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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 107 - Trinity-Wolf




I had not expected to turn into a wolf, ever, least of all when I had been kidnapped and was being tortured by psychotic Warlocks. So imagine my surprise when I turned into one for the first time with everyone staring at me. And then to find out that Edmond had accomplished his goal, I have magic as well, if that strange howl was magic.

I was now standing in front of the door, blocking the escape of Donna, Reya, Grantham, and Jeremy. Two Warlocks and two wolves. I wanted to kill them all personally, they had all done me wrong, they had all tried to kill me personally. But I didn't know if they would let me handle them all. 

"Reece, will you let me handle this?"

"All of them?" He seemed surprised.

"They all tried to kill me." I growled, low in my throat.

"Then I should be the one to do it, not you." He tried to argue with me.

"No!" I snapped at him. "I will handle this." I yelled at him. For some reason he looked like he was compelled to follow my command.

"Fine, but I am here to help if you need me."

"Would you like us to provide crowd control?" Vincent asked. We can herd them at the back of the cellar until you're ready for the next."

"Sounds good to me, but I don't plan on taking my time, I won't take pleasure in the torture like they did." I spat the words out.

Slowly I stalked towards Donna, she was one of the reasons I was here to begin with.

"No, please, don't do this." She was begging for her life. 

"Oh, like you tried to spare my life?" I asked. "Oh, that's right, you didn't!" I yelled at her. "Now you can burn in hell." I spat the words at her. The next thing I knew, fire swirled around me and flew toward her. She was engulfed in seconds. She screamed in agony for less than a minute before falling silent. There was nothing but a pile of ashes left behind.

"That was easy. Who's next?" I said turning to the others. They shrank away in fear. "Maybe you Jeremy. You're one of the reasons I am here. And now you seem to be frozen in fear. Maybe you should be frozen for real." Just like last time I watched as the element swirled around me before engulfing it's target. But this time there was no screaming, he froze instantly. I walked to him slowly and pushed him lightly. He fell instantly, shattering into thousands of pieces on impact. 

I looked to Reya next, she was trembling in fear. She was not even trying to fight back. Everyone was just watching me either with fear or awe.

"She was so eager to electrocute me. Let's have her get a taste of that for herself. She needs to know the shocking truth of electricity." As soon as the words were out of my mouth I could smell the ozone in the room, taste it on the air. Several bolts of lightning hit her at once. She screamed for a few seconds, less than Donna did, before the electricity became too much for her system. She collapsed to the ground, dead.

When I turned to Grantham, he didn't plead for his life, but he did ridicule me.

"You think you're something special all of a sudden. You're just a mongrel, and you always will be. You're neither a witch nor a wolf. You belong nowhere." He sneered at me.

"I will rip your throat out for those words." Reece threatened him.

"You promised me Reece." I reminded him.

"Give me the satisfaction of killing at least one of them." He pleaded with me.

"Then shall we kill him together?" I suggested.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea."

Reece and I walked toward each other, meeting directly in front of Grantham. We turned at the same time, brushing against each other. Even in wolf form he towered over me by at least a foot, my wolf seemed slim and delicate even though I felt sleek and powerful. But Reece was clearly pure power in his wolf form.

We walked pressed against each other for several feet before we separated and came at Grantham at different angles. I know this was only so easy because they were not fighting back anymore, but I was just glad to have this over with so soon.

I lunged at Grantham first, going high for the throat, I never wanted to worry about that voice of his ever again. Reece lunged for his midsection, severing him completely in half. I didn't mind the flavor of the blood, but just knowing whose it was that was running down my throat made me sick to my stomach.

Finally, it was all over. There was no one left here to torment me. I just wish that Edmond hadn't gotten away. But I would track him down. I would hunt him to the ends of the earth if I had to. He would not get away with what he'd done to me and all those other innocent people.

With the situation over, the fear, the stress, the worry of it all past, I lost all the strength that was holding my body up.

"Trinity." Reece leaned against me, supporting me. "Hold on, I will carry you."

"Hold on Reece, I will get you some clothes and a blanket to wrap the Luna in." Vincent said as he ran from the cellar.

"I'm not cold right now." I told Reece. "I don't need a blanket."

"It's in case you change back. This is your first shift, it'll take you a few times until you can shift on command." He was right of course. I wouldn't even know how to shift back right now even if I wanted to.

A few minutes later Vincent came back, dressed, carrying clothes for Reece and a blanket for me.

"I figured you didn't want any drool on it." He laughed as he handed over the clothes and blanket. Reece shifted and dressed in a hurry. I was laying on the floor, having no energy to stand right now.

After Reece was dressed he came over to me and lifted me gingerly into his arms. It felt awkward to be carried as a wolf. I was a lot bigger as a wolf than I was a person so I took up a lot more space than I was used to, though I still felt small in his arms. Plus, I couldn't curl up the way I was used to.

When we made it up the narrow stairs and out into the night, with me in Reece's arms, all I could smell was blood. It soaked into the ground. The night was literally running red with it. I didn't see anyone on the ground that I recognized. But I did smell familiar scents in the air.

I hear the sound of pounding footsteps coming our way. I could barely keep my eyes open, but I recognized Paul, Carter, and Cedar in the lead.

"Astro?" I heard Paul call out to me.

"Trin." Cedar voice joined him.

"Trinity." Carter and Uncle Wesley called at the same time. I sensed Grandfather as well, but he said nothing. 



"Oh my."

"That's cool." The four of them said all at the same time when they saw me.

"Astro you got your wolf." Paul followed up his cool comment with an obvious statement.

"And it looks awesome." Cedar smiled.

"I'm glad your mate seems to be fine, now can we get out of here." A tall, strong man a little older than Uncle Wesley said. "We can play show and tell back at my place." He grumbled. He didn't seem very friendly.

"Call a chopper to land in the clearing. I will fly back with Trinity from here, we will bring in the choppers one at a time, most of my pack can go back home." 

Reece's words were humming through my body. I could feel a strange tickling sensation growing inside my body. Everywhere Reece was touching me was on fire but everywhere else was ice cold. I started to shiver. I felt my bones starting to shift again and instantly I fell asleep.




"She's shifting back." I told the others as I pulled the blanket more firmly around her, making sure that she was properly covered so nothing showed at all.

"Have you ever seen a wolf like that before?" Bryce asked me as he stood beside me.

"No, but if you had seen her when she was in full spirits and fighting you'd see just how beautiful she is."

"She's amazing." Mr. Whitton smiled looking at her.

"She looks celestial." Wesley said in awe. We all looked at her again. She really did look like the embodiment of something celestial, didn't she. 

We boarded the helicopter and flew back to the Alpha house, she rode in my arms the whole time. I carried her straight to the room I had slept in before. I laid her in the middle of the bed, stripped down to my boxers again, then climbed in with her and held her in my arms. This time I pulled a small blanket around us for her.

I held her against my chest, holding her tight. The sense of peace I finally felt at having her back allowed me to drift into the first actual rest I had gotten since she had been taken. I missed her so much. I loved her more than words could say, and I need to tell her that as soon as I could. I would not miss my opportunity this time.