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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 135 - Trinity-Training With The Guards (VOLUME 2)




I never expected our meeting to be interrupted by the FBI, or that the agent would be a wolf as well. We talked most of the morning about what the pack and the FBI were going to do. Reece decided he was going to send David to assist Agent Otsana in the investigation.

David had been showing how capable he is for a while now. He was with the group that helped to rescue me. If it hadn't been for him they might not have been able to contain as many of them as they had. David is apparently a very fast wolf, and he stopped a lot of the coven members before they could escape.

He hadn't managed to get them all, but David had been directly responsible for the greater majority of the success of that day. I was proud of him for being given this opportunity. The people I had guarding me were truly amazing. 

With the investigation in full swing, and knowing that my father was behind it all, I was once again on a restriction. That sucked the most. I had just gotten off the restriction and now I was back to needing to be guarded around the clock.

Vincent and the twins, Shane and Shawn, had become my primary guards. Vincent had already been the head of my security, and now with him being one of the gammas he was taking the job even more seriously, if that were possible. Like Reece, Vincent thought I shouldn't really leave the house at all. They said it was simply too dangerous. I didn't bother asking Noah or Carter their opinions, I already knew what they would say. Unless I was with Reece personally, or I had a full entourage I was not allowed to leave the grounds. It was all I could do to get them to allow me to train in the yard surrounding the house.

Reece had agreed to my training on the condition that I could only go if I had all three of my guards (as David was absent for the time being) or if Reece was with me himself. Fine, if that was how he was going to play it, then I would train with all of them. It was no skin off my back to waste Reece's money by having all my guards on duty at the same time, he was loaded anyway, and I needed to practice.

So, it was with all Reece's, and Vincent's, rules in mind that I scheduled the training session for this morning. I had a busy afternoon with wedding planning, so I wanted to pack as much training into this time that I could before then.

Reece and I had already learned a few of the new abilities I seemed to have. I could communicate with whoever I wanted just by thinking what I wanted to say to them. I wanted to try pushing the limits of that power but we haven't done that yet. I was stronger and faster than any of them had expected me to be. I still couldn't take on my guards and Reece was still out of my reach for the time being, but I was getting stronger and faster all the time.

A few things I had done that we don't know if it was a fluke or if it was something I can do all the time involved me being out in the snow. For instance I once became entirely made out of ice. Every part of my body was made out of ice and I didn't seem to feel the chill of the snow anymore. My entire body seemed to glow with an eerie light when I was iced, and my eyes were illuminated to shine with an icy blue shimmer. Also, the multiple mate marks on my shoulder would shine with an iridescent sapphire blue glow.

Another thing that had happened only once was when I howled in frustration, when I first began training with Reece after coming home, a sort of rippling, shimmering golden light burst from my mouth. I had ended up knocking a tree down in the process of that howl. These new powers of mine baffled me, and everyone around me.

I hadn't told Shane and Shawn about my extra powers yet. Vincent knew because he was there with me when I had killed the four remaining enemies in the cellar that day. To be fair, they were all people who had either tortured me, or kidnapped me to take me to those torturers. Needless to say that I wasn't too happy with them.

I was nervous now. I didn't know how I was going to tell the twins about the magic I had. And to make things even harder they hadn't been part of the meeting with Agent Otsana. To be fair I know why, they hadn't been raised in ranks yet. Honestly I don't even know why Cedar was allowed, except that he was on duty at the house and insisted to be part of it because of our friendship. Reece allowed it as a thanks for Cedar being there to protect me and being the first to respond to the pack summons for my rescue. 

When I gathered with the guys outside, ready for the day's training, I got quite the curious look from Shane and Shawn.

"Hello Trinity, what might we have planned for this morning?" Shawn asked me in a polite voice. He was always the more proper and sweeter of the twins.

"Yeah Trinity, whatcha got planned for us." Shane added in a much more casual voice. I was glad I had gotten to know them enough to tell them apart on attitude and behavior alone. They may have looked identical, but they definitely weren't the same person. They were quite unique and interesting people.

"Since I am unable to leave the grounds, I thought you all could help me to train today." I smiled at them as I told them what I wanted. I saw as they both gave me the same perplexed look. Okay, they weren't completely different, they did still have similar behaviors at times.

"Wait, did we miss something?" They looked at each other as Shawn asked his question curiously.

"We definitely haven't heard of anything that happened to keep you confined again." Shane added.

"It's mostly a precaution, but there have been some issues lately." Vincent told them on my behalf.

"What issues?" Both Shane and Shawn asked at the same time.

"Did we miss something?"

"What happened?" They asked.

"Do you know about the children who have gone missing?" I asked them.

"Yeah, the whole pack is buzzing about it."

"I heard that Gina's little boy was the first taken?" Shawn looked upset, like he was close to Sammy.

"Yes, well in total there have been eight children stolen between the pack and the city. And we believe that Edmond, the warlock that was targeting me before is behind the kidnappings." I kept my voice level as I spoke despite the fact that just saying Edmond's name made me see red with anger and frustration.

"Why would he come back?" Shane seemed perplexed, his gray eyes seemed to cloud over in thought.

"What haven't you told us." Shawn leveled a hard, gray eyed stare at Vincent.

Upon seeing the intensity of their interest and concern for me, I was even more grateful for them than I was before. All of my guards, the current ones that is, were amazing. Two of my previous guards had been in on the plot against me, they had even helped to kidnap me. I killed one of them personally, the other was killed by someone else unfortunately.

"He came back to either get at me or to get revenge because of me." I brought the conversation to the topic of my father and his band of merry lunatics and psychos. I relayed to them everything that had really happened while I was gone, and what I had learned. I told them about Edmond being my father, the group of warlocks who tortured me several times, and about my awakening to my wolf and my magic at the same time.

"Seriously?" Shane asked in awe.

"We have the most unique Luna ever." Shawn spoke with reverence filling his voice. They both then bowed to me, a simultaneous action they did without even looking at each other.

"So, you're not upset that I'm a half witch hybrid?" I was still waiting for them to drop the niceties and reject me.

"Why would we be?" Shawn smiled at me.

"Yeah, our Luna is badass." Shane was laughing.

"I told you, no one is going to care. You're the Luna, there is no changing that." Vincent smiled at me as well.

After the explanations were given, we set to training for the morning. I pitted myself in a race with them to see if they could catch me. None of them could. Either they lost on purpose, I had gotten better at evasion, or Reece just had another way of knowing where I was going to be.

I tested my speed and strength for a bit. I was quicker and lighter on my feet than all three of my guards. They were quite strong, but I was still strong for a female, and it felt like I was still getting stronger. I tried my special howl again, but I hadn't learned to do it on command yet. And I tried shifting in and out of my ice form.

At first, I was only managing to change my wolf's form when I was touching the snow directly just like the first time. But after I focused on how that form felt and the process my body went through to get there, then I was able to do it no problem.

I had shifted back and forth on command at least a dozen times when I felt someone watching me. I thought it was just Reece and I hadn't noticed him coming since his scent was all around me anyway, but then I caught just the faintest whiff of someone else's scent. It was like darkness personified. It was hard to describe, like dust and dirt mixed with old damp leaves, all the things I think about if I have to go walking in the woods at night.