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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 153 - Trinity- Bachelorette Party (VOLUME 2)




So, obviously I couldn't have a normal bachelorette party. I couldn't go to a bar as I was too young and couldn't drink even if I was old enough. Not to mention the whole danger thing. I couldn't have, nor did I want, a stripper. Honestly, I may have only ever seen Reece's naked body, but could anyone ever truly compare to the splendor of his body. 

Now, I had to wonder what kind of party we would have if almost a third of us couldn't drink alcohol and there was no raunchy penis themed stuff like you see in the movies. Well, according to Juniper, we were going to go old school, and by that she meant middle school. We were going to have a totally junior high school girl sleepover style party. I thought it was funny at first, but the more I thought about it the more fun it all sounded.

Juniper came over early carrying bags and bags full of junk food and beauty treatments. After dropping it all off in my room, she dragged me out and went on a hunt for Reece. He was working from home today and then taking the next week off. We weren't leaving town, but we would spend time alone together.

We went into the office that Reece and I shared and Reece smiled at me over the paperwork he was reading, Noah stood next to him with a bland expression on his face.

"Hello ladies, what's going on?" 

"Just here to tell you the rules for tonight." Juniper smiled boldly at him. I watched the shock register in Reece's eyes.

"The rules?" He asked with a hint of laughter. "And what rules are those."

"No boys allowed. Period. You have to stay the night at his house." Juniper pointed at Noah whose face remained still as stone. He already knew this was coming but had said nothing to his best friend about it. It was obvious that he didn't want to be the one to break this news.

"Seriously?" Reece asked awestruck.

"Yup." Juniper nodded. "So when work is done you can say goodbye and goodnight and go to his place. You can come back tomorrow to get ready for the wedding."

"And should I be concerned about this party you're having if I am being banished?" Reece looked suspicious about it all.

"Not at all, it's just a bachelorette tradition. I can't follow the rest of the traditions for her so I am not skimping on this one. Don't worry Noah knew ahead of time and Nikki prepared a room for you. You'll be fine, just be a good boy and have a slumber party with your BFF."

"Do you realize how ridiculous you sound right now?" Reece asked her.

"I don't care. I'm the party organizer and so I get to set the rules, right Trinity?" I was laughing silently to myself as I watched their exchange. The late afternoon light was streaming through the window lighting Juniper up and making her appear more powerful than usual. 

"Yup, her party, her rules." I could barely say the words without laughing. The instant I said the words I saw the sad puppy dog look wash over Reece's eyes. He really hated being away from me, but it was just for one night a fact I felt compelled to remind him of. "It's just for tonight Reece, you'll be back tomorrow morning." He smiled at that reminder.

"Fine, I guess I can survive a night at his house. I knew that Noah had planned a bachelor party for Reece to surprise, and embarrass him. The thought made me smile more as I left the room with Juniper.

Reece came to the room some time later to give me my farewell hug and kiss and get the overnight bag I had prepared for him. Just after he was gone everyone else started to arrive. Emmalee was already at the house, but she had been with Carter until he left with Noah and Reece. Even Dietrich found somewhere to go for the night. I could only speculate on where, but I hoped I was right.

The guest list for the night included Juniper (obviously), Emmalee, Nikki, Heather, Ella, and Rawlynne. With me there were seven of us all together. I really had never had a sleepover before, never having had any friends growing up, so I was actually really excited to experience this for the first time.

We ate tons of junk food, including all the wonderful party friendly foods that Abigail prepared for us. After dinner we gave each other manicures and pedicures and did skin beautifying facials. All these beauty routines would be perfect for the wedding tomorrow after all.

We all gossiped and shared juicy tidbits about our mates. Ella was the only unmated one among us, but she told us how she imagined her mate would be. There was always a movie playing in the background, even if none of us actually watched it. I think it was all some of the best fun I had ever had, with all my friends, new and old, by my side.

But, it seemed as if Reece missed me more than I thought he would. We had banished him from the house but not his phone. During the course of the party he called me no less than five times. We all had a good laugh about it, but deep down it made me happy to know that my mate loved and cared about me so much. I wouldn't change him for the world. And, truth be told, I was missing him too. I knew I would have a hard time sleeping without him by my side now. I had grown too accustomed to him being there with me. And I could tell that Juniper and Nikki were sad as well. Emmalee and Rawlynne had not spent so many nights in the arms of their mates yet so their longing and desire to see them, while strong, probably wasn't as intense as ours.