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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 122 - Trinity-A New Roommate? (Mature Rating)




When I reached the top of the stairs, I had expected Reece to come with me to my room, he was being quite clingy these last two days after all. I didn't mind though. I was actually happy to finally have him accept me and show me the type of love I had been wanting all this time.

We turned down my hallway toward my room, I felt more at peace in the familiar surroundings. I had truly missed being home. I'm looking forward to finding a semblance of normal in the chaos that was my life before I was taken, but I'm just happy to be back at least. 

I could tell something was off as soon as I opened my door. Reece and I had walked from the third floor up to the fourth and down to my room all in silence. That had felt normal and just fine. But as soon as I set foot into my room, I knew that something was wrong. Something was different. Something just wasn't right.

"What's going on here?" I asked Reece, surprise filling my voice. I looked around my room, which was now significantly fuller than it was before. Another dresser had been brought in, somehow matching perfectly to the one that was already there. A second trunk set beside the first one at the foot of the bed. And other small odds and ends, like a jacket that shouldn't have been there, extra stuff on top of the desk, night stands, and scattered throughout the room. It wasn't messy or anything. On the contrary, it was all neat and perfectly organized. It just wasn't there before.

"What do you mean?" Reece seemed genuinely confused.

"Why is all your stuff in here?"

"Oh, that?" He grinned happily. "I thought it best to have my stuff in our room." He answered.

"Our room? That's definitely news to me." I let the shock seep into my words even more.

"Well, I thought it was only fitting, you know." He was embarrassed now, and seemed uncertain of himself. I liked it when he got all embarrassed, the slight pink tinge on his ears, the oh shit look in his eyes. It was cute, like he thought he had messed up. I really would never be able to stop messing with him.

"So, you're moving in?" I asked him, mostly to see his reaction, partly to confirm his intentions.

"Yeah, I decided it would be best."

"You decided huh. What about the fact that it's my room?" I teased.

"Well, it's my house." He countered.

"Don't you mean our house?"

"If it's our house then it's our room." I could see him getting excited with each back and forth. He knew I was messing with him now.

"Why would I want to share a room with you." I pretended to mock him. "I'm sure it would just cause me stress. Plus you snore." I heard the low rumble in his throat and started to back up, unfortunately I bumped into the bathroom door all too soon.

"Why?" His voice seemed to thrum through me as he breathed the word. "I can think of a few right off the top of my head." He was grinning at me wickedly as he sauntered toward me. "For one, it will be a lot more fun living together." He was right in front of me now. I could see myself reflected in his golden eyes. He looked as excited as I felt right about now.

"Fun?" I pretended not to know what he meant, but I knew what was coming, and I was looking forward to it as much as he was.

"Mhmm. In fact, let's play." His words barely reached me before his hands did.

Reece lifted me up by my waist, stepping forward as he did. He ended up pressing me against the wall, pinning me in place. I wrapped my legs around him to steady myself, pressing my dampening core directly against the erection I could feel through his jeans. He had definitely been holding back yesterday. He wanted me, and I wanted him. He was right, there was a benefit to us sharing a room. 

He was kissing me with a growing intensity. His tongue explored my mouth with a feverish desire. I match his fever with one of my own, returning his kiss with equal passion.

I was tearing at the shirt he was wearing before I even realized what I was doing. He broke the kiss, pulling away to rip his t-shirt off over his head. He then grabbed the hem of the shirt I was wearing and yanked on it as well. He growled when he saw the bra that still stood in his way. Rather than take it off properly, he gripped the front of the bra, shredding it with wolf claws before pulling it quickly away. That all took less than thirty seconds and then his mouth was back on mine.

I no longer felt any pain, it had all disappeared when I shifted, leaving me feeling exhilarated and now aroused. When the kiss broke again he moved his mouth down the line of my jaw and down to my neck. I took advantage of his distraction to reach for his belt.

"You seem to be in a hurry tonight." His voice rumbled right into my ear, his breath tickled, and the stray hairs on my neck fluttered against me. I shivered, my whole body shuddering against him and pressing him more firmly against my core. 

"Want me to slow down?" I growled into his ear, returning the shiver he had given me and rubbing my cheek against his, the scratchy feel of his stubble rubbing against my face was enticing.

"Not at all." He growled back as he closed his mouth over my mark. The sensitive spot was like a direct link to my arousal. I moaned at the feel, throwing my head back just as I pulled his belt free and let it fall to the ground. "Would you like me to slow down?" He joked back, his laughter rumbling from him into me.

"Do it and I might have to hurt you." I threatened him as I clamped my teeth onto his mark in return. His growl went from playful to impatient instantly. He grabbed my skirt and pulled hard, tearing the fabric in one tug. It disappeared somewhere in the room behind us as he tossed it away. He followed that with grabbing the waistband of my panties at both hips and pulling hard. The ripping sound was nearly instantaneous. He let the fabric fall to the floor.

"Reece." I breathed as I pulled his mouth back to mine. "I want you." I pressed my lips to his firmly, hungry. I needed to touch him, to feel him, to have him.