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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 140 - Trinity- Not Feeling Well (VOLUME 2)




Reece carried me back to the edge of the trees and did exactly as he had said he would. He set me down, still in the cover of the trees and ran toward the house. We kept a store of clothes and blankets in the garage just for moments like these. Well not for just having had sex, but for coming home after being in wolf form and needing clothes. I had shifted while in the garage so my clothes didn't get destroyed but it did mean that I needed to have something to get me back to them without exposing myself. Reece was very against me being exposed like that.

After I was back in the house, and dressed, I hurried through a quick lunch with my wedding planners, Juniper, Lila, Nikki, and Aunt Eve, before my meeting with the florists for the wedding. I was hungrier than I thought I would have been. I probably burned more energy than I thought having trained this morning, then there was playing chase with Reece. Just thinking about it I could feel my face flush and burn with heat.

"What's wrong Trinity?" Juniper asked me when she saw my burning red face.

"Nothing, I think I'm just letting my thoughts run a little rampant." I tried to brush off the question.

"Oh yeah, like what?" Nikki asked me with a smile on her face and pure enjoyment evident in her voice.

"It's just truly hitting me now, that I am going to be Reece's wife." I hid my face in embarrassment.

"You're already his mate, why is this any different?" Nikki asked me.

"I don't know, it just seems more special, more real, than just being a mate."

"I think I know what you mean." Lila smiled at me with a knowing look. "Regular pack members get married like it's nothing, they have nothing else to introduce mates to the pack, but a Luna has the mate ritual in front of everyone. It's not as special as a wedding. I was that way when I married Collin. I felt like even though I was his mate already in the eyes of the pack I was still missing that feeling of having my special moment that was all about me and not the pack."

"Really?" Nikki asked Lila, a confused look on her face. "I never thought about it, but it's true isn't it. When Noah and I got married we hadn't done the official mate mark, that happened on our wedding night. It was a personal, intimate moment just between the two of us. But when you became the Luna your marking wasn't personal and intimate was it."

"Definitely not. It was on full display for everyone to see." I blushed again as I remembered the time Reece had marked me in front of everyone. The intense, almost erotic feeling of having him bite into my neck, the growing heat spreading through me. It was a wonderful night, but I didn't feel quite as special as I would have liked."

"You will have your day." Aunt Eve assured me.

"I'm not so sure." I grimaced at them all.

"Why?" They all seemed to ask at nearly the same time.

"With everything going on right now, will it really be all about me? I have a feeling that we're going to be focusing on the crisis more than ourselves."

"Trinity." Aunt Eve's heart seemed to be breaking when she called my name.

After our quick lunch we met with the florist in the living room. We discussed the color and arrangement of all the flowers for the wedding.

"Do you know what color your dress will be?" The florist asked me.

"It's going to be blue. And the bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses are silver with blue and green."

"Those sound lovely my dear." The florist told me.

It took us a few hours but we managed to decide on the arrangements for the bouquets, the centerpieces, and all the decorations that would be placed throughout the forest and yard on the day of the wedding. There would be bouquets with white calla lily and himalayan blue poppies with silver dusty millers as the accent. The decorations throughout the trees and the reception area would include wisterias with white and blue, young white hydrangeas that were half green and half white, blue delphiniums, and more of the calla lilies and himalayan blue poppies.

We had chosen bouquets for myself and all the bridesmaids and maid of honor. Lila and Aunt Eve would have flower bracelets with spring beauties woven into them. We planned the setup of flowers most of the way, but they would be finalized more when things got closer. I was just happy to have them all decided on. 

It took a lot longer to decide everything than I had thought. I had wanted to join Reece for his meeting with Vincent and Noah at four, but I wasn't done with everything in time. I didn't finish with wedding planning until nearly five in the afternoon. Reece had wrapped up his meeting and left for another meeting before I got a chance to join him.

 It was probably for the best though, I was not feeling that great even though it was quickly approaching dinner time. I didn't think that I would be up to eating tonight. I usually never felt sick. It was rare that any werewolves got sick. There were rare times we got food poisoning, cancer, and there were genetic disorders that we could be afflicted with. But just getting sick was rare. I wonder if I got food poisoning somehow. 

