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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 131 - Trinity-Dress Shopping (VOLUME 2)




Something major had apparently happened. Reece left that night and didn't come back until the morning. We had breakfast together in the morning but he had to leave again right away. He's been busy ever since. Juniper told me to leave him to his work and focus on what was most important, the wedding. 

We all agreed that there was a lot to do, but the thing that would take the longest was the dress. So it was for that reason that we all decided to go to Gina's Boutique to look at our options. Last time I was there it was like a dream, so full of life and the magic of beauty, I couldn't wait to go back now that I needed a wedding dress. Gina was the best, and only, seamstress I knew.

The atmosphere inside of Gina's boutique was definitely not what I had expected. Instead of happy and full of life, everyone seemed subdued somehow. I could tell that everyone was trying to appear cheerful, but something was wrong.

"Luna Trinity, what a lovely surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit today?" Gina asked me with a soft smile. I could see sadness in her red rimmed eyes, she looked like she had been crying recently.

"Hello Gina, I hope you're doing good." I smiled while trying to wish her well. "I'm here because we have some dresses we need to order." 

"What kind of dresses?" She asked with a curious look.

"A wedding dress." Juniper gleefully answered. "And bridesmaid, maid of honor, and mother's dresses as well. We need them all."

"Why Juniper, didn't we already do your wedding dress last year?" Gina looked at her confused.

"Not for me." Juniper laughed while looking at me.

"You mean?" Gina seemed truly happy for the first time since we had come into the shop.

"Yup, the Alpha and Luna are getting married.


"Oh my Goddess!"

"Really?" These exclamations and more rang through the shop as every employee squealed happily.

"I am very happy for you Luna, and so honored you have come to me to make your wedding dress. I think this is exactly what we all need right now." 

"I'm happy as well, Gina, and I wouldn't think of going anywhere else."

While I was talking with Gina, Lila and Aunt Eve were browsing through the racks of dresses. There was a noticeably more energetic mood now that everyone knew of the upcoming wedding. Out of nowhere a cute girl around my age came bobbing into view. She had light brown hair and bright eyes that were such a light brown they looked tan, almost like a latte they were so light. She had smooth, clear skin that had a natural tawny glow to it. She was very pretty and at first glance she seemed to be sweet and innocent. But just like Gina, her eyes too were rimmed with red like she had been crying a lot recently. 

"Hello Luna, my name is Ella, I'm Gina's daughter." She said in a forced cheerful voice.

"Hi, nice to meet you Ella." I smiled at her.

"I've been working here with mom for a long time. I've been trying my hand at designing new dresses when I get the chance, I would love it if you allowed me to help design your dress."

"I hadn't thought about having a new dress designed just for the wedding." The thought had never even crossed my mind. "I figured with how little time we have that something off the rack would be fine."

"How little time." She looked confused.

"Everyone is wanting us to get married mid March, that's only a month away."

"I can do it in that timeframe. Please let me at least design it for you." She was begging, that mixed with the sadness I saw in her eyes was almost enough to sway me.

"You can't do that." Ella gasped.

"She's right Trinity, you're the Luna, your dress needs to be one of a kind." Juniper backed her up. 

"I have to concur." Lila added her support.

I looked at Aunt Eve for her opinion, she was already nodding her head. "They're right Trinity. You're the Luna, the second highest authority in the pack, and you're marrying the Alpha of course, the highest authority."

"It's not like we're royalty or anything." I pleaded. "We're still just people, why does it have to be so extra?"

"You may not be royalty, not really, but within the pack you're treated that way. The Alpha and Luna are like a packs king and queen." Lila explained.

"Come on Trinity, you deserve the best wedding ever, with everything you've been through. Come on, let her design your dress for you." Juniper pushed. I felt my resistance snap.

"I guess you're right. I just never thought about it that way." I smiled with embarrassment.

Ella took me to a back room so she could get my measurements. That was a thoroughly embarrassing time. She had me strip down to my underwear so that I stood before her with no extra layers that would make the measurements off. She took her time taking some very invasive measurements in some very personal areas. I tried to stand there silently but I couldn't, I needed to distract myself.

"How long have you been making dresses?" I asked her to get my mind off of things.

"I've been making dresses since I was a little girl. I loved watching my mom make them all the time. I took some design courses and got an associates degree just to make sure I could do my job properly."

"That's amazing Ella. It's nice when you can follow your dreams like that.

"I know, right." She smiled halfheartedly again. It was like the smile was reaching her lips and a little of her cheeks, but her eyes were so sad that no smile was going to make them look happy.

"Is something wrong?" I asked her, curious to know why everyone seemed so upset.

"You haven't heard I take it." She answered.

"Heard what?"

"It makes sense you haven't, the Alpha was just told last night, and I'm guessing he didn't have time to tell you yet."

"Tell me what?" I was getting impatient now, this seemed major and like I should definitely know.

"There have been several kids kidnapped recently. The local cops didn't want to say they were all connected at first, but they are."

"How many?" I could feel the shock spreading through me.

"Eight." That blew my mind.

"So many? They were all from the city?" I asked.

"Five from the city, three from the pack." I gasped at her words. "The first to go missing from the pack was my little brother." I could see the tears forming in her eyes again.

"Oh, Ella, I'm so sorry." I couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

"The Alpha said he will handle it personally, and that we should do our best until he brings Sammy home to us." I could tell she was obviously heartbroken.

"Ella, why are you and your mom still working?" I knew that if my child had been taken I would be too upset to work.

"My dad died a long time ago, in a fight with another pack. He never got to know Sammy but I know he would have loved him so much."

"Ella." I tried soothing her as I rubbed her back gently. "I know that it seems bleak now, but Reece and I will definitely work hard to find Sammy." I told her firmly. 

"Plus, when I am at work, it tends to take my mind off of things. I don't forget that he is gone, but I get so busy sometimes that I forget to be sad for a little bit before it all comes crashing back down." I heard the sorrow and anger warring in her voice.

"I will not let this go, Ella, women and children are my responsibility, and I promise you, I will do everything I can to find Sammy. I know that with the wedding coming up you might think that we won't take this seriously, but I promise, I will still do everything I can for you and your family." I gave her the sincerest promise I could for now. I would track down who took these children and make them pay.

Ella was grateful for my promise to help, it gave her the first genuine smile I had seen from her yet. With the promise made she seemed like she might be able to get through her day at least. Once the measurements were taken she asked me my preferences for the dress, favorite colors, preferred styles, all the while sketching something on a pad of paper in her hands. She already seemed to be very motivated.

"Would you like to see the design, or do you want it to be a surprise." She asked me, true eagerness showing on her face and in her voice.

"I think a surprise might be a good idea. Just tell me the colors so I can pick out the other dresses."

"Two different shades of blue, a sort of medium blue for the main dress and lighter, metallic looking, bluish silver color." 

"Sounds very interesting." I smiled at her. After that we went to pick out the dresses for everyone else with those colors in mind.