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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 111 - Trinity-An Intimate Moment




I was deep in thought for a moment until Reece dragged my attention back to the bath by running his hands through my hair. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him, surprised.

"Finishing your bath. This new position of yours will make it a lot easier. I don't know why I didn't think of it first." He grinned as he continued gently working his hands through my hair and across my scalp. I could feel the shampoo lathering between his hands and my head. The feeling of his fingers was like a gentle massage that I didn't want to stop.

I felt him moving his hands lower and lower once he was done washing my hair. His hands tickled lower until they went below my shoulders, below the surface of the water. Down they went to the small of my back. He stopped there, gripping me lightly in the water.

"Do you want me to rinse your hair for you?" He had a wicked look in his eyes as he asked the question.

"Normally, I wash my hair in a shower, the few times I do so in a tub, I lean back and rinse my hair."

"How do you want to do it today?" I thought about that for a moment, it would be awkward with him in the tub as well, but I had way more than enough room to accomplish the task.

"I'll just lay back I guess." I went to move off his lap but he held me in place.

"I was hoping you'd say that. Which way, toward me or away?" He was giving me a triumphant smile, as if he had just won something.


"Do you want to lean back away from me how you're sitting, or turn around and lay back against me?" He asked me, grinning even wider. He really wasn't going to let me go.

"Are you going to be clingy like that all the time?" I asked.

"Maybe." He laughed. I just rolled my eyes and leaned back, arching my back to dip my hair into the water. Reece wrapped his arms around me a little tighter to hold me steady. I ran my hands through my hair quickly, until I felt that all the shampoo was gone. 

While I leaned back, I felt Reece remove one hand from around my back. He pressed his hand against my chest. He squeezed my breast gently, applying a light pressure with his finger tips. I moaned softly at the feel of his finger. While I continued rinsing, he ran his hand over my chest and stomach, up and down, repeatedly.

Leaning back hadn't been that painful. But coming back up, using the muscle that had been stretched into a completely new form last night, is what hurt. When I went to sit up I felt a stabbing pain and bit my lip to stop the cry of pain. Reece must have felt my hesitation as he gently pushed me into a sitting position on his lap again.

"I'm sorry Little Bunny, I should have turned you around."

"Stop it, it was my choice to lean back Reece. My muscles are just sore. I've got pains all over, it just seems like I don't know where they all are." I was trying to reassure him.

"Let's hurry this up and get out of here then."

"I'm not going to break Reece." He was starting to frustrate me.

"Maybe not, but you've had enough pain, lately. I don't want to cause anymore for you."

We finished our bath in a hurry, apparently the relaxation was over. Reece bundled me in a towel and carried me back to the bedroom. I knew better than to argue, he would just tell me he wanted to carry me and to let him, or something like that.

Reece set me down on the edge of the bed, the towel still wrapped around me.

"Reece, the sheets will get wet."

"It doesn't matter, I'll be asking for them to be changed today." He dismissed my protests.

"This isn't a hotel." I snapped at him.

"Treat it like it is." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Now, let's get dressed, and to do that we need to get dried."

Reece snatched the edges of my towel and tugged it open. I watched in embarrassment as he purred when he looked at me.

"I promise, I'm not going to do anything, I'm waiting until you're better, but man are you hard to resist." The hungry look in his eyes helped to drive the words home, even with the smirk on his face. I blushed scarlet as his eyes devoured me.

Reece took another towel that was sitting nearby and knelt in front of me before he began to pat my body dry. He gently rubbed the towel up my left leg, then my right. He rubbed the towel over my thighs, but he did not press himself forward between them.

Reece was as close to me as he could get without touching me, his towel still wrapped around his waist while I sat exposed on the bed. He smoothly moved higher with the towel, drying me as he moved his hands up my body. I watched his face intently as his eyes stared hungrily at me. I could feel the heat radiating from him, from the look he was giving me.

I felt his large, firm hands through the cloth. They wrapped almost completely around my hips as he gripped me firmly. He slid his hands up over my waist, across my ribs, until he reached my breasts. I saw the smile that settled on his lips as he cupped my breasts in his hands. He squeezed gently for just a moment before moving on.

"I need to behave myself." He muttered to himself as his hands reached my shoulders. He took the towel and ran it once down each of my arms quickly before he got to his feet.

I thought he was finished but he held me in place with a gentle hand as he climbed onto the bed. He settled himself behind me, pulling me back to nestle me between his thighs. He gently took the towel and started rubbing my hair gently. The massaging feel of his hands was almost enough to make me want to sleep again. 

After my hair was sufficiently dried he moved onto my neck, shoulders, and back. Gentle stroking motions that seemed different from how he dried me moments ago. 

"I can still see these marks." I heard him whisper behind me, I don't know if he meant for me to hear him or not.

"What marks?" I asked him.

"Where they whipped you. I can still see them. Where it tore open your flesh. I remember how I felt that night, when I saw what they had done to you. I wanted to kill them. I wanted to be there in that room for real and rip them to shreds." I heard the anger he felt, but also the sorrow at having not been there to save me.

"You did stop them, eventually. It's not your fault, Reece. I'm alive, let's just focus on that." I tried to soothe him.

"But their leader got away."

"We will find him, eventually. For now, let's focus on the here and now." I begged him.

