled at me as he spoke.

"I think it is wise if we tell you, it will likely help with the issue at hand, and possibly help us find the missing children." Reece looked at them. "As long as you know that this is a private matter that is not to be shared."

"Understood." Rawlynne and Dietrich agreed right away. 

"Jackson?" Reece pressed the man for his response.

"I agree as well, I am in this just as much as you are. Rawlynne is like family to me and if she is going to be a part of your pack now, then so am I." His deep meaningful words and insistent voice gave me a sense of peace.

"Alright, then we shall share the info we have with you." Reece looked at me as if it was my turn to take the lead.

I sat up straight and looked at the three newcomers that didn't know what was happening. They looked curious yet serious as they returned my gaze.

'The first ability that I discovered after coming back home was telepathy, but there were others before that.' I spoke in my mind to them and saw the shock and awe show on all their faces. Rawlynne and Jackson seemed nervous at hearing it but Dietrich looked excited.

"Oooh, Trinity, you're even more unique than I thought." He smiled at me and spoke in a very pleased and satisfied voice. The brightly lit room now seemed like it was transformed into a circus tent for me to perform, but I had to persevere and deal with it for now. 

"You know, I shouldn't really be surprised that someone can be telepathic since there are werewolves and vampires, and from what I heard yesterday there are a lot more than just those groups." Jackson tried to sound calm.

"Trinity, this is unlike anything I have ever heard of before. And you're saying that you have other powers too?"

"Yes, I do."

"What kind? If I may ask." Dietrich inquired.

I proceeded to detail the events of the night I first changed into my wolf and subsequently killed the remaining wolves and warlocks that were there to aid in my demise. I told them how I had been practicing these powers steadily over the last two months and about my ice wolf form.

"So, you have a control over certain elements and you can become the ice itself?" Jackson actually looked excited now. "This is like something out of a movie or an anime, seriously how is this even possible?"

"Honestly, I had thought it was because I was half witch." My voice held a note of regret and embarrassment.

"There is nothing wrong with being half witch, Trinity, the greatest powers I have ever encountered have been hybrids. Mixing bloodline can make for powerful kin." Dietrich was obviously trying to cheer me up.

"I'm not ashamed to be a half witch, not anymore. But it's just that, how can I be a wolf goddess or queen, when I'm not a full wolf?"

"Child, did you ever think that it is precisely because you're not a full wolf that you are able to be what they say you are? Think about it, if you were going to make an all powerful being would you go for the status quo or break the mold?" Liam's calming and relaxed voice made me smile.

"Break the mold." I smiled at him as I answered.

"Precisely." James agreed. "There are too many wolves that are just like all the others, but how many are like you?" I blushed at the praise these elders were heaping onto me.

"I agree, if I were to manifest a goddess, I would choose someone unlike everyone else. Otherwise, anyone who wanted to could just choose to be the goddess." Jackson was grinning, he was really getting into the discussion.

"It's possible that the magic she has exhibited in the past were goddess powers and not just witch powers, but with that aside, there is still the fact that she has a mate mark unlike any other. And, she had the ability to mark me back." Reece told the room full of people. Some of them knew of his mark, but not all of them.

"You have a mate mark?" Shawn asked, surprised. "I didn't know men could be marked.

"Oh, men most definitely can be marked." Dietrich's voice sounded seductive. His voice slipping into the accent he had made it even more sensual causing Shawn to blush bright red.

"Yes, but my mark looks different, it's not the pack crest."

"What is it then?" Grandfather asked. "I knew you were marked, but I never looked at it myself."

"It is in the form of a wolf protecting a woman, such as me protecting Trinity."

"As if you are her guardian." Noah asked, causing Reece to nod his head in agreement.

"What is this about her mark being different?" Rawlynne questioned.

"My pack crest has changed. It has several wolves leaping toward the full moon instead of just one, and there is a woman descending from the moon itself." I explained.

As if the Goddess herself is coming down from the moon to her children?" Dietrich surmised from my words.

"I had never thought about it that way." I admitted.

"Is there anything else different?" Rawlynne added.

"Yes, I don't just have one mark, but several.

"Several?" This seemed to shock most of the people in the room. I know that the elders had seen the marks on me when I was in my wolf form, so had all my guards, but they didn't think they were there when I was out of that form.

"Are they the same marks on you when you're in wolf form?" Vincent inquired knowing all too well what my wolf looked like as he was there when I first shifted.


"Her marks even appear when she is in wolf form?" Dietrich asked. "Now that is definitely unique."

"What's more, her coloring is unique as well." Oswald growled with a smile. It was hard to tell if he was mad or not.

"Unique how?" Jackson asked, his voice full of curiosity.

""Perhaps I should just show them." I said turning to look at Reece as his arms reflexively twitched around me.

"Yeah, fine." He nodded as he released me and let me move away.

After going into the bathroom and stripping off my clothes I shifted into my wolf form. I called for Reece telepathically to ask him to open the door. When I stepped out the bright sunlight coming in from the large window reflected and glinted off of my pure white fur and sapphire blue markings.

I heard gasps coming from the three people who had never seen my wolf form.

"Trinity, you look beautiful." Rawlynne exclaimed.

"That is so fucking cool." Jackson said excitedly.

"Simply amazing." Dietrich added. "Looking at you like this, young Trinity, I am more inclined to believe what the Sentinelle said. You do indeed look like a Moon Goddess, and definitely regal enough to be a queen." I was thankful that I was in my wolf form and they couldn't see me blushing.

"I think we've seen enough. We have a lot we need to discuss with those people, but to be safe, let us only summon the leader here. If he agrees to that I will be more willing to trust him." Reece broke the tension in the air. I guess it was time to call the Sentinelle.