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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 15 - Trinity-New Home




"You will, of course, need to move." Michael informed, looking at me matter-of-factly.

"Move?" I asked, shocked.

"Did you think that my mate would live anywhere but at my house?" The Alpha growled at me.

"No, sorry, that is not what I was meaning." I told him apologetically. He scoffed at my response, resuming his silent observations.

"You will begin living here at the estate immediately." Michael droned. "Have you prepared everything?" He asked looking at Aunt Eve.

"Yes." She cried looking at me with red-rimmed eyes. She was sad, she clearly didn't want me to go. I love you Aunty Evie! I said to myself, the childish way I used to address her when I was young was enough to break my heart.

"I hear you've been attending classes at the university." Michael asked, looking at me as if he expected an explanation.

"Yes, I intend to be a lawyer. I am studying law, or I had intended to." I told him.

"There should be no problems with you continuing your education. An educated Luna would only benefit the pack more." He smiled at me.

"Thank you." I told him, not knowing what else to say.

"Aside from the marking ceremony, you will also be expected to accompany the Alpha on all pack-related business that requires a Luna's presence, they will vary in type and responsibilities. The Alpha will help you along the way, as will other pack members who assist him." Michael seemed to be the one who was handling my entire entrance into the Alpha's life, didn't he have anything to say about it? I snuck a look in his direction, and he was still glaring at the whole room, I felt the look nearly freeze me in place.

"When shall we have the marking ceremony?" One of the other elders asked Michael.

"I do not believe we should wait very long. I believe this weekend would be appropriate." He answered thoughtfully, essentially rushing my deadline right before my eyes. "If we hurry and hold it soon, then we can avoid the other pack females getting hopeful for the other gatherings." He added.

Ahh, that was why he wanted to rush things. Let all the other unmated females in the entire pack have another reason to hate me. Not only did I not have a wolf, and they shunned me for that, now they could hate me because I had stolen the Alpha from them. Gee, thanks Michael for making this all so easy for them to understand.

"We will work out the rest of the details, Noah, would you be so kind as to show the Luna to her room?" Michael asked. "You may all go with them. I know having her family will make things easier on her." He added, looking at the rest of my family seated around the sofas.

"Come on Trinity." Noah commanded, guiding me by my elbow. I glanced back into the room once just before leaving it behind, I found the Alpha glaring at me as I left.

Noah led us down the hall, up to the fourth floor, and to a room nearly at the end of what he called the north wing.

"There is an elevator, if you ever want to take that instead of climbing four flights of stairs a day." He told me as he opened the door with a key.

The room inside was massive. It was easily four times as big as my room at home, if not bigger. There was a massive dark wooden, ornately carved four-poster bed covered with a sky-blue comforter and deep navy-blue pillows and curtains.

All the furniture matched the bed, a beautiful dark wooden color, and ornately carved. There was a nightstand on either side of the bed with a lamp on each. There was a chest of drawers, a dresser with a mirror, an armoire, a vanity table, and chair with a navy-blue cushion, and a beautiful wooden trunk at the foot of the bed.

On top of the regular bedroom furniture there was a sitting room area complete with a navy-blue couch with sky-blue pillows and a wall mounted TV. There were shelves built into the wall all around the TV, that would be perfect for storing books and movies on.

At another area of the room there was a desk complete with what looked like a state-of-the-art laptop and a table and chairs that would seat four people comfortably. Both the desk and the table set matched the rest of the furniture in the room perfectly.

Everything was beautiful, perfect, and way too much. I felt overwhelmed just being in the room. I would never be able to relax in here.

"Let me show you around." Noah started walking around the room.

"You're going to act like nothing happened?" Carter yelled at him.

"Let me finish the tour Carter, and then we can all talk." Noah told him firmly.

"Fine." Carter growled. I was happy Carter was saying what I was not yet capable of saying. I was still in shock over everything.

Noah led the way around the room. He showed me where the hidden mini fridge was, though it didn't seem so mini to me. He showed me where my not one, but two closets were. I didn't even own enough clothes to fill one closest let alone two for crying out loud. And he showed me where my bathroom was.

I had expected that a room this extravagant would have its own bathroom. But what I didn't expect was the sheer wow factor of the bathroom itself. The room might be too much, but this bathroom might be just what I need to survive.

To call the bath a soaking tub would not be doing it justice. The tub was built into the floor and even a man as big as the Alpha could lay down in it comfortably and have room on every side. It was gigantic. I did not want to know how much he paid on his water bill or would be when I started using that tub.

Adding to the luxury of the tub was the shower surrounded by glass. It was beautiful. There was a bench on the inside that apparently would have hot water running through it so it would not be cold to sit on. There were twelve different shower heads that could spray at the same time, or I could pick and choose which ones. That meant I could get one hell of a relaxing shower.