"I will never forgive them." I felt him trace the lines on my back with his fingers, the towel all but forgotten now. "I will find him, and anyone else left in his coven that didn't die last night, and I will make them all pay." I felt the bed shift as he leaned toward me, the next thing I knew I felt his lips press lightly against my back. "I will avenge you." He kissed my back again. "Every single person, Warlock, wolf, no matter what they are, they will pay for hurting you." He kissed another mark on my back. The mixture of his words, the gentle breeze of his breath across my skin, and feather light touch of his lips, together they all made me shiver in his embrace.

I heard a rumbling purr come from his chest, I knew that meant his control was on the verge of snapping. 

"I will make sure you heal, I will make sure you are made whole again. You will stand at my side and together we will lead our pack. No one will ever dare to touch you again." His words sent shivers down my spine and butterflies whirling in my stomach. He never talked like this, but I was enjoying the moment.

Reece wrapped his arms around me then, one around my breasts the other around my waist, as he threw himself backwards and rolled to the side. We ended with me face down on the mattress with him straddling me, his knees next to my hips. I felt the bed shift again from him moving forward, his breath tickling the back of my ear.

"You are my Luna, my mate, my everything Trinity. You are my Little Bunny after all." I felt him press his mouth to my mark, or marks now. "This here, tells me you're meant to lead the pack." I could tell he was pressing his tongue against the first mark I received. The firm pressure of his tongue was stirring things deep in my core. Every stroke of his tongue was like a caress of somewhere much lower. 

His tongue trailed along a sensitive path making me writhe beneath him.

"These other marks." He said as he lapped at another mark that was up on the side of my neck, just below my ear. "These marks tell me you're special." He whispered into my ear before following the path with his tongue again. The marks and the lines connecting them were still extremely sensitive to the touch.

"These marks tell me that you will be unlike any other Luna in our pack's history. Possibly in the history of the world." He followed the line once again after he spoke these words. "They tell me that you are strong as well as beautiful, not to mention sexy as hell and mouth wateringly delicious." I felt the hum of repressed desire as he was holding himself back while following the line again. "You may not need or want me to protect you anymore, or ever, but I hope you let me. I promise to do it properly from now on." He followed the line to the last of the outer marks. "I promise to treat you right from now on."

His mouth made it ways back to the center of the marks, the original mark. I felt him press his lip to it gently before he opened his mouth. His lips had just settled against my mark, tongue pressing in the middle of the sensitive patch, when my stomach growled loudly. I was mortified, embarrassed beyond belief and glad my face was hidden so he couldn't see how red it was.

"Yeah, you're probably pretty hungry aren't you? Did you even eat during those two days?" I could hear the laughter in his voice.

"No, I didn't." I shook my head from side to side to emphasize the answer.

"I should have gotten you food sooner. Your body needs it, especially after the first shift. It explains why you haven't fully healed as well. Your body will require more calories now that you can shift. Without the calories you won't be able to heal as fast, shift properly, or stave off the cold like we usually do." I felt him move away from me, allowing me to roll over and sit up. 

"All that if I just get too hungry? I knew that wolves ate more than other people, but I hadn't actually thought about the why before. I had just assumed it was the natural metabolism, I didn't think it had other implications." He was walking to the table near the door, where I noticed a large bag sitting.

"Our metabolism is actually the cause. It's why we heal so fast, why the cold doesn't bother us, and of course, why we have such large appetites. But without that metabolism, we couldn't be what we are. Shifters of any kind have the accelerated metabolism." With the bag in hand, he walked back toward the bed. I watched the uninterrupted display of his body as he made his way closer to me.

"Huh." His words had given me information I had never cared to learn before. If I wasn't a true wolf then why bother, that had been my answer when someone tried making me learn more about it. I knew what I needed to know about wolves up to that point. And academically I was stellar, I just didn't want to depress myself learning about something I would never be. Or so I thought. Guess I was wrong.

"Come on, get dressed. I will call to have some breakfast brought up." He looked over at the clock on the nightstand. "Make that lunch." He amended with a smile and a laugh.

Reece had packed the bag for both himself and me in mind. There were clothes, comfortable ones. He handed me a bra and panties that weren't picked out for their sex appeal but for their softness and comfort in mind. Next he gave me a pair of dark blue satin lounge pants. Instead of the matching top that went with the lounge pants, that was kind of low cut and revealing, he handed me one of my favorite t-shirts I usually wore to bed.

"You definitely didn't pick this to make me look sexy." I said as I pulled the shirt over my head.

"One, I'm trying to stop temptation. Two, you look sexy in everything you wear. And three, I thought you might need some comfortable clothing after what you went through, I didn't expect you to be shifting into a wolf and healing most of your injuries that quickly." I smiled at him and blushed at his words. 

"I look sexy in everything, huh?" I asked teasingly.

"Yes." He purred as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine for a brief moment. The kiss told me he was fighting to hold back. It spoke of hunger, need, desire, and restraint. "Now, be good and don't tempt me too much, I know my self control is good because I kept my hands off of you for almost three months, but I don't  want to see if my control can stand another test of wills." His eyes seemed to be begging me to give him a break, I had to cut the man some slack. He was right, I was still in a lot of pain since I hadn't healed completely. Not to mention I was really hungry.

"Alright, alright." I laughed at him. "I'll be good."

"Thank you." He pressed a kiss to my forehead before backing away.

"By the way, Reece, is there a brush in that bag?" 

"I didn't even think to pack one." He smacked himself in the head, realization dawning on his face. "I usually only need a comb. Will that help?" I looked at him skeptically, wondering if he were serious.

"No, Reece it won't. Not with hair as thick as mine."

"I'll send someone out for everything I forgot." He promised.