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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 150 - Trinity- Dresses (VOLUME 2)




 Emmalee decided she wanted to stay until the wedding so she stayed at the house while her parents went home. They would come back the night before with their other children in tow. Emmalee wanted to be a part of the wedding planning as much as possible and that just wasn't easy if she was still back at the Black Canyons. So, now we had two house guests and probably a lot more visits from Carter while she was here. Carter did seem truly happy when things between him and Emmalee were finally settled.

After about a week of Emmalee being at the house we had everything nearly done with the planning. It turns out that a lot of women in the pack wanted to help with the wedding in at least a small way, so it was decided that anyone who wanted to cook could prepare a dish for the wedding to reduce the strain on any caterers. There was going to be a lot of food that they brought.

Three days before the wedding, Ella came to the house to deliver the dresses. Emmalee, Juniper, and Nikki were extremely excited to see my wedding dress. Aunt Eve and Lila were there as well, but with a more level head and better contained excitement.

It was just before sunset that Ella arrived, the tension and excitement for having to wait was very thick in the air. Reece wasn't home at the moment, but we didn't want him seeing the dress until the day of the wedding, so we had Ella escorted to my bedroom. The group of us were waiting in the sitting area when she walked in. I rose to my feet to greet her.

"Ella, it's so good to see you again." I smiled at her as I walked over and gave her a gentle hug. I had seen her quite a few times with all the fittings and I had now come to view her as a friend. 

"Trinity." She squeezed me back with one hand, the dresses held in the other. "I finally got it to look the way I wanted, I hope you like it." She seemed nervous.

"I'm sure it will look great, Ella. I saw some of the sketches after all."

We took my dress to the bathroom to change, Ella had come with me to show me how all the fastenings and extras were supposed to go. She was used to helping her clients try on dresses so she wasn't embarrassed but I sure was. I know a lot of women in the pack lack that kind of modesty but I don't think I would ever lose it. I got embarrassed way too easily.

Ella hung the dress up as soon as we were in the bathroom. She unzipped the black protective bag that it was in, slowly revealing the beautiful dress. The first thing I noticed was the two different shades of blue, persian blue and maya blue, the latter was a lighter, paler blue and was the primary color. The darker blue was the accent color. 

There were metal and gemstone decorations covering the dress at various spots. Ella had used the three moon symbol when designing the dress, two crescent moons on either side of a full moon, the crescent moons were facing away from the full moon so that the crescents were opposite of each other. The three moon symbols were made out of metal that was persian blue as were other decorative accents.

At each of the shoulders there was a three moon symbol and little leaves and vines made of metal. Chains connected the decorative metal to the bodice of the dress. And connected to the shoulders of the dress were sleeves made out of the same maya blue fabric as the dress. Dangling from the metal work of the shoulders were short, thin chains that ended in what looked like tear shaped sapphires. The color made me think of raindrops instead of tears. 

The top bodice of the dress had an intricate set of swirl designs made of the same metal as the shoulders. There was a large gemstone in the center of the designs that looked just like a full moon. On top of that full moon gemstone were two crescent moon shapes that were made of the same gemstones. A loop of cloth connected those crescent moons and would be what went around my neck to hold the dress up.

The dress was done in almost a V-Waist design, but with less accenting with fabric. The V of the waist was accented instead by a belt made out of the same three moon symbols in the persian blue color. There were thin chains hanging from the belt as well. Near the hips they were shorter, but the closer to the middle they went the longer they were. The longest chain would hang to about mid thigh. Each chain once again ended in a tear shaped sapphire. 

The dress was cut to go all the way down to the floor or ground when I was wearing my heels, and the skirt was just full enough that it would swish as I walked. I could see a few small braided strands of cloth leading down the back of the dress from the loop of fabric for my neck. They looked like they would connect at the waist which would only come to my lower back.

Ella took the dress out of the bag and behind it I saw what was going to serve as my veil. It was a cape made of a sheer grayish, almost silver looking fabric with a large, loose hood. There were no sleeves but rather gaps so that my arms would be able to go through the cape if needed. The cape was gathered in the back between where my shoulders would be. It was gathered by another of the three moon symbols this time made of a black metal. The top of the fabric was bunched together so that it would reveal my back and the back of the dress but then flowed out as it went down. The bottom of the cape would trail behind me like a train to a dress since my dress didn't have a long train.

