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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 159 - Reece- Wedding Night (VOLUME 2)((MATURE))




I stood there holding my bride to my side as I watched the last of the guests leaving. Dietrich was attempting to chase after Shawn who still seemed a little shy about their relationship. Cedar was clinging to Acacia and looking at her longingly. Shane was snuggling with his mate, Falena, under the cover of the trees. It had definitely been a very exciting day. Mostly because of the arrival of the Sentinelle that showed up unannounced. Just who the hell were they?

I would need to figure that out before we could move forward.

"Noah!" I called out to get my Beta's attention.

"Yeah?" He asked as he came toward me.

"I want to have a meeting tomorrow, all the guards and the elders." His eyes popped open at the unexpected guest list.

"About those people?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Yup." I nodded as I answered him. "Let's plan it for ten in the morning. And make sure Dietrich is there. We need as many people on this as we can get."

"Sure, no problem." He nodded his head in agreement before going and telling the men of these plans. 

This was something that definitely deserved my full attention, but I was unlikely to give anything my full attention until after this night was over. Right now, my mind kept wandering to the beautiful woman standing next to me. It was my wedding night, and I was not going to hold back. Even just one night away left me wanting her fiercely.

With the wedding guests gone, and our house guests staying elsewhere, we even got Mom to stay with someone else. We had the house to ourselves. I had also dismissed the staff for the day. 

It was just me and my new wife. That felt great to think and say, she was no longer just my mate but my wife. I planned on treating her like royalty, whether what those intruders said was true or not. 

After the last of the guards left, including Noah as he looked over his shoulder at me repeatedly. I scooped my bride up into my arms, which incited a small yelp from her.

"What are you doing Reece?" She asked in a startled, breathless voice that tightened things low in my body.

"Isn't it tradition to carry the bride over the threshold?" I grinned at her seeing the light change in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Is that all?" She shimmied in my arms, squirming against my body. I growled low in my throat.

"I think you know what I want, Little Bunny. Are you ready for me?"

"I don't know, I should ask my husband first." She giggled.

I felt the need driving me, pushing me to move faster. I walked swiftly toward the house, pushing the front door open with my shoulder. I didn't pause at all as I ran up the stairs and to our room.

I didn't put her down at all either, I just climbed onto the bed with her in my arms. When I did finally lay her on the bed I settled myself on top of her, covering her mouth with my own. The pure bliss feeling her body stretched beneath me, pressing against me, was enough to send an explosion of fireworks inside my head and rouse my wolf all at the same time.

Truth be told my wolf was almost always ready to go when my Little Bunny was near. The moan that my Little Bunny gave when I pulled away, breaking the kiss, was like music to my ears.

"Reece." She said my name on that moan. "You seem so out of control today."

"Little Bunny, I need you. Your scent, your body, you are driving me over the edge." I answered her back. The smell of apples and vanilla had been so much stronger on her today, intoxicatingly strong and it was fueling my desire for her.

"Then don't hold back, Reece, I want you, I need you." Her eyes were full of desire but still looked so innocent as she lay under me.

She reached her hands up and tugged at the lapels of my jacket. I had completely forgotten the types of clothes we were wearing in my rush. I sat up, pulling her with me. The first thing I did was slide my jacket off, slowly as she watched, her eyes followed my every move. When the jacket was off and thrown to the side, I loosened my tie. I was giving her a show, one that I hoped she enjoyed. Judging by the look in her eyes, I'd say she did.

Slowly, I removed the tie, waistcoat, and silk shirt until I sat there bare from the waist up. Her eyes had lustily followed my every move. I backed off the bed, pulling her with me until we were both standing.

With my Little Bunny on her feet I slowly started to unfasten her dress. The tricky clasps and confusing lay of the dress held me up, but I managed to accomplish it without tearing anything. I didn't think she would like it very much if I ripped it off of her.

My beautiful little wife now stood there in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of sexy lace panties and no bra. My mouth watered at the very site. 

I gently pushed Little Bunny down to sit on the edge of the bed. My eyes locked onto her as I stepped away. She was following my every move intently. She watched me as I slowly lowered the zipper on the pants I was wearing and moved them down my hips. The show for her was not over yet.

The small smile on her lips clearly showed her arousal. Her intense gaze was on me as I removed the last layer of cloth, that look sent heat through me. When there was nothing blocking her view, and I could feel the air on all of me, I leaned forward to kiss her once again. The feel of her lips, the heat and passion, it was always like the first time all over again.

Tonight was going to be a first, too. Our first since having said I do. I loved the thought of that. Once my lips were on hers, our tongues tangling with each other, my tightly held control snapped with a howl from my wolf. 

I stripped off the lacy piece cloth that still remained on my little mate and pushed her back against the pillows. Trailing kisses along her jaw I made my way to her neck and nipped at her ear. She shivered when my breath tickled at her neck making her body press again my most sensitive of all areas.

No words were being spoken, but we didn't need them. The moans, sighs of pleasure, looks of intense need and desire those were all that we needed.

I made my way down the side of her neck, kissing and nipping at her flesh. After several bites in a row I would run my tongue along the slightly reddened skin.

