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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 151 - Trinity- An Appointment (VOLUME 2)




Reece moped a little that night when he came back in. He wasn't happy that he was sent away and denied entry to our room. But some snuggle time was all he needed to feel better. 

Reece has been acting a little more hands-off-ish since finding out I was pregnant. These last two weeks he was telling me that I was to take it easy, rest, be careful, things like that. I think he thought he would be too rough if we did anything.

The day after my dress had been delivered Reece surprised me at breakfast by telling me that he and I had an appointment we would be going to shortly. He didn't tell me what type of appointment it was, he just insisted that we leave as soon as we were done eating.

Once we were in the car and heading toward the city I tried asking him again.

"Reece, where are we going?"

"I told you already, you'll find out when we get there." I puffed out my cheeks and glared at him.

"You're being a brat about this right now. You know that don't you." 

"I'm not a brat, in any way." He turned his head momentarily and gave me a heated look. 

"I could just call you a butthead, but that seemed more childish than brat, so that's what you got."

"Why are you trying to keep it all PG now? Wouldn't you just call me a dog name or something else that's worse?"

"Huh, are the dog names growing on you Fido? You like them don't you, you pervert?"

"I'm not a damn pervert. I take it back, go back to PG." He growled at me in frustration.

"We've got to learn to keep things PG soon enough. We can't talk like sailors around the baby when it's born."

"Yeah, you got a point." He smirked as he signaled to turn onto another street, the half smile on the profile of his face was breathtakingly handsome. "It doesn't feel real yet, but still I'm really happy. I just know that any pup of yours is going to be adorable."

"You talk all tough most of the time, Reece, but you're just a big softy aren't you?" I smiled at him, and for some reason he was sulking, but with a blush tinging his ears.

I recognized where we were going now. Reece had just turned onto the street with the hospital and several medical offices. He drove halfway down the street and pulled into a lot I had never been in. The name on the sign read Dr. Griffin White, MD & Associates.

"Why are we going to see Griffin? Is there something wrong?"

"We're seeing him for you." He acted as if I should have known this already.

"Why? I'm not sick, or injured. And I thought he worked at the hospital." 

"He goes between the hospital and the clinic, and we're seeing him cause you're pregnant. He's going to be the one to take care of you."

"Seriously? Well, at least I've met him before. But I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse." I smirked at him. "Are you sure you want me to have a male doctor?" I joked with him. His face turned to stone for a moment like he hadn't really thought about it yet.

"I have no choice, I'm not a doctor and I know he's a good man." His voice was icy cold as he spoke. Looks like it's going to be tough on you for a little while Griffin, sorry about that.

I was surprised when we went inside. The clinic waiting area was very comfortable and welcoming, full of soft furniture, wall mounted TVs, a wide array of magazines, and a cute little play area for kids. What was most surprising though was that everyone there was human. I guess I should have figured that though. Not many wolves went to the doctors office enough to warrant having an office dedicated to wolves only.

"Does Griffin see everyone from the pack?" I asked Reece as we sat waiting to be called.

"Usually. He's one of only four doctors in the entire pack, and he's the best."

"Why do we need to see him anyway?" I was curious.

"Why? We still need to make sure that things are progressing properly. Just because we wolves don't get sick often doesn't mean that there is nothing that can go wrong. We'll do regular visits just like everyone else."

"I guess that makes sense." I agreed with him. "What do the other doctors do?"

"Well, the ones that are still relatively young work here with him. They haven't ventured out on their own yet. The older doctor works as a surgeon at the hospital and is well respected but doesn't treat normal patients." I nodded in affirmation.

It wasn't much longer before the door to the back opened and a slightly older lady in maroon colored scrubs called out.

"Trinity Gray." I looked at Reece with a shocked, suspicious look.

"Gray?" I whispered.

"It will be that in a couple days, just get used to it." He smirked.

"True." I smiled as I stood, Reece followed along and the two of us followed the nurse to the back.

Everything was treated like a normal doctor's office. I was taken to get my weight and height measured then taken to an exam room. I could tell that all the staff here were wolves but they treated patients that were human and did their jobs with ease and precision. After taking my vitals the nurse left, informing me that the doctor would be in soon.

Griffin came in after just a few minutes, a smile on his pleasant face. I had only seen Griffin through squinted eyes and a massive headache before. I was told that he had treated me again after that day but I was out cold that time. Seeing his pleasant, easy going smile on his handsome, lightly lined face made me think of my Uncle. He had light brown hair and interesting looking light orange eyes. He was in his early fifties but still seemed to be very full of life.

Just being around Griffin gave me a calm feeling. And his voice was soft and serene.

"Hello Luna, it's good to see you again."

"Hello Griffin." I smiled at him.

"Seems there's some celebrating in order here, huh? Let's get you all checked out and see how things are going."

"It would be good to get things checked out before the rest of the pack finds out." Reece told him.

"Are you planning an announcement?" I asked him.

"I figure we can't hide it for long, and rumors might spread, so we might as well announce it before people start talking."

"Do we really have to announce it?" I asked him, embarrassment filling my voice. It felt like the white exam room walls were closing in on me with the tension and nerves.

"You are the Luna, news like this will inevitably spread like wildfire." Griffin told me with an apologetic tone. "It is better for you to just get it over with now." He was backing up Reece's words.

"Fine." I conceded.

Griffin began the exam. First, he felt my stomach with the tips of his fingers. He then took out a doppler machine and put some sort of blue gel on my belly that he spread around with the microphone looking part of the doppler. He moved it around for a minute and all I heard was this strange swishing noise. But finally, there was this low, rapid beating sound.

"Is that?"

"Yes, Luna, that is your baby's heartbeat." I felt tears well up in my eyes, and as I looked at Reece, even though he was blurry, I could see the tears welling in his eyes as well.

"I didn't think that we could hear it this soon. It's only been three weeks."

"Well, you need to remember that wolf pregnancies progress more quickly than human pregnancies. It would still be a couple weeks until a human woman could hear the heartbeat, but that's not the case here."

"This is fantastic." Reece's voice was filled with awe as he looked at the device in Griffin's hand. I looked as well and saw the number that indicated the heart rate, it indicated a rate of about one hundred thirty-eight beats per minute.

"That's so fast." I exclaimed.

"No worries, babies have faster heart rates than adults. Everything is fine, anything over a hundred beats per minute right now is a good sign. Your baby has a nice healthy heartbeat." His words brought a smile to my face. It was amazing to hear all this.

"Would you like to see your baby? Though it won't look much different than a bean right now." Griffin laughed as he spoke.

"Really? I can see the baby?" I was so excited to hear this.

"Yes, follow me to the next room over."

Griffin led the way out of the room. Reece helped me sit up and then helped me down from the exam table. He took my hand and guided me after Griffin. We went to the room right next door. The room was darker and had a slightly different exam table, it was more like a reclining chair or a bed like than an exam table.

Griffin had me lay back on the new bed before he applied more of the blue gel. He placed another doppler like wand shaped instrument to my belly and began moving it around. He looked at many different things while he moved it around. There were the occasional clicking sounds coming from his directions as he zoomed in, measured, and took pictures of what he was seeing.

After several minutes he turned the screen toward me and Reece to show us our little baby.

"Is that it? It's so small." Reece seemed surprised.

"It looks like a little jelly bean." I smiled and laughed.

"Our little jelly belly." Reece smiled again. "Thank you Trinity." He squeezed my hand affectionately.