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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 125 - Epilogue 2


Samuel Whitton


The night I was told that my granddaughter was kidnapped I felt my world implode. It felt like someone had just ripped my heart out. I couldn't stop thinking that I had failed and it was all my fault somehow.

They had tried to insist that I stay home and leave rescuing her to the young men of the pack. I refused. I would be going with them to save her the same as my son and his boys. I would not let the same thing happen to her that happened to my daughter. I couldn't let Trinity die too. 

I was rewarded with the victorious sight of seeing my granddaughter again. I was too far away to see it properly but I saw that she had finally shifted into her wolf form. My granddaughter is a strong girl who fights. I knew her wolf was in there, somewhere.

The worst thing about this whole ordeal was when I talked to Trinity. She told me that the Warlock from twenty years ago was the one who had taken my little girl. I had never suspected him because he had already moved on, out of town, by the time she went missing. I did suspect everyone else in my pack though and didn't trust anyone around my daughter or granddaughter anymore.

I was livid when she told me that members of our own pack had been involved with taking her. To know that the beta of the pack, that bastard, was the one to take her to the Warlocks. And I knew that if that moron Caleb was involved then his grandfather was involved as well. Everyone knew Caleb was too stupid to do anything on his own.

After I left Trinity in the room she was borrowing at the Black Canyons house I went straight to talk to my son. He tried to talk me out of  doing what I had planned. I hadn't told him directly but he had guessed.

When Reece came in a little while later I immediately made a request of him.

"Reece, I need a favor." He raised an eyebrow in confusion. 

"What do you need?" He wondered.

"I need to borrow your plane. I have to get back home tonight. It's important." He looked skeptical but agreed just a moment later.

"Yeah, sure, just tell the pilot to come back before the morning." He agreed.

Less than an hour later I landed at the airport back home. I had a mission and I was going to complete it now. I took a cab to the gates and decided to walk from there. I knew exactly where I was going, even without following my nose.

I could tell he was home when I walked up his driveway. I was glad that he was a widower at that moment, I didn't have to worry about anyone else. I knocked on the door and only waited a moment for him to answer the door.

"Samuel, to what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked with his fake nice voice.

"Good evening Frederick, I got word from the alpha about my granddaughter. He wanted me to tell everyone personally." I dropped my head, feigning a sense of dread and depression. 

"Oh, Samuel, was it bad news?" He asked as he patted my shoulder.

"It's terrible news." I kept my eyes off of him and on the floor.

"Well, come in and tell me then." He invited. Good, this would be easier in the privacy of his house. 

Frederick led the way into his sitting room and indicated a chair for me to sit in while he took the one next to it.

"Now, Frederick, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you ever say anything?'

"I'm afraid I don't follow you , Samuel." He looked at me with confusion written all over his face. Frederick had started his family late and I early, the result was nearly fifteen years, if not more between us. 

"You don't? That's funny, because I'm pretty sure that you already know exactly what I'm referring to."

"No, I really don't." He laughed as if he had said a joke.

"I'm talking about your grandson kidnapping my granddaughter." I snapped at him as I reached across the three feet separating us, grabbing him by his throat and throwing him to the floor.

"Samuel?" He said my name as a question.

"I know you were telling him what to do." I screamed at him. "Did you have anything to do with what happened to my daughter? Did you help that bastard get her too?" I was kneeling with my knee pressed into his back holding him in place while I gripped his hair. His face changed from scared to cocky nearly instantly.

"So, you guessed that much as well, huh?"

"So you did?"

"Yeah, he said he needed her. I've been against the Gray family for decades. My mate should have inherited the family business as well as her mate being the alpha. But no, her brother got everything and I got nothing." He growled at me. "What does it matter now, she has been worm chow for almost twenty years. And you should be proud, she was finally useful to someone before she died."

"You son of a bitch." I screeched.

I lost all control of my sense of reason at that moment. I pulled back on his hair as hard as I could. I felt a cracking but that would not suffice. I shifted into my wolf form. I may be older and my wolf had started to go gray, but I was still powerful.

I raked my claws down his back and face repeated, tearing ribbons of his flesh away. When I was done digging into him, trying to both dig up and bury the past, I leaned forward and placed my mouth round the back of his head. I didn't relish the idea of tasting his blood in my mouth, but I would make an exception. 

I clamped my teeth shut, severing his head from his body in one clean swipe. My family never had to worry about him ever again.

It took me nearly an hour to calm down. During which time I wandered the woods and cleaned myself in the creek. Afterwards I went back home. I shifted, showered, settled in for the night. It was not the ending I had planned this evening, but I would happily take this ending. I would never have to wonder about him ever again. Maybe my daughter was looking down and was happy to have some sort of justice now. 

I was going to see my granddaughter again tomorrow. I would need my rest for that. I felt like I might actually sleep peacefully for once. For the first time in nearly twenty years.