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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 110 - Trinity-Bath Time With Reece




Reece pushed the door to the bathroom open with his shoulder and walked in without hesitation. I was growing more nervous by the second. He carried me over to the tub and set me down on my feet next to it.

"Want to sit on a towel to wait?" He asked me.

"No, I'm capable of standing for a few minutes." I answered defiantly. I wasn't that weak, even though I could feel the pain flare up in my legs when he set me down. My muscles were definitely sore.

I watched as he turned the hot water on. He added a light scented soap that seemed to be the only one in the room. After he tested the water with his hands he turned back toward me with his hands outstretched.

"Reece, I'm not an invalid."

"I know that." He grinned at me as he scooped me up. "But I have a lot of time to make up for." He was chuckling as he stepped into the water with me in his arms.

The tub in this bathroom wasn't nearly as big as the one in my bathroom back home. It was a bit narrower, more actual tub shaped but still built into the floor like mine. It also didn't seem to be quite as deep as mine. But it was still too deep compared to me though.

The depth didn't seem like it was going to pose a problem though, as Reece sat me down on his lap, facing away from him, when he sat down in the tub. He wrapped his arms around me again for a gentle hug, but since they went around the front this time, it felt a lot more intimate.

After a few moments Reece started stroking my back, gently. I picked up another wave of the soft smell of the soap.

"What are you doing?" I asked him in disbelief.

"Washing you. I started with your back, did you want me to start somewhere else?" I felt the purr like rumble of his laugh as it vibrated through his body into mine. The feeling made me shiver. 

"You know I can wash myself right."

"I know. But I want to do it. Is there a problem?" His hands moved up my back to my shoulders. Then he massaged the back of my neck and shoulders gently with small circles, the sensation was amazingly relaxing. I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as he nimbly moved his fingers along my skin. 

"Does that feel good Little Bunny?" He asked me, a hint of triumph in his voice.

"Mhmm. It's helping with the pain I'm still feeling."

"I'll give you a better massage later."

"I won't say no to that." I let my head fall back against him, his fingers making me feel weak and relaxed.

After he finished his massage of my shoulders, he lathered more soap in his hands and massaged gently down both my arms at the same time. Kneading the tense muscles and washing me at the same time.

He lathered again and ran his hands gently across my chest. Soft, gentle circular motions, that was how he moved his hands, across my chest and lower as he moved to my belly button.

When he leaned forward to reach toward my legs, it pressed his chests against my back. The pressure of his body pushing against mine that fully made the sharp pains flare again. I could feel a shadow of whips lashing against me.

"Ahh!" I cried out almost instantly causing Reece to pull back.

"What's the matter? Are you alright? Did I hurt you?" His voice was full of panic as he ran his hands over me hesitantly.

"I'm still just really sore, that's all. I don't know if it is from the shift or from before. Whichever one it is though, I still hurt all over."

"I'm sorry Bunny, I didn't mean to hurt you." 

"You didn't, I was already hurt." I interrupted him. 

"But I made it worse." He rested his head on my shoulder and spoke pitifully.

"Shut up." I snapped at him.

"What?" He cried out in surprise sitting up. I quickly, and carefully, turned myself around so that I was facing Reece. I straddled his legs and placed my hands on his shoulders.

"Listen Reece. I am happy that we are properly together now, that we're moving past all that bullshit from the beginning-."

"I know, I-."

"Stop." I cut him off just as he interrupted me. "Let me talk, you just zip it and listen for now, I think I've earned that. Don't you?" He nodded his head to answer my question. "Good. Now, listen to me, and listen good, I know you didn't mean to hurt me just now. In fact, it wasn't you that hurt me, it was five psychotic Warlocks, four of which are already dead."

"Still one got away-."

