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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 127 - Trinity-Juniper And Emmalee’s Excitement (VOLUME 2)




I was ready for lunch after I talked to Nikki and Aunt Eve, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I picked up my phone and called the person I knew would be most upset they didn't find out before everyone else. But, truth be told, I felt like I had to tell my aunt first, she was the only mother I had ever known.

"Hey Trin, what's up?" Juniper's voice sounded happy as she answered the call.

"Hey, are you free for lunch right now?" I asked her with no preamble.

"Sure, why what's up?" She was already curious.

"Nothing, just want to have lunch, is that so bad?" I did my best to sound innocent as I spoke to her.

"Yeah, and I'm the queen of wolves." The sarcasm dripped from her voice as she joked with me.

"I'll swing by to pick you up. Well, Vincent and I will."

"Something is up with you." She said before ending the call. I sighed, knowing she would see through everything right away. 

It didn't take long until Vincent had driven us to her place then took us to Franny's Kitchen. It was the same diner that the three of us had eaten at before. It was comfortable, familiar, and laid back, everything I would need to relax while we talked.

We ordered our food, and were waiting for it to arrive when Juniper's patience ran out and she turned on me.

"Spill it." She snapped at me while we waited.

"Huh!" I tried to feign innocence.

"Don't give me that crap." She was piercing me with her intense stare, her bright green eyes were filled with suspicion. "I know something happened. You don't look all depressed and mopey so I know it wasn't bad, at least not really bad, but something happened."

I sighed, I knew she would know something was up, she already had when I called her. I think she can read minds or something.

"Juniper, do us all a favor and become a cop." I sighed again as I looked at her.

"Maybe I will, if you stop trying to pretend like I don't know that you're avoiding telling me something right now." I just laughed.

"Juniper, I'm not trying to hide things from you. I called you here so I can tell you. I just wasn't ready to tell you right away."

A young waitress brought our food while Juniper glared at me with an evil look. I managed to take one bite of my food before she questioned me again.

"Come on, Trinity, what happened? I need to know now. Tell me, please."

"Hahhh." Looking at her desperation I thought she had probably had enough, I'd made her wait long enough anyway. I looked between her and Vincent before continuing. "This is going to be news to you both, so please just don't flip out, alright." I told the two of them.

"I swear, Trin, if that man did something else to you I'm going to-." Juniper began before I interrupted her.

"Stop, he didn't do anything. Actually things have been great." I told her while trying to hide my blushing face.

"Then what is it?" She demanded. 

I was still blushing, and it was hard to tell them, they both knew how things had been between Reece and me in the beginning. To avoid more embarrassing things I could, and probably would, say I just held up my hand, the ring in full view, my hands no longer hidden by my sleeves as they had been before. The stunning engagement ring that Reece had given me was shining in the light.

"Wow, that looks impressive." Vincent breathed when he saw it, a happy smile on his face. 

"Oh my Goddess, Trinity. Oh my GODDESS!" She was getting louder and louder as she spoke. 

"Shhh. Quiet down Juniper." I whispered to her, trying to set an example.

"You got engaged and didn't tell me?" She snapped at me.

"I'm telling you now. It just happened last night when we were in the mountains."

"You waited this long to tell me?"

"What, was I supposed to call you immediately?" I laughed.

"Damn straight you were." She laughed. "Seriously though, I'm the first one you're telling right?" I knew she would want to know first.

"Well, no, I told my aunt, and Nikkie was there too."

"But I'm your best friend." She pouted.

"I know, but Aunt Eve is like a mom to me."

"Fine, you have to tell your mom first, but I was next right?" She looked at me intensely.

"Not really, Reece and Noah came in and so Noah knows, and Lila heard us talking so she knows."

"Oh come on! How can I be the fifth to know. I'm even tied with Vincent, I could be counted at sixth really." She was laying it on thick but I could see it was all an act, she was actually really happy for me. 

"Well, if it bothers you that much," I was drawing out my words to reel her in, I knew that she would be desperate to know what I had to say, "I guess I don't need to ask you to be my maid of honor." I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and saw the excitement explode on her face. She lit up like a searchlight and screamed in delight.

"Trinity!" She yelled my name. "You know I am so going to be your maid of honor. I am going to totally rock this job. You're going to have a kick ass wedding." She was smiling so brightly. "I'm going to make sure even my own wedding is nothing compared to this. I can't believe I get to help plan the wedding for the Alpha and the Luna. Oh my Goddess." She squealed, just like Nikki had.

"Ahem." Vincent cleared his throat to get our attention. "Let me just tell you, that I am extremely happy for you." He was smiling at me with a soft expression. "I'm certain you are going to have a wonderful wedding, I remember how happy Heather was at our wedding." His love for his wife was clear to see as he thought of those fond memories.

"Thank you Vincent."

"I am just glad you managed to work out your differences so you can finally be happy with the Alpha."

"Vincent." I said his name softly, he was one of the nicest people I knew. "Thank you for always taking such good care of me. Also, I want you to ask Heather if she will be one of my bridesmaids." I saw the sparkle in his eyes at my words.

"I'm certain that she would love that." His smile was so pure.

"Also, I was wondering if Conner and Renea could be the ring bearer and flower girl." His smile only got wider.

"You honor me too much Trinity." He was sincerely embarrassed now. Wait until Reece dropped the last bomb on him when making him a groomsman. Riley was going to be the best man, but Vincent, Noah, and Cater were helping to fill out the ranks to equal my bridesmaids and maid of honor. I thought I should leave that last detail for Reece to deliver though, Vincent was his new gamma after all.

We finished eating, Juniper chatting excitedly about the wedding the entire time. After we had our fill and dropped Juniper off, Vincent took us home. Reece called him over immediately, I knew what that was for. I decided I didn't need to be part of that conversation, so I went to our room so I could make another call.

When I was in my room, I decided to boot up my laptop for this next call, it would be easier if I didn't have to hold the phone or tablet the entire time. With everything ready, and my nerves and excitement under control, I called Emmalee.

Emmalee's bright, cheery face popped up on the screen right away, it was like she had been expecting me.

"Hey Trinity, what's up? I just finished an assignment for class, ugh this homework never ends." I laughed, Emmalee didn't love school as much as I did, and I was guessing it didn't come as easy to her.

"Hey Emmalee, how've you been." I chit chatted with a little small talk first.

"Good, it's all good."

"Well, I wanted to ask you something." I jumped right into this, if Juniper's revelation taught me anything it was to just come out and say it.

"What's wrong?" She looked worried.

"Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to ask you to be one of my bridesmaids." I blurted it out.

"Oh, I'm glad it's noth-." She stopped, finally realizing what I had just said. "Did you say bridesmaid?" She asked me skeptically. I nodded my head to answer her. "EEEeeeeee!" She squealed, louder and longer than Nikki and Juniper had.

"Oh Goddess, Trinity, if you thought I loved birthdays, wait until you see me get excited over a wedding. I am so going to help you as much as I can." She was happier than I expected, but then again, so was everyone else.