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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 117 - Trinity-Meet Emmalee




Reece and I were supposed to have dinner with the alpha of the Black Canyons pack, my dilemma however, was that Reece had only packed me three pairs of comfortable clothing. I didn't have anything that would be acceptable to wear outside of the room. I know he meant well, and he was trying to do his best, but he had really hindered me here, a lot. 

Reece had told me he would send someone to get everything that he had forgotten, but I was still waiting. So, when I smelled a female wolf coming toward the room a little while before dinner, I was surprised.

"Hi, Trinity, can I come in?" She asked, knocking on the door. I looked at Reece confused, clearly he didn't recognize her either.

"Yes, come in." I told her, seeing the angered look on Reece's face. He wasn't happy I was inviting a strange wolf into the room.

When the door opened I saw a pretty wolf girl about my age. She had beautiful, long, wavy blonde hair and bright green eyes. Her skin was so clear and pretty, pale but not as light as my own. She was on the short end for a wolf, but still taller than me by a couple inches.

"Hi, I'm so happy to meet you." She smiled at me sweetly.

"Um, hi." I responded a little apprehensively.

"Oh, I didn't introduce myself." She giggled. "I'm Emmalee Evans. My father is Bryce, the alpha of this pack." I felt a little better knowing who she was at least. 

"It's nice to meet you Emmalee." I smiled at her as well. "Was there something I could do for you?"

"Actually, I came to help you. I was told you needed some more clothes and things that were forgotten, but no one has had a chance to go yet. I would have stopped on my way home if I knew, but will my clothes work for you?"

"Oh." I was surprised by what she had said, she was so friendly and open. "Actually I think that would be great. Thank you."

"Not a problem, we girls need to help each other out when we can, right."

"I'm just not used to this is all. But I would appreciate the help a lot."

"Well, come on to my room then, you can pick out something to wear to dinner tonight. And I can get you a brush, it looks like someone might have forgotten to bring you one." She laughed.

"Is it that bad?" I asked self consciously.

"It's not too bad, we can fix it easily."

"Sounds good." I tried to get off Reece's lap, but he held me in place like he had done earlier. "Reece?" I asked him, confused. "Can I get up now."

"Trinity." He looked at me pleadingly. "You can't just go."

"And why not?" He really was clinging to me like crazy today, it was kind of cute but would get old really fast. "I'm not going to leave the house Reece. I will be inside and safe the whole time."

"I'll keep an eye on her, I promise." Emmalee was smiling at him.

"Fine, I have to go talk to someone anyway, so I'll walk you there." He grumbled. I was pretty sure he just wanted to know what room I was going to be in.

"Whatever you say." I rolled my eyes at him with a smirk on my face. 

Once Reece had successfully walked me to Emmalee's room, complete with a quick, not so chaste, goodbye kiss, I was taken immediately to her vanity area and handed a brush while she started pulling things out of the closet.

"Dinner isn't going to be formal or anything, but if all he brought you was loungewear I can understand why you would want something else for tonight." She was laughing. "With how much staff we have, even I don't feel comfortable wearing my loungewear around the house."

"See, you get it, why can't he. No woman wants to walk around a strange house with a bunch of people she doesn't know while basically wearing pajamas." We were both laughing now. Emmalee was very easy to get along with. 

"Still, I envy you." Emmalee said in a slightly somber voice.

"You envy me?" I asked her in astonishment. "What for?"

"You've found your mate. I want to find mine. I thought I had recently, but I guess I was wrong." She sounded so sad, like she had lost something so precious to her.

"Yeah, well, it hasn't been all perfect." I told her with a slight edge to my voice.

"You seem so happy though." She noted. 

"I am, now. But we weren't so happy when we first got together." I recalled how hard things were in the beginning.

"I wouldn't care, I just want to find my mate. I know that I will be happy." Her lopsided smile was both heartbreaking and encouraging.

By the time that I heard, and smelled, Reece coming back down the hall toward Emmalee's room, I had found something suitable to wear for the night and something to wear home tomorrow. I had also managed to brush my long, thick hair and pull it back to keep it more manageable. 

"I'll send these back to you once I get home and have them cleaned."

"No worries. This just makes room for something new." She laughed, clearly she liked shopping and was going to take advantage.

"Thank you Emmalee. If you're ever in Colorado Springs, come say hi." I told her just as there was a knock on the door. 




I heard Little Bunny and Emmalee talking inside the room. They seemed to be getting along well, which was good I guess, since she didn't have many friends. I just wasn't happy with her being out of my sight. With what happened recently it made me nervous when I couldn't see her. It would take a while for me to get comfortable with the idea of letting her out of my reach.

When Emmalee opened the door and I could see my mate standing behind her, a tension that had been steadily building eased instantly. She brought peace to my life, made me feel calm. Just seeing my Little Bunny made me so happy. I smiled involuntarily as soon as I saw her.

"Alpha Reece, so nice of you to come and escort Trinity to dinner. You're such a caring mate aren't you?" Emmalee cooed as she saw me staring past her.

"She's my world." I told her quietly, causing my Little Bunny to blush.

"Stop, you're making me jealous." She joked. "I envy you two, you seem so happy. I want that too."

"I hope you get it soon, it's the best thing that's ever happened to me." I hadn't taken my eyes off my Little Bunny. She looked beautiful. Her hair neat and pulled back, a cute, loose fitting, red top and a black skirt that came to her knees. It was simple but looked amazing on her. Everything did.

"Come on you two love birds, let's go down to dinner." Emmalee grabbed Trinity by the hand and pulled her out of the room and into the hallway. She then linked her arms around ours, one in my left arm, the other in my mate's right arm, she was putting herself in between us. "I think we're all going to get along just fine, as long as you behave yourselves." She was laughing again. I didn't like that she was separating us, but I know she didn't have any ulterior motives so I let it slide this time.