I was relaxing in the bedroom, reading a book, when Reece finally came home. I still hadn't eaten dinner, I had decided that if I felt better I would eat when Reece got back. I was still feeling sick to my stomach and didn't know if I would want to eat.

I looked up as he came into the room looking tired and worn out. Whatever had happened in the two meetings he had this afternoon seemed to have been quite draining.

"You look exhausted." I told him.

"Yeah, I feel like I've been put through the ringer." He sighed as he walked slowly over to me. I sat there as he scooped me up and sat in my seat, setting me down on his lap. I set my book aside and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Well, you're home now, so it's fine if you relax." I hugged him gently, but as I pulled away I got a wave of nausea that was stronger than any of the others I had felt all day.

"Ugh!" I groaned as my stomach flipped like an acrobat at the circus.

"What's the matter Little Bunny? Are you alright?" Reece was instantly worried when he heard my groaning.

"I've just felt sick lately." I told him as I rested my head against his shoulder.

"Sick?" He seemed perplexed. "But we don't get sick. Was it something you ate?"

"I doubt it. I had the same breakfast and lunch as your mom and she isn't sick. You're not sick so I know it wasn't breakfast, and I doubt that anyone else from lunch is sick."

"When did you start feeling like this?" He inquired.

"At the end of my planning session with the florist." I answered him.

"So this afternoon?" He seemed almost demanding as he asked me.

"Yeah, late this afternoon." I lifted my head to look at him only to have my head spin and stomach somersault again. "Ugh!" I groaned again. "I keep feeling like my head and stomach joined the acrobat squad at the circus."

"Come on, let's get you to bed." He lifted me up and walked across the room to lay me gently on the bed.

Reece gracefully and gently lowered me to the pillows before climbing onto the bed beside me. He didn't lay down next to me yet. Instead, he took the slippers I was wearing off my feet and set them aside. He then unbuttoned the jeans I had been wearing and slowly pulled them off of me. Next, he pulled the thin blanket back and pulled it up and over me, stopping at my waist where he laid the blanket across me.

"What exactly are you feeling?" He asked me.

"Well, since my meeting ended, I have basically been feeling sick to my stomach. That and bouts of dizziness are all I've been feeling. I know it's nothing that I ate though because I didn't have anything different than Lila all day. I even felt too sick to eat dinner." I felt pitiful as I told him all this. "Goddess, aren't I just worthless?" I asked him. 

"No." He told me firmly. I looked at him curiously.

"Huh? You think me being sick isn't weak and worthless?" 

"Not at all, because you're not sick." He smiled at me.

"What do you mean I'm not sick?" I asked.

Reece didn't answer me right away. What he did instead was lean forward and press his face against my stomach. More accurately he pressed his nose against my stomach and proceeded to take a long deep breath, inhaling my scent while pressed against me. When he lifted his head he had the biggest grin I had ever seen on his face before. 

"What?" I asked him, not sure I was ready for the answer. "What is it Reece?" He just continued to smile at me. "Do you know what's wrong with me?" He smiled more broadly and nodded his head.

"Come on Reece, say something. Seriously, what's gotten into you."

"Me? You shouldn't be asking what's gotten into me. What you should be asking is what's gotten into you Little Bunny."

"Alright, fine, be cryptic. I'm too sick and tired to figure it out right now."

"But it's so simple honey." He nearly cooed at me.

"Fine, I'll play along. What's gotten into me Reece?"

"I have." He smiled and I blushed bright red.

"That's hardly news." I snapped at him. "But that has nothing to do with this right now."

"Oh, it does actually." He purred. "It explains everything."


"You see, Little Bunny, I'm what's gotten into you, me and my pup." His revelation left me speechless for a moment.

"I-I-I'm p-pregnant." I said the words on a breathy sigh, unable to muster much force behind them.

"Yup." He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight. "I love you Trinity." He said the words with his lips pressed against my ear, but not even that was enough to make me shiver as I was completely frozen in shock.

"I'm pregnant." I said again, and felt the slightest stirrings of happiness at his words.