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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 146 - Trinity- Preparing For The Vampire’s Arrival (VOLUME 2)




With all the excitement that was whirling around us, it seemed like time was moving so fast. With the news Reece gave me after my family visited I was left with more to contemplate and a lot more to do.

First there was congratulating David and Agent Otsana on their mating, but that could wait. The more pressing issue was preparing for the visit from the Vampire Emperor. I didn't even know such a person existed, or that Reece has been working with him for the last seven years.

What was a vampire Emperor like? What did he want to discuss? Could we actually handle this visit with him? All these questions kept swirling in my mind for the four days that we had to prepare for this.

I will say this though, I was learning a lot about vampires while I prepared for the visit. First, vampires could walk in the sun, well mostly. Freshly made vampires found it a little harder than the older one. But even those who had difficulty didn't burn up or burst into flames, though I should have known that already because the vampire that attacked us had done so in the morning and he didn't seem too fazed by the sun.

The freshly made vampires would only find the sun uncomfortable, and perhaps a little draining. They would end up with something like a very bad sunburn if they were in the sun for just a few minutes. But as they got older and controlled their thirst more they were able to be in the sun with no issues.

The older vampires that did have a problem with the sun were not the type you wanted around. Basically, they were the type of vampires who had truly lost their soul, or humanity. In a word, they were evil. They didn't care about preserving peace, or protecting the humans at all. To them, humans were nothing but cattle or sheep. They were basically rogue vampires.

The rogue vampires were able to trick you and walk in the sun if they had a special item they had obtained from either a warlock or a fae. These were magic items that glowed bright, blood red and helped to protect them from the sun's harsh rays. They usually paid a large sum of money or threatened to harm the person they got the magic stones from.

Another revelation about the vampires was that they would often eat regular meals, meals like we eat. They did this because it would provide a semblance of nutrients and power to them, nothing like blood though, and it helped them to blend in with people when living their daily lives.

And as far as feedings went, most vampires either had someone or several someones that they had a pact with that would offer them blood in exchange for a slightly extended life. Blood giving was apparently painless and actually felt quite pleasant, or so I was told. And so these people who knew the truth of the vampires would donate to them in a mutually beneficial contract. Most of them worked for the vampires in another way though, like secretaries or assistants. 

Outright feeding on unsuspecting and unwilling humans was against vampire law. Your only options were mutual agreement, animals, or blood bags. If they were found breaking these laws then they were subjected to immediate termination.

Vampires were also rare. Compared to us wolves who numbered in the hundred thousands worldwide, vampires might have totalled a few thousand. But vampires had their own set of skills that made them worthy foes, or allies.

I had learned all these vampire facts from Grandfather, who had worked with Reece's father and knew of Dietrich through his previous working situation, as well as the other elders. Their information should come in handy, I hope.

By Sunday, we had almost gotten everything prepared. The room the vampire would be staying in was on the third floor. Reece thought it would be best to offer the vampire a room in our home. He was still free to stay somewhere else if he wanted. Reece had a room ready for him in the city as well. Abigail was prepared for the dinner party that we were going to have the night he arrived. And everyone had been fully briefed on all the info we had about vampires.

All of my guards, and the FBI Agent Rawlynne Otsana were going to be present for the meeting. Apparently, her partner Jackson had just recently been made aware of our community and didn't feel quite up to meeting the vampire just yet. I hoped he would adjust soon enough.

On the morning of the visit I came across David and Agent Otsana. They weren't doing much other than walking toward the stairs to Reece's office but it seemed like they were leaning toward each other and had happy doe eyed looks on their faces. I was so happy for David, I know he had thought he would be single forever, but he finally found his mate.

"David." I called out to him.

"Luna?" He turned and smiled at me. "What can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to tell you and Agent Otsana congratulations. Reece told me the wonderful news." I smiled at them both.

"Thank you Luna." He seemed truly happy in that moment.

"Thank you, Mrs. Gray." Agent Otsana also smiled.

"Well, I'm not Mrs. Gray yet." I laughed. "The wedding is just over two weeks away. I would love it if you accompanied David as his date."

"Oh, I couldn't impose."

"It won't be an imposition. Honestly, with all the ambassadors from other packs and groups, plus our pack and those in our fealty and treaty packs there is going to be well over a thousand people, one more won't make that much of a difference. Please, join us."

"Really? Wow, that's a big wedding." She smiled at me. "But thank you, I would be honored to be there." 

"Thank you Agent Otsana, I can't wait for everyone to celebrate with us."

"Please, call me Rawlynne, or Lynne, one of the two."

"Thanks Rawlynne, and please call me Trinity."

The conversation with them brought a smile to my face. I was so happy to see positive things going on in our lives. Now, time for the dreaded visit from the Vampire Emperor. Why do I have a feeling that things weren't going to be so easy tonight?

Despite everything I just held my head up high, put on a grin, and forced myself to persevere. I didn't have the greatest of hopes, but at least I knew how to push through tough times. We could do it. After all, there was nothing Reece and I couldn't do as long as we were together.