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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 123 - Trinity-Frantic For Each Other (Mature Rating)




The tenuous hold he had on his control must have snapped. He growled into my mouth as he shifted. I felt him pushing his jeans down and out of the way. His erection was freed, pressing against me with no barriers now. The heat coming off of him was nearly enough to melt my already dripping body.

Now that no barriers separated us, he shifted again placing himself right at my opening.

"Last chance to tell me to stop." His voice ground out through his clenched teeth, he seemed to be slowly losing the ability to speak.

"Don't stop Reece." I pleaded with him. "I need you. Now." I urged him, begging him to continue, to go on.

"Trinity." His voice held urgency but also sounded like a thank you.

With his hands gripping my hips firmly, he nestled at my opening for just a moment as he pressed his lips to mine. His tongue delving deep into my mouth, exploring all that he could of my mouth. With my mind distracted by his kiss he pulled me down while thrusting up, he drove into me up to his hilt, reaching my inner limits.

"Aahhh." I screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain as he filled me so fully, stretching my tight body around his large invading force.

"Are you ok, Little Bunny?" His voice held an edge of worry as he stayed completely still before me.

"Yes." I sighed, looking at him with lust filled eyes and a happy smile. 

"I don't want to hurt you." He begged, not able to stop but reluctant to continue.

"You won't Reece, I want you. Please, don't stop." I begged him again. That was all he needed.

He buried his face in the curve of my neck, not biting my mark, but placing his hot tongue against it. He held me in place with his shoulders and upper body. Gripping my hips firmly, his fingers digging into my flesh, he angled me away from the wall while he proceeded to set a steady rhythm.

Our bodies slammed into each other with every thrust. Skin slapping against skin, our ragged breathing, my pounding heartbeat, these were the sounds I heard as he steadily drove me toward the edge.

With my arms wrapped around his neck I pulled him closer to me, pressing my breasts against his chest and dragging his mouth to mine. I kissed him with a mindless intensity that I could not control. I explored his mouth as thoroughly as he had explored mine, entwining my tongue with him. When he tried to pull back I bit lightly on his bottom lip, drawing a low growl from him. 

I could tell he was nearly there, nearly at the edge of his climax. I could feel it building quickly in my own body. I knew I wouldn't last much longer either. He thrust again and again, my body gripping his. Finally, my body couldn't take anymore. I dug my nails into shoulders, threw my head back, and screamed his name.

"REECE!" My body seemed to explode, to come apart at the edges, only to try to reassemble itself a few moments later as I lay slumped against him.

"Mine." Reece whispered as he shifted his hands from my hips to my ass.

"Yours." I agreed.

Reece gently pulled me away from the wall. Carrying me to the bed while he was still buried deep inside of me. Each step elicited a moan and a shudder from me. When he was next to the mattress he lifted me slowly, pulling his body out of mine. I felt limp, unable to move.

"Are you alright?" He asked me as I just sat there in his arms.

"I'll tell you when I can move again." I laughed.

"You just need some rest." He assured me as he laid down in the bed with me still in his arms. "Here's another upside to living together." He said as he pulled the sheet around us, still holding me tight against him.

"Clingy." I joked.

"I hold your body tightly in my arms. You hold me tightly inside your body. We're both clingy." He laughed. I was still smiling at his joke when I drifted off to sleep.

This was the start of a new way of life for Reece and me. The threat against me seemed to be all but gone until we found Edmond, even though I was still ordered to not go anywhere alone. I was still the Luna, so I needed to stay safe. I continued to do school online so that I had time to run the daycare with Lila and Aunt Eve. 

I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, and dates with Reece now that things were calmer. Carter was still moping about not getting to be with his mate, I would need to make things better there when I could. If our packs were to become allies then he should be able to be with her right?

Grandfather was an elder now, he was busy trying to make things more peaceful all around. Noah was named Reece's new beta, which everyone saw coming. What I didn't expect was Vincent being named the new gamma. Reece didn't even have a gamma picked out before all this happened.

Together Noah and Vincent did a full sweep of the pack, and though they didn't have a hand in my kidnapping they were able to find nearly a hundred more supporters of Caleb's. They were offered a conditional stay if they were deemed to only be following the others. But those that were aggressive or seemed dangerous were exiled. A few didn't want to leave quietly. They were used as examples of why you don't cross the alpha.

All seemed to be right with the world for right now. But I knew that we needed to find Edmond, and soon. We had scouts from our pack searching high and low, contacting every major group in the country. Eventually, someone out there would tell us what they knew, where he went. Until then, I just had to keep my senses sharp and keep looking over my shoulder.