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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 126 - Trinity-Spreading The News (VOLUME 2)

It's time for Volume 2! Join us on the next leg of Trinity and Reece's journey. 




"Oh my Goddess, Trinity!" Nikki squealed as I told her and Aunt Eve the news. Nikki bolted right to her feet, grabbing hold of my hands and started jumping for joy. I didn't expect her reaction, though I was even happier than she was if that was possible. I just had more time to adjust to it.

"Trinity, my baby girl." Aunt Eve was smiling broadly as she wrapped her arms around me. "I can't believe it. When did you grow up so much?" She looked like she was on the verge of tears yet she was happy.

"Aunt Eve." I said her name as I squeezed her back.

"I have news too." Nikki declared as she finally stopped jumping. "I haven't been able to share it with everyone with everything that has been going on, but I can tell you now." Nikki wasn't wrong, it had been really hectic lately.

Ever since I got back from the Black Canyons Reece and I trained furiously everyday. He even took time off work to make sure he could be there to train with me, though I think he just wanted to have more time to be clingy before he had to go back to work. 

The little bit of work he had to handle directly he did so from the office. He even put a second large desk in the office and called it 'OUR' office. When I wasn't busy with my classes he was teaching me what exactly happened in the company that he owned and was the president of. The company had apparently been in his family for generations, and brought in around ninety billion a year, which made it the most profitable company in the world. The money that Reece made from that personally was enough to make my head spin. 

I had gotten home from my valentine's trip with Reece just this morning and had been so excited to share the news that I was officially engaged. I know that in the eyes of the pack we were basically already married, but I was happy that Reece wanted to make it official to the world and not just the Red Springs wolf pack.

"What news?" I asked Nikki excitedly. "Come on, tell me. We can celebrate together right?" I was already happy for whatever news she was dying to tell me.

"Noah and I are going to have a baby." She dropped her bomb of news on me causing my head to explode with joy. "I found out the day before you were taken, but Noah had left early that morning so I didn't tell him until after he got back, I didn't want to make things harder for him while he was gone."

"Nikki." I breathed her name on a gasp. "Oh my Goddess, I am so excited."

"You're gonna be Aunt Trinity now." She told me.

"Really." The name she was already giving me brought tears to my eyes. I was technically an only child, and so was Reece, but we both had family that we considered to be brothers, so Reece had two nephews from Riley and I was going to be an aunt to Noah and Carter's kids. That thought had never actually hit me before. I was going to be an aunt. I squealed in delight just like Nikki had done.

"What in the world is going on here?" I heard Noah ask as he and Reece came into the room.

"Noah!" I yelled as I ran toward him, throwing my arms around him. "I'm so happy for you." I had slammed into him so hard that he lost his breath for a second before he could speak.

"You told her Nikki?" Noah sounded hurt. "I wanted to be there with you."

"I'm sorry babe, but she was sharing her news so I wanted to tell her."

"Her news?" Noah looked at me with shock before settling an angry glare on Reece as he growled quietly.

"Cool it Bruiser, ask her what news it is before you try to bite my head off." Reece was laughing as he joked with Noah. Noah, not saying a word, levelled his gaze full of fierce (over)protection onto me. 

"Reece asked me to marry him, in a real ceremony. Not just the mating ceremony for the pack." I smiled at him with all the happiness I could feel bubbling inside of me. Noah's face softened as he smiled happily at me.

"I'm happy for you Trinity." Noah was shining as he looked at me before giving me a gentle hug. He was so protective of me that I knew he would be a good father, he may be a quiet and gentle man, but he would go to bat for the people he cared about. I loved that about him.

"Shouldn't you be congratulating me too." Reece joked with him. Noah looked at him, his eyes once again holding anger and annoyance.

"Not until you prove that you can behave yourself around my family." Noah snapped at him.

"Sorry Noah, you may be my best friend, and my new beta, but I can't promise you that." Reece's voice held a purring edge as he reached toward me. With his hand on my upper arm, Reece pulled me swiftly away from Noah and into his arms instead. He leaned forward and buried his face into my neck, inhaling my scent. "I like how she smells with my scent all over her." Reece's growling voice tickled my ear as he spoke, causing me to shiver.

"Fuck you, Beethoven, she's my family, don't do that in front of me." Noah grabbed my hand and pulled me hard, away from Reece. Reece just laughed.

"You will learn to deal with it." Reece was chuckling as he spoke, looking at the face Noah was making.

"Oh stop it, both of you." Aunt Eve said as she glared at them both. "Honestly, can't you two stop this. Yes Noah, we all know how protective you are, and Reece, everyone can tell what you're thinking whenever Trinity is in the room, but I'm begging you two to please keep it to yourselves." She lectured them. "And in your pants." She added as she looked at Reece.

"Oh, come on Aunt Eve, I've never done anything inappropriate with other people around." If Reece's alluring tone of voice was meant to make her feel better, well then he failed, she just rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Honestly, what am I going to do with you." She laughed when she saw Reece's playful expression.

"No worries, Aunty Evie, I'll make sure Trinity teaches me some more manners." His wagging eyebrows as he looked at me did not instill much confidence, and in fact it only made Aunt Eve laugh even harder. He was definitely in a good mood, even going as far as calling her Evie instead of Eve. He was like a puppy, or a kid with a new toy, so full of energy and playfulness.

"Did I hear what I think I heard?" I heard Lila's call out in a stern tone.

"What's the matter mom?" Reece asked her with a look of confusion.

"I started walking here when I thought I heard talk about a wedding. Did I really hear those words?" It appears that Lila had been walking on the other side of the first floor when her sensitive wolf ears picked up little snippets of our conversation. She had hurriedly walked over, not running as it wasn't an emergency and that would have been unladylike, but walking fast nonetheless.

"I was going to tell you tonight mom." Reece looked at his mother with a guilty expression.

"Yeah, sure you were." She snapped at him as she walked over to me. "Is it true?" She asked me in a gentle tone of voice. I wanted to laugh at the difference in how she treated us.

"Yes Lila, it's true. He just asked me yesterday. I told my aunt and Nikki first, but we planned to tell you at dinner tonight." I backed Reece up so she wouldn't be angry with him anymore.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you dear." Lila hugged me tight with her deceptively thin arms. Her hug was fierce and full of strength. "I am so happy to finally have a daughter." She looked like she was going to cry just like Aunt Eve had.

"You're not happy for me either?" Reece asked, his voice sounding hurt this time.

"Quiet Reece, this is a time for women to celebrate." Lila scolded.

"Unbelievable." Reece seemed so shocked at her words. "I'm getting married too you know, and both you and Noah act like I'm not part of it." He informed her.

"Uh huh, and if it weren't for you, you might already be married. But wedding planning is for women, so just hush and show up for your big day.

Nikki and I spent about an hour planning things. Her baby shower, ideas for the wedding. For some reason, everyone was dead set on me getting married mid March. It was when Lila's birthday was and she wanted us to share that day with her. I tried to tell her that it wasn't right to take her special day from her.

"Nonsense, I'm getting older all the time, a birthday doesn't matter to me anymore. But having my only son marry the greatest new daughter I could ask for, now that would give me a reason to look forward to the day even more." She was so adamant about it that it made Aunt Eve, Nikki, and Noah back her up as well.

"If you're sure." I conceded.

"Of course I am." She seemed so happy. Well, at least the date of the wedding was set, March 17th, it was only a month away.