Down across her collar bone I kissed, nipped and licked my way to her breasts. The soft, supple mounds of flesh invited my attention. Latching onto one with my mouth I squeezed the other in the palm of my hand. I rolled the peak of her left breast, that dusky rose colored flesh, over my tongue and bit down lightly with my teeth. All the while, I pinched and pulled the other peak between my fingers. 

Her moans of pleasure were like barbs in my flesh pulling me closer to the limits and egging my desire on further. 

"Reece." She called my name and slightly lifted her hips to urge me on.

Abandoning her beautifully perfect breasts I continued to move lower. Down across the belly button, the flare of her hips, down to the thatch of curls and v shaped valley that was calling my name.

I had been straddling her but I needed to change the position. With my knee I pushed her legs apart, allowing myself to settle in between her thighs. When I grabbed her hips and settled her more perfectly for me to devour I heard her excited exhalation and it just urged me on more.

"Mmm, apple pie." I Whispered just before lapping at her core. She jerked quickly with a sharp intake of breath.

"Ah, Reece." I didn't know if she was asking for me to hurry or slow down but I didn't care, I couldn't slow down now even if I wanted to. I had to keep going.

I lapped at her middle again causing her to squirm once more. She was much more sensitive than usual. I pushed her legs up higher and hooked her hands beneath her knees.

"Hold on and don't let go. Got that Little Bunny?" 

She nodded while gripping onto her legs, the sight of her holding herself open for me was so erotic and beautiful. I couldn't help myself, leaning forward I blew onto that heated core of hers. She shivered and squirmed again.

"Reece, please." She begged me. Far be it from me to make my wife beg me. With a grin, I went back to my meal.

As she groaned with pleasure I explored and devoured all of her folds. Bit by bit I tasted and lapped up every drop of her juices. All the while her breathing was slowly picking up speed and intensity. Her moans were near constant.

I could tell that she was close to the edge now. I moved my right hand to her opening, finding her wet and ready. I slid one finger inside quickly followed by another. I set about creating a rhythm with my tongue and fingers. 

I sucked that little bundle of nerves at the top of her slit into my mouth and sucked hard before rolling it over my tongue. At the same time I shifted my right hand and twisted the fingers buried deep inside her. The reaction was nearly instantaneous.

Her hip bucked, her head flew back against the pillow, and she released her hold on her legs. I felt her hands grab at the back of my head, fist fulls of my hair were in her hands. She was both pushing me away and pulling me closer while screaming through her release as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

When the spasming stopped and her arms fell limp against the bed I was finally able to lift my head from her core, a pleased look on my face. Looking at her flushed and sweaty face was a sight to behold, but what was more intoxicatingly beautiful was the blush that was spreading down her chest over those perfect mounds.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I moved myself to loom over her, fitting myself between her perfect thighs and placing myself at her opening.

"Mine. My mate, my wife. All mine." I whispered in her ear just before I pushed myself forward. With a quick, hard thrust I buried myself deep inside of her tight little body. The cry of pleasure that she let loose now was nothing compared to that of just a few moments ago.

"REECE!" She screamed my name as she clutched onto my shoulders and lifted her hips to meet my thrust.

"Trinity." I sighed her name in return.

Pulling back until there was just the tip remaining in her I readied myself for another thrusting invasion of her perfect body. Repeating this I set about a steady rhythm.

Soft, warm, and welcoming, her body was perfect. With each thrust she raised her hips to meet me. Our bodies slapped together, the sound of skin on skin, her moaning cries, and my heavy breathing were all that could be heard.

Slowly, the steady movements of our bodies moving so in tune with each other, was pushing us both toward the edge. I felt the tightening in her body and the tingling at the base of my spine that told me we were both reaching our limits.

I shifted, leaning over her more and draping my upper body fully over her, embracing her. The move pushed me deeper inside of her and she screamed in my ear as she fell over that ledge she was so precariously perched on. In the height of her climax, racked in spasms as it was, her soft, sweet, delicate core tightened around my shaft. The squeezing, milking sensation threw me over that ledge with her. With my forehead resting against hers I let go of my control completely with one final thrust, emptying myself inside of her.

With all the spasms of pleasure done, both mine and hers, I wrapped my arms around her and rolled to the side, laying her on top of me. Slowly, trying to be gentle, I removed myself from her core. Her shuddering inhaled breath told me she was still very sensitive.

Later, once we had rested a little I heard my Little Bunny's stomach rumble.

"Hungry?" I asked her even though it was obvious.

"A little." She smiled at me as we lay naked in bed.

I pulled her from the bed, handed her a robe and pulled on a pair of lounge pants. We went to the kitchen in search of some dinner. While scavenging for food I got another strong whiff of that apples and vanilla scent.

"Why do you smell so good today?" I asked her, my mouth almost watering.

"How do I smell?" She asked me.

"Like apples and vanilla, minus the scent of nutmeg but still like a yummy little pie." I purred into her ear making her blush.

"It must be the lotion."

"What lotion?"

"Juniper and Nikki put it on me. It's lightly scented to not affect us much, but it smells like apples-."

"And vanilla?" I interrupted her. She nodded, unable to say more as she looked into my heated eyes. "I can have my pie whenever I want now." I joked as I leaned down and captured her mouth with mine. "I think it's time for seconds on dessert." I felt her shiver as she grabbed onto me.

That night, we discovered a new, much more interesting use for the kitchen table.