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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 106 - Reece-Shifting




It had taken longer to find the house than we had expected. The house was just over an hour away from the Alpha House, but unless you could see it from the top, you couldn't see it at all. It's possible that they had it hidden by some form of magic that was keeping us away.

We had started our search just after noon, but with the interference, we didn't find the house until long after dark. Once we gathered everyone back and got the extra helicopters needed to fly everyone in, it was about eleven that night. I was furious at having to wait but this wasn't my land so I couldn't rush in blind here.

I hadn't been expecting the sheer numbers they had when we landed. They had more forces than we had anticipated. We jumped and repelled from the choppers into a shit show of around seventy wolves and at least sixty Warlocks. We still had the advantage with numbers, my group had about a hundred and Bryce had sixty-five. But still, none of us knew how the Warlocks were likely to fight.

I knew where Trinity was, and told the others I was going to head straight to her. Noah and Vincent agreed to come with us right away. Clearly, those at the hidden farmhouse never expected us to find them, or to be able to get in, because they were clearly surprised when we all landed in front of them.

One thing I took notice of before I ran toward the cellar doors, was that many of the wolves in the area were from Stanley's Black Moon pack, so he had been helping the Warlocks as well. So, when Trinity was safe, Stanley was on my list. But I had more important things to do right now.

I wished I could go straight to the cellar doors. But unfortunately several wolves and warlocks got in my way. Everytime I stopped to fight them I heard my Little Bunny's agonized screams coming from the cellar. I had tasted the blood of several already as I ripped the heads off Warlocks and the throats out of rogue wolves. I could feel their disgusting blood sliding down my throat.

"What are they doing to her?" Vincent asked in his wolf voice, I could hear the distress in his voice.

"Reece? What's going on down there?" Noah asked, just as concerned as Vincent.

"I don't know what they're doing to her, but I know that the leader was going to torture her next." I explained to them.

"No." They seemed to exclaim together. "Let's go."

Once our path was clear we hurried to the cellar. I didn't pause to open the doors. Instead I busted through them entirely. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could. I was much larger in this form than I was in my human form so it was a tight fit in the stairwell but I made it work. I smashed into the door at the bottom of the stairs, sending it flying off its hinges. 

There were more in this room than I had planned as well. Caleb, the traitorous, spineless, piece of shit was here, as were Jeremy, Leslie, and Donna the lecherous pigs. And what appeared to be five warlocks. 

Little Bunny's screams cut off when we smashed through the door. The lead Warlock, who had his grimy hands on her, stood up and looked at me. Without saying a word they all focused their attention on us. 

Seeing that we were now the focus of the attacks, and outnumbered, Little Bunny was instantly concerned about us.

"No! Reece! Noah! Vincent!" She screamed with worry. When she saw that there were several attacks coming my way at once, she screamed my name. "REECE!"

I saw the attacks coming though. Caleb, Jeremy, and Leslie tried to gang up on me, but the day those weak ass punk can take me on is the day I give up my pack. I lunged at Leslie, who was closest to me and closed my jaws around his throat. One quick jerk of my head and I saw red spraying across the wall. I knocked Jeremy aside with a paw, and focused my attention on my former beta.

"You know, I never wanted you as my beta." I told him. 

"Yeah, I know. You had made that abundantly clear at the time."

"If it wasn't for your grandfather, my great uncle, it never would have happened." I snarled at him.

"I should have been alpha, not you. You're pathetic." He basically whined at me.

"Quit crying, you baby's ass." I snapped at him. 

"I'm not crying you pathetic excuse for an alpha."

"At least I am an alpha." I taunted him.

"You bastard." He screamed at me as he lunged again.

I jumped at him in mid air, catching him in the middle. I pinned his wolf to the floor with my forepaws as I snarled in his face. With a quick bite, I tore his throat out.

That was when I heard my mate start screaming. I thought someone had started to torture her again. I looked around for who might be attacking her, but no one was near her. She was holding her head screaming until it seemed like her throat shifted and she was not able to scream any more.

She was changing. 


Well, we didn't have any other choice. The first change was incredibly painful because it was like your entire body melted into its new form, and every bone snapped to reform into the new shape. After the first few times it wasn't quite as painful anymore, but the first time was always excruciating.

I noticed that the Warlocks were staring at her dumbfounded. They didn't think this was possible, they clearly didn't think she could get a wolf at all.

"No!" The Head Warlock, the one with white hair, yelled. You're supposed to have the magic not the wolf. It was deemed so. I can see the magic in you when I look at you. This is impossible. And you shouldn't be able to get that wolf, especially if you haven't completed the mate bond yet, which I know you haven't."

"What makes you so sure of that?" I asked him after shifting back to my human form. I stood there in front of him naked with no shame, my mate was here and my body was for her.

"Ugh, disgusting dog, can't you cover yourself?" He sounded disgusted.

"Don't like it, don't look. It's this or you learn to speak wolf."

"I'd rather not." He sneered. Little Bunny made another pitiful sound of