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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 119 - Trinity-Home




I had appreciated the last minute party that Emmalee threw together for me, but I was glad to be going home. I had been gone for several days already, but it felt like weeks. I wanted to see my family and Lila. I missed my friends. I wanted normalcy, even though it was a life that I never thought I would call normal, I desperately wanted it back now.

When we landed at the airport back home and got off the beautiful plane, that I had recently learned that Reece bought from the pilot just because he needed to get to me, I was escorted straight to a waiting SUV limousine. I guess that was one way to get treated like a VIP, private planes and limos. People see those and they think rich and famous. Well, we may not be famous, but Reece was definitely rich. I had never really thought about it before, but I guess that made me rich as well. I just didn't know how rich yet.

The ride home was quiet and quick. You'd be surprised by how many people seem to be afraid to drive in front of a big black limo. Everyone seemed to pull to the side or switch lanes to avoid having us behind them. The result was a quick, peaceful ride.

I noticed that it had snowed recently while I was gone. There were several inches of the white powder built up on the ground and pushed into giant hills around the city. I loved how the city and forest looked when covered in snow, it always seemed so magical. And just seeing the long winding drive and outside of our castle like home dusted with the white powder made me feel like I was entering a fantasy world.

I was just stepping out of the car, holding onto Reece's hand as he pulled me toward him, when the front door opened wide and Aunt Eve ran out, followed by Lila and a group of others.

"Oh Trinity." Aunt Eve wrapped her arms around me in a tight, bone cracking hug that pulled a cry from me. "I was so worried." She said pulling away from me and inspecting my face, turning it every which way to see it from different angles. "I thought I was going to go insane waiting for you. Even after the others got back and assured me you were alright, I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied until I saw you myself." She pulled me toward her again, hugging me and kissing my cheek repeatedly. I wrapped my arms around her as well, letting her feel that I was indeed back and just fine.

"I'm alright now, Aunt Eve. And I missed you so much." I squeezed her tightly. "I love you." I whispered to her.

"I love you too, baby." She seemed about to cry when she stepped back away from me.

Lila filled my field of vision next, hugging me nearly as tight as Aunt Eve had.

"Oh Trinity, I missed you. I was so worried. I should have been with you when you met with Caleb and Frederick that night, I would have stopped you from going." She was blaming herself just like everyone else was.

"If I didn't go with them willingly, I'm sure they would have taken me by force." I tried to calm her nerves but that just seemed to make her more scared.

"I would never forgive anyone who hurt you. You're too important to all of us." She was smiling at me now, looking into my eyes with a somber look and a determined set to her jaw.

It seemed that everyone that was close to me was there. Juniper, Paul, and Cedar came next to give me a group hug.

"Don't ever scare me like that again." Juniper scolded. "I nearly died just thinking about everything that could have happened to you."

"Yeah Astro, don't ever let that happen again. We were all so worried."

"Paul and I were ready to kill someone." Cedar added.

"I love you guys." I told them. "I'm sorry I worried you."

Heather and Vincent were also there with the kids. David, Shane, and Shawn as well. Grandfather was also waiting at the back. He said he didn't want to take away from my reunion with everyone else because we had seen each other so recently. Carter was standing next to him, apparently in the same mindset. Everything was so great, seeing everyone who cared for me. The only thing that felt off was the strangely intense look in Grandfather's eyes, but with everything that had happened, I could understand why he was so intense and nervous right now.

After the hype died down, and most of our guests finally left some time in the early evening, we were informed of a visit from the elders. Just hearing a reference to the group of old men made me nervous. Caleb had been in on the entire plot and the attack on me. Was his grandfather part of that plot or no? I needed to find out since Frederick was a member of the elders, and if he was in on the entire thing, then I still wasn't safe.

With a heavy heart weighed down by fear and worry, I took Reece's hand and let him escort me to his office and the waiting elders.




My Little Bunny was nervous now. She seemed to be dreading this visit with the elders. I had my suspicions as to why. She was suspecting my uncle as much as I was. Frederick was not likely to be happy when he found out that I killed his grandson. Oh well, he would deal or he could face the consequences. I was surprised when someone stopped us as we were on our way to my office.

"Reece." Little Bunny's grandfather called out to me. "I will be joining you for this meeting with the elders." He didn't ask me, he was informing me of what was going to happen. That was peculiar, but I didn't want to start anything now, so I allowed him to come along.

"Sure Mr. Whitton, please, come along." He followed behind us as we went. Noah was in the lead, Little Bunny and me in the middle, and the elder Whitton bringing up the rear.