  "Zip it." I said again, glaring at him playfully. He smiled and closed his mouth. "A lot happened to me. Yes, I am in pain, a lot of pain. But you know what Reece, I will heal. And when I heal I will be a stronger person for this because there are not many people out there who can say they have survived what I did. And not only did I come out of it alive, I am not mentally broken like they tried to do to me. I came out of that room a wolf. A wolf unlike almost any other wolf ever. So, yeah that might make me a freak to some-."

"You're not a freak."

"Thanks for that, but shut up and listen a little longer."

"Like I said, that might make me a freak to some, but to others, it makes me more powerful. So, I guess it's all in how I look at it. Yes, it was a horrible ordeal and a really bad situation that I truly want to forget. But I'm not going to forget it, and I'm not going to regret that time for my entire life, because I don't know if I would be who I was meant to be without my time there."

"Are you saying that you never would have awakened your wolf if it wasn't for them?"

"If it wasn't for them attacking you." I corrected him.

"What are you saying?" He didn't seem to follow that.

"I only changed when they attacked you Reece. I was there with them for two days. Two days of physical and mental torture didn't awaken my wolf or my magic. What finished the awakening, what did the job, was them attacking you. I didn't want them touching you, hurting you, like they had hurt me. Or worse, I didn't want them killing you, even if it meant I had to die."

"Trinity." I heard both Happiness and sorrow in his voice and saw a strange look in his eyes. He was obviously touched by my words. 

"I love you Reece, and I have for a long time now."

"I love you too, Trinity, and I'm sorry I ever made you think otherwise. I loved you the moment I first smelled your scent, and I loved you more the first time I saw you. You smell sweet and delicious like an apple pie, but also dangerous like it's being chased by a thunderstorm. You drive me crazy."

I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his gently. A soft kiss that didn't go too far. I could tell he wanted more, but my body just wasn't ready. 

"You drive me crazy too, but not always in a good way." I joked as I rested my head on his left shoulder, my eyes crinkled in laughter. He was laughing with me, he seemed to understand exactly what I meant.

That was when I noticed something I had never seen before. And considering I had seen almost every part of this man naked, I would have noticed a giant black mate mark on his neck.

"Reece, when did you get this?" I was confused as I looked at it. It didn't look like any pack crest I had ever seen before so it didn't make any sense to me.

"It started to show up after Saturday night." He pulled away from me and grinned. "After we marked each other."

"Marked each other?" My eyes popped. "You're saying I marked you? How?" Reece shrugged his shoulders with a huge smile on his face.

"I don't know Little Bunny, but when you bit me back when we were together that night, when the flow of power was coursing through us both at the same time, I think it counted as a second mating, a true mating."

"Has something like this ever happened before?" I was awestruck as I stared at the mark, my fingers brushing over it. He shivered slightly when my fingers moved gently across the mark.

His mark, unlike mine, was that of a jet black wolf crouching protectively in front of a ghostly pale woman who seemed to be radiating light, a full moon could be seen partially obscured by wispy clouds in the image as well. It was beautiful. And it was surrounded with the three leaf marks that were like the one on the floor of the cellar.

"This symbol again." I said running my fingers along the chain of three leaf designs.

"Are you talking about the trinity symbol?" He was looking at me like I should have known.

"The what? There's a symbol with my name?"

"You didn't know?" I shook my head to answer him. "Well, the Trinity means triad or group of three. They also use it in the church for religious reasons, but it predates those days."

"I never knew that." I continued to trace the chain of trinity symbols around his mark, making him shudder.

"Your marks changed too, you know." I stopped moving my hand along his mark and looked at him.


"Yeah, they match what was on your wolf."

"But, what was on my wolf?" I asked him yet I was afraid to hear the answer.

"You have six marks in all. The center mark is an altered pack crest. It no longer has just a wolf leaping over the moon."

"What does it have now?" I asked, my voice full of worry.

"There is a pack of wolves leaping in front of the moon and a beautiful woman descending from the top of it."

"Why would it change?" I was concerned about this more than he seemed to be.

"I don't know, perhaps because you're the Luna."

"I wonder."