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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 129 - Trinity-Who Will Walk Me Down The Aisle? (VOLUME 2)




I knew that I had to make a decision and have some important conversations. So, the next day I decided to go visit my grandfather and uncle, with Reece in tow. The benefit to having Reece there was that I didn't need to have a bodyguard with me. I had called Uncle Wesley and asked him to meet us at Grandfather's house then I left with Reece to meet them.

Grandfather was a bit confused when he saw the two of us coming into the house together. I hadn't been to Grandfather's place in a long time, it was a little surreal to be there again. I had so many unpleasant memories, but I also knew that what I thought before and what I knew now just didn't match up. I was still just confused about some things in general.

The four of us gathered in Grandfather's parlor, or that's what he called it, it was more of a small living room that he just kept as a sitting room. Reece and I sat on the loveseat together while Grandfather and Uncle Wesley each sat in the matching arm chairs opposite us. I was suddenly nervous and unsure of myself with the two of them looking at me. I steadied myself with a deep breath.

"What's the matter?" Uncle Wesley asked.

"Is something wrong?" Grandfather added, the two of them looked at me with worry and concern on their faces.

"Nothing is wrong. I just wanted to talk to the two of you." I smiled sheepishly, trying to ease the tension.

"About what?" They asked at nearly the same time. They were so much alike that it was kind of funny to see, I nearly laughed just looking at them.

"We have some good news." Reece took over for me. "I've asked Trinity if she would marry me in a human ceremony, and she said yes. She's made me the happiest man ever." Reece smiled at them. "I would like to ask for your blessings, as the father figures in her life." I didn't expect Reece to ask them that last part.

They looked shocked at Reece's choice of words, almost as if they couldn't believe their ears. Then, for some reason, they both smiled and Uncle Wesley began laughing.

"Reece, how could we possibly say no? You're already mated. I mean I appreciate the thought and all, but it's much too late for that." Grandfather started to laugh as well while Uncle Wesley spoke.

"He's right boy, I'm sure there's nothing left to get our permission for. Seeing the two of you together leaves no room for the imagination. We all know what's on both your minds." That was totally embarrassing to hear and made me blush crimson. I noticed Reece's flushed cheeks and red ears that indicated he was just as embarrassed as I was. Why did this become so mortifying all of a sudden?

After the two of them had a good laugh at our expense, we continued with what was most significant. I needed to talk to them about something really important to me, that was why I was here after all.

"Alright, moving on please. There was something I wanted to ask the two of you."

"Ok, I promise, we're done." Uncle Wesley wiped a tear from his eyes while Grandfather nodded. 

"I wanted to ask you something important."


"Well, I was hoping that you and Grandfather would both walk me down the aisle, together." I told him.

"Together?" Uncle Wesley asked.

"How?" Grandfather seemed confused.

"One of you on either side of me. I would like the both of you to escort me. Uncle Wesley, you've been the only dad I've ever had, and the best one I could have asked for. And Grandfather, I know now that you did everything out of love for me and my mother. Plus, you never got to walk your daughter down the aisle either. I love you both, and I would love it if you both would stand by my side."

I saw nearly identical looks of surprise and happiness on their faces. I could tell that they were both happy that I wanted them to walk with me. They loved me, maybe they had different ways of showing it when I was growing up but that didn't diminish the love they both had for me.

"I'd be honored." Uncle Wesley smiled proudly.

"Are you sure that you want me to? I haven't been the easiest person for you to get along with." Grandfather looked uncertain for a moment, despite his obvious happiness.

"I'm sure, I love you both just like you both love me." I smiled at him trying to reassure him.

It was a very heartfelt conversation and a day full of expressing my love for my family. Everything that had happened to me lately had made me understand all the small things that I never noticed or understood before. I knew how much my family loved and cared about me now. I would never let that slip my mind again.

With that visit done, I only had one more person I needed to tell right away. I didn't know when Carter would be home, so I decided I would video call him the same way I did Emmalee. Reece decided that he wanted to be part of that call as well. So we were together when I called him.

Carter answered the call right away. He looked like he was in a hotel based on the background. I never knew where Carter went on his missions, most of them had to be kept a secret, even from me. Maybe now that things had progressed for Reece and me, I might be given access to that kind of information. 

"Hey Trinity, what's up." Carter greeted me, he always seemed so cheerful when I talked to him. 

"How've you been Carter? Are you taking care of yourself?"

"Hmph." He seemed to scoff at me. "I can always take care of myself, it's you I've got to worry about."

"Rude." I sarcastically snapped at him.

"So what's up? You never call me when I'm out like this."

"Well, I wanted to tell you something." I smiled at him. "There's going to be a wedding next month."

"No shit. Really?" He seemed skeptical for a moment. "I'm happy for you cuz, I know that you must be super excited." He seemed to be happy for me, but I could see a hint of sadness in his eyes. He was still upset about missing out on his mate. I really hoped I could fix that for him some day.

"I want you to be there. Will you be home?" I was trying to show him how much I care for him, but I knew he was suffering still.

"Yeah, I will be there. Nothing could keep me away." I smiled at his words.

"Hey, Carter, I got something else to ask you." Reece butted in.

"Hey Alpha. what do you need?" Carter spoke in a more professional tone of voice when he addressed Reece, as if he were discussing business.

"No reason to be so formal man, I wanted to ask you something personal." Reece was smiling. Carter looked confused. "I want you to be one of my groomsmen." Reece got right to the point.

"Seriously?"Carter laughed as he spoke. "If you're asking me dude, you must not have many friends." Carter joked which made Reece growl slightly. "I'm messing with you man. Of course I will, it's Trinity's big day after all, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to be part of it."

"Good to hear." Reece smiled but still looked a little unhappy. I was just glad that all of my family seemed happy for me, it really made it easier for me to be so happy.

Reece pushed the lid of my computer shut and slid it away. He then wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. The days worth of growth on his face scratching at me mixed with his breath near my ear made me shiver in his arms.

"Hmmm, I love it when you squirm against me like that." He purred into my ear which caused me to shiver again. "I think it's about time we celebrate our engagement." His suggestive words lit a fire inside me.

"Didn't we already do that?" I asked him in a weak voice.

"You can never celebrate this kind of thing too much." He trailed a line of kisses up my neck, across my jaw, and to my lips as he spoke.

When his mouth settled onto mine it was like returning home after a long time away. It felt so right and so very intense. His tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth like undiscovered land, like he hadn't mapped the entire territory already. I felt my body getting hotter and my desire for him growing. There's no denying where this was heading.

That is, until there was a loud banging on the door leading to my room. I was so focused on Reece, I hadn't even noticed Noah's scent coming down the hallway.

"Go away." Reece growled at him, barely pulling his mouth away from mine before speaking.

"Reece, we have a problem." Noah called through the door.

"This had better be worth my time." Reece snarled as he got up and stomped toward the door. "I'll be back soon, why don't you take a nice relaxing bath." He turned back toward me, smiling wickedly before he walked out the door and out of the room. That was disappointing.