I was in awe by the amount of work and detail that she put into the dress.

"Ella, it's beautiful." I had never seen the final product or any of the dress when she was working on it. She would instead use other pieces of fabric to cut them to size for the real dress's measurements. She truly wanted the final product to be a surprise to me.

"You really like it?" She asked me.

"I love it, Ella. You're amazing." She was beaming at me happily, grinning with joy at my praising words.

I slipped out of the clothes I was wearing and Ella helped me into the dress. I now knew why she was the one coming to help me. All the intricate work would take a skilled hand to get me in and out of it the first time.

Once I was in the dress and the cape, Ella led me out of the bathroom for everyone else to see.

"Oh Goddess that's amazing." Nikki squealed.

"Trinity, you look awesome." Juniper smiled.

"Trinity, you're the prettiest bride I have ever seen." Lila looked like she was on the verge of tears.

"Oh, Trinity." Aunt Eve was actually crying, a hand over the lower half of her face to contain the sob she was obviously trying to hold back. "You look so beautiful. You're mother would be so happy and proud if she could see you right now." The tears were streaming down her face as she spoke.

"I know she would, Aunt Eve. I know she would be because you're here in her place and I know that as long as I can make you happy she would be happy too. Because you're my mom too Aunt Eve."

Aunt Eve sobbed slightly before she walked over to me and hugged me tightly.

"I love you Trinity." She smiled at me. "You know, you look like a goddess in this dress. That's how amazing this dress is on you." She smiled through the tears.

Just as Aunt Eve pulled away from me I smelled Reece coming down the hallway. But I wasn't the only one, everyone's eyes snapped toward the door. In the blink of an eye Juniper was at the door and locked the handle before he could come in.

The door and handle jiggled slightly as he tried opening it to come in.

"What gives? Why did you lock me out?"

"There is important wedding stuff in here, go away." Juniper told him.

"Go away? It's my room." He whined.

"It was Trinity's first, and it's only until we're done."

"This is unbelievable." He said in a fake exasperated tone of voice as he walked away.

"Quick thinking and nice speed." Nikki congratulated Juniper on her job well done.

I changed out of my dress and then safely stored in the back of my closet while the others tried on their dresses. The dresses for Lila and Aunt Eve were long with a sash like belt across the waist. The bodices went all the way up to the collar bones then went around the neck in a halter style. The back of the dresses scooped low to the middle of the back. 

The main color of Aunt Eve's dress was lapis lazuli with a lighter shade of blue, baby blue to be exact, for the sash belt and the trim at the very top of the dress. Lila's dress was the same as Aunt Eve's except for the color. Lila's primary color was pine green with a fern green sash and accents.

The bridesmaids and maid of honor dresses were very similar with just one difference. They were all empire waisted with thin straps coming off of the bodice. The maid of honor dress had a black gemstone 'X' pattern that wrapped around just below the bosom of the dress while the bridesmaid dresses were the same gemstones but only a wide band of them going around the dresses. 

All of these dresses were a lighter shade of gray except for at the very bottom, there was a pop of color where the shirt flared out. The gray was like an outer shell that opened just below the black gemstones. It opened up like it was a cape to reveal the two colors beneath. By the time the dress got to the floor the gray had receded to the sides and every time one of the women in the bridesmaid or maid of honor dresses walked the colorful clothes would be what swished and moved with them. 

The colors under the gray were the lapis lazuli and pine green. The contrasting blue and green went amazingly well together. The blue seemed to start first and the green was coming out in the middle of the blue. Almost like the gray gave way to blue that gave way to green. They were beautiful dresses and I loved them all so much.

Now that I had my dress, and the wedding was only days away, it finally felt like it was all real. I was nervous but oh so excited too. After the dresses were put back into their bags Ella was ready to take her leave as were the others. It was about time to call it a night and let my moping fiance back into our room, but Juniper had one more thing to say first.

"Ella, we're having a bachelorette party for Trinity in a couple days wanna join us?"

"Really?" Ella looked surprised as she stared at us all.

"Yeah, come on and join the fun." Nikki encouraged her.

"Alright, that would be great. I can't wait."