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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 138 - Trinity-Reece On Fire (VOLUME 2)




The fight that had started out of nowhere with the mysterious vampire who had come for a meeting with Reece took me completely by surprise. I didn't expect someone sent here to have a discussion with the Alpha would behave so erratically, and psychotically. Honestly it all really pissed me off, and I wanted to rip his throat out, but Reece and the others would never let me get that close to him. Yet the most surprising part came right before the fight ended.

I couldn't believe my eyes at first, as I stood there looking at Reece covered in flames. I had heard the frustration and anger welling up inside of him, the white hot rage building until it was bound to explode. While we all watched on we saw Reece shift back into his wolf form just after the fight started and almost immediately his body began to steam, like smoke was rising from it but I couldn't smell any smoke nearby.

When his body was engulfed in flames I nearly yelped in surprise. I could feel the heat coming off of him from all the way across the yard. The light of his flames lit up the entire area almost like a chandelier had been strung recently, only there was no shadow beneath it. He was so tall in his wolf form, and the massive flames coming off of him were raging so high and bright that there wasn't even a shadow behind the vampire.

I don't really know how to explain it, but it was like the light coming off of Reece was literally spreading everywhere. The only place the vampire was likely to find a shadow now was in the cover of the trees themselves, but he would never make it there before Reece caught him.

Reece didn't wait at all. Once the vampire's nerves had been shaken and his escape route eliminated, Reece leapt at him, knocking him to the ground and pinning him in place.

"Get off of me you abomination." The vampire's heavily accented voice shook as he looked into Reece's lethal eyes. "Ger aus of mir." The man spoke in mixed German and English. "Weggehen wolf! Weggehen." Everything he yelled was in German that time. Having learned several languages growing up I knew everything he had said.

'Get off of me' and 'Get off wolf Get off', those are the words he had yelled at Reece before I watched my mate open his mouth wide and close his jaws around the man's head. The blood sprayed almost immediately with the killing blow happening in an instant. But the blood looked strange somehow, it wasn't red really. Well, maybe it could be called red if you're being generous, but it was a red so dark that it looked almost black. I didn't envy Reece for having to taste that foul looking blood.

Reece stepped back from the dead man and noticed that the vampire was on fire.

"When did that happen?" He had asked in his wolf voice, completely unaware that he was standing there made completely of flames. The sight of him was amazing and made me feel a swelling of pride looking at how strong and powerful he was. I imagine it was how he felt seeing me turn into my ice wolf for the first time.

He was already over five feet tall in his wolf form with strong, powerful legs and and a large head with soft, silky black fur covering most of his body, the only relief to his pure black sight was the gray underbelly he had. But now, with the flames coming off of him he seemed so much larger.

I still saw some of the black of his fur on his face where the flames were the smallest. But as the flames moved back they grew larger and blazed off of his body. The tongues of fire that licked the air behind him were between four and eight feet long, depending on where they were. The highest, longest, flames were on his legs and back, the shorter flames fringed his head. Even his eyes had small tongues of flames licking the air around him.

His eyes, which used to be a rich honey gold color, were now a vivid ruby red that seemed to shine and glow with pure power. He was gorgeous before, and even more so now. He looked almost god-like in that form, so powerful, so strong.

When we told him that he was made of fire he flipped out a little, thinking he had caught fire. I don't blame him, when magic works around you and you don't expect it it can be quite disconcerting. Still, it was funny watching him leap into the snow trying to put the flames out. All that had accomplished was melting the snow around him.

Finally he calmed down and stopped thrashing about in a panic. When he did, we told him what we had seen and how he looked in his wolf form. When he had fully calmed down from the fight the flames finally subsided, and he was left looking like just a regular wolf again. However, he didn't look the same.

When the flames left Reece's body he was pure black, well almost. His gray underbelly was gone though, and the only color on him was coming from his left shoulder. Like me, his mate mark was visible even though he was in his wolf form, it was shining a bright ruby red just like his eyes, they had stayed red even after the flames had gone. His wolf form was now even more sexy than I had already thought it was.

 I gasped at the sight of Reece standing there, pure black with red reliefs at his eyes and shoulder.

"Reece, your wolf has changed." I told him in a breathy sigh. His eyes went wide at my words.

"Changed how?" He asked me, curiosity and confusion filling his voice.

"Your gray is gone." Shane told him.

"Yes Alpha, you're pure black now." Shawn added. "Except for your mate mark, that is now visible and bright red."

"That's right, and your eyes are the same color of red as your mate mark, Sir." Vincent told him.

"So, I look a lot like Trinity, only black and red?" He asked them.

"Yes, Sir." I could feel all four of them looking at me.

"How did this happen?" Reece asked me.

"I don't know." I told him.

"But I'm guessing it's thanks to you, Luna." Shawn told me.

"Whatever the reason or cause, we will figure it out later. For now, you're all dismissed. Well, not you Vincent. I need you to tell Noah that I want a meeting with him and you around four this afternoon." Reece ordered the men in the yard with us. 

I watched as the three of them went toward the house. The twins would be dressing and leaving, Vincent would be heading inside to tell Noah about the meeting. Once they were gone, Reece came striding over to me where I still stood watching him. He and I were the only two that had still been in our wolf forms.

Reece sauntered toward me, full of the knowledge that he was powerful and strong, and in charge. The masculinity flowing off of him, even in wolf form, made me shiver as I watched him.

"What exactly is going through your little head?" He asked me silently, the words entering my mind the way we had practiced.

"I wasn't thinking anything." I lied as I watched his large, powerful wolf walk toward me slowly. 

"You little liar." He laughed as he watched me. His deep, rumbling voice sent yet another shiver running through me.

"N-n-n-no I'm n-n-not. I-I-I wasn't thinking anything, r-r-really. I stuttered, looking into his beautiful Ruby red eyes.

"Hmmm." He stared down at me as he came closer, so close that our noses were nearly touching. "Maybe I was just hoping that you were thinking the same thing I was." His purring voice rumbled through me causing me to shiver.

"A-and w-what are you th-thinking?" I asked him even though I was certain I knew what it was already.

"Don't you know?" He nuzzled the side of my head, his soft silky fur rubbing against mine. He followed that up by tilting his head a little and licking me quickly, but sensually, next to my ear. I yelped in surprise. I knew what he wanted, but I had never been that intimate with Reece in my wolf form.

"B-but I have a meeting soon." I told him.

"When?" His voice purred again.

"At one o'clock." I squeaked.

"We have plenty of time, it's not even noon yet." He laughed at my nervousness. I swallowed hard, a knot of nervousness growing in my throat. 

"Come now Little Bunny." I watched Reece as he led me toward the trees. "Let's take a walk." It seemed that he was still keyed up and excited from the fight and the magic that had coursed through him this morning. My eyes were wide and nervous, but still I followed him. I wasn't going to deny him, I loved him too much for that.