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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 13 - Trinity- Into The Alpha House




The Alpha's words scared me. I was his mate. How could this be? I wasn't supposed to be able to mate with anyone in the pack. And here I was mated to the Alpha of all people. How did this happen? How could I get away from this?

"Reece, be nice." Noah pleaded with him. The Alpha just growled in response. I had never actually heard the Alpha called by his first name before, so it was a shock to hear my cousin talk to him like a friend. "Come on Trinity, let's go." Noah beckoned me towards him with a wave of his hand. The Alpha said nothing in protest to this, so I got up slowly and walked to Noah's side.

I chanced a look up at the Alpha. I wanted to see his face. To see what type of mood he was in. I regretted it instantly. The look on his face was almost cold enough to freeze me in place. If looks could kill. I thought to myself. The only good thing was that he had managed to get dressed while my back was turned, so I didn't have to add the embarrassment of seeing him naked to the long list of things he seemed mad at me about.

I followed Noah to the car, the Alpha had taken the lead and was waiting for us in the driver's seat when Noah opened the back door.

"Get in." The Alpha grumbled to me immediately. I slid in across the seat and Noah got in next to me.

"Do you understand what is going to happen now?" Noah asked me.

"In theory." I admitted. This was true. I know what happened when mate bonds were formed. I knew what was expected from a normal couple. But I had no idea what would be expected of me in this situation. I could only speculate. The Alpha scoffed at my answer.

"We will discuss it in detail later then." Noah told me, a slight smile on his face. It was clear he had hoped he didn't have to be the one explaining everything to me. I just nodded my head and sat there, trying to process everything that had happened today.

"More importantly, are you hurt?" Noah asked me. I saw the Alpha's eyes flicker toward me in the mirror, almost like there was hope in them.

"Just a few scrapes and bruises." I told them. "If he hadn't caught me so quickly that last time, I would have nothing. But unfortunately, my foot caught the roots as I was getting back to my feet." I heard a snicker at my words come from the front seat. The Alpha thought me fighting for my life was funny. "If I had not fought, I would surely be dead by now." Anger was filling my voice. Why was he scoffing and laughing at everything I said? A mate isn't supposed to act like that. I saw anger fill his eyes at my tone of voice. He wasn't happy with how I was talking to him.

We made it to the house. The one I thought was too big and never wanted to go inside. The one that looked so massive I was likely to get lost every time I left a room. The house that made me gulp in fear and hesitate at the threshold. Once I go inside everything will change, it will all be different.

Noah pushed gently on my back, urging me forward to follow the Alpha as he led the way into the dark looming house. It was still daylight outside, and there were plenty of windows letting in plenty of lights, but it felt as if I would be swallowed by the dark if I went in the house.

However, I had no choice but to follow him inside. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. We had come in through a back entrance near the garage, so we had entered through the kitchen.

It was a kitchen so massive and pristine that it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. There were two massive side-by-side refrigerators, there seemed to be four ovens built into the walls, in a two by two square pattern. There was a massive walk in pantry that I could see out of the corner of my eye, and more kitchen utensils than I could name. It was definitely a dream kitchen.

There seemed to be an informal dining area located in the kitchen as well. There was seating at the counter with bar stools as well as a table and chairs that seemed cozy and almost out of place.

Beyond the kitchen there was a hallway with some storage rooms that led down to a formal dining room that was so massive it just seemed ostentatious.

The Alpha just continued to stomp along past all of these rooms. Down more hallways until he got to a massive set of stairs that led up. He climbed them in silence with Noah and me following.

He went up the stairs, then even more, until we were on the third floor. He quietly continued to stomp his way down the hallway until he came to the door he was looking for. He pushed the door open with great force and led the way inside. Noah once again pushed me on the back, urging me in, so I took another deep breath and nervously entered the room.

I saw that the Alpha had gone to stand at the back of the room, leaning against the window and glaring at the room and everyone in it. Aside from the Alpha there were five elderly men I had never seen before as well as my Grandfather, my Aunt Eve and Uncle Wesley, and Carter. Since Noah had come in behind me, it meant that my whole family was here. Oh Goddess. I said to myself. This could not end well.

"Shall we get right to business?" One of the old men spoke in a gravelly voice, standing up and walking toward me.