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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 139 - Trinity-A Wolf Mating (Mature Rating)((VOLUME 2))




Reece walked on, deeper into the trees and away from the house. There was a confident swagger to the way he walked. His tail swishing slightly in front of me. His scent was rich and intense, made stronger by my sensitive wolf nose.

"Reece, where are we going?" I asked him apprehensively.

"We're going to have a little fun." He chuckled. "Do you want to play a game?" He asked me. 

"What kind of game." My voice shook when I asked him.

"Let's play a nice game of tag. I'll chase you, and if I catch you I get to do anything I want."

"Anything?" I asked him after swallowing the lump in my throat?

"Mhmm, anything I want." He purred, turning around to look at me with lustful eyes.

"A-and if I w-win?" My voice was completely betraying me, I couldn't hide my nerves at all. He laughed briefly, just for a second, before he answered. 

"Hmm, if you win, you get to make me do whatever you want me to." He walked closer to me again, touching his nose to mine this time. "Ready Little Bunny?" He rumbled almost sweetly. "Run!"

At his shout telling me to run I bolted. I did my best to make sure that I could get away from him, hide from him. I could hear him running behind me. His feet thumping the forest floor. His excited, panting breath chasing me through the trees. He was coming after me with clear determination.

Part of me knew why I wanted to run, why it was important to me. I had never done what he wanted of me. I was scared and nervous. Not to mention we were outside, out here where literally anyone could come across us.

Ok, so it wasn't that likely that someone would stumble across us. We were on our own private property. Usually, people were only out here for gatherings or when we invited them. We hadn't invited anyone today.

Another part of me wanted to let him catch me. Wanted to let him do whatever he wanted with me. I could feel the excitement growing within me. The heat that was already filling me at my core turned at least some of my fear into excitement. Why should I be afraid? Why should I worry about this? Wasn't it natural for us wolves?

Still, I couldn't decide what I wanted more. What I needed more. Did I want, need, him to let me get away and save my wolf form's virginity? Or did I want, need, him to catch me and ravage me? 

I loved being with him. My body craved him almost constantly. I needed him, needed to be with him. Why should now be any different? I was conflicted.

I imagined what it would be like. His silky, soft fur draped over me, his panting breath in my ear. More heat flooded my core at the very thought. That was my decision. I no longer thought about it at all. I could feel him catching up to me, and instead of running away I slowed down and came to a stop in the middle of a small clearing in the trees. The space was no bigger than eight feet in diameter with a medium sized fallen tree at the edge. I came to a stop right in front of that tree.

Reece leapt out of the trees, landing right in front of me.

"You gave up?" He questioned me with curiosity in his voice.

"Not really, more like I chose what prize I wanted more." I purred seductively at him with my nose rubbing against his chin. I heard a slow, rumbling growl start low in his chest at my words.

"Are you sure that you are okay with this prize?" He asked me with a lust filling his voice. 

"Hmm, yeah, I think that I am." My voice purred again as I turned around to brush my tail against his face.

"If you keep teasing me like that I won't be able to control myself. Be careful there Little Bunny." 

"And if I don't want to be careful?" I twitched my tail under his nose again as I took a few steps toward the tree. 

Reece jumped at me with another low growl. I felt him collide with me gently, tackling me down against the tree. My front legs splayed as I allowed myself to be lowered against the bark of the tree. I felt Reece's hot breath against my left ear as he draped himself over me.

"Last chance to back out, Little Bunny." He spoke softly directly into my ear. I could feel the warmth of his body pressing against me, the sensation excited me. In my excitement I rubbed my lower body against his stomach, our fur brushing against each other, tickling me.

"Why would I try to run away or stop you? Don't you want me?" I asked him seductively as I rubbed against him again. 

"Goddess knows that I do." He growled quietly into my ear. "I want you all the time Little Bunny."

I felt my wolf's consciousness stir. Her deep, innermost thoughts were becoming mine. Usually I didn't hear her when I was in my wolf form. Mostly, I only heard her emotions but not her actual thoughts, however today she was speaking to me, telling me what she wanted. My mate. I want my mate. Give me my mate. Her animalistic voice was speaking to me, too far gone to be rational, she was ready for what was about to happen. Her readiness was overflowing into me making me feel even more ready by the second.

"I love you Trinity." Reece whispered into my ear while he shifted his body above me. I could feel him readying himself. His body grew hotter as I felt him settle himself at my opening.

Reece wasn't a small man by any accounts. Nothing I had seen on him could be described as small. But just feeling the tip of him at my tenderest of all places I could tell that he was much larger in this form. Everything about us werewolves was bigger in this form. Maybe not necessarily the height, but everything in proportion to our bodies was larger, and I was about to see the true extent of that. 'Oh Goddess, am I going to be able to handle this?' I asked myself.

I didn't have long to wait. Reece growled one word into my ear before thrusting forward.

"Mine." His rumbling voice made my whole body quiver beneath him just as he threw himself forward, driving himself inside my body all the way to his hilt.

"Ahhh." I cried out just as my wolf howled, the two sounds coming together to form an eerie, erotic moan of pleasure. 

"Mine." Reece whispered again just before he started to move. He pulled back until just his tip was still inside me then threw himself forward once again. I let out another moan causing Reece to growl with satisfaction.

Reece drove into my body, creating a steady rhythm. I could feel him rubbing against my most sensitive areas, his driving rhythm, the near frantic thrusts, were sending an immense pleasure throughout my entire body. I was already nearing the edge of oblivion, my breathing was ragged and my vision was unfocused, the only thing I was fully aware of was Reece and the pleasure he was giving me.

I was moaning Reece's name in frantic yelps and cries. The warmth from him filling me, rubbing against my inner walls, was almost enough to burn me. I almost felt like I was melting from the inside out.

"Reece!" I called his name one last time as he threw himself hard against me. I seemed to come apart at the seams at the exact same time that he exploded inside of me. His hot seed filled me, adding to the heat I was already feeling spread through me.

"Trinity." He called my name just before he collapsed on top of me.

I opened my eyes some time later. I didn't know when I had closed them or when I had semi lost consciousness, but I was opening my eyes to the bright morning light that filled the clearing. I could still feel Reece inside of me, so I must not have been out for long, if at all really.

"Are you ok Little Bunny?" He asked me.

"Mhmm." I hummed as I nodded my head. "I just don't think I will ever be able to walk again." I joked with him.

"Mind if I take that as a compliment?" He chuckled.

"Sure, I meant it as one anyway." I assured him.

"I love you." He said as he kissed my shoulder. That was when I came to enough to realize that we were both in our human forms. 

"When did we shift back?" I asked him.

"Somewhere after I had the most amazing experience of my life and you going limp beneath me. I wasn't paying attention enough, I was too caught up in the pleasure."

"Yeah, so was I. Strange though, I didn't expect to shift back like that."

"We shifted together, the wolf magic was working in tandem."

"I think we tired them out just as much as ourselves." I joked with him causing him to laugh.

"Come on sweetheart, I'll carry you back. But just close enough to get you a blanket from inside the house."

"My prince charming." I laughed at him.

"I'm no prince charming, but I will be your big bad wolf any time." He purred into my ear just before he stood up and scooped me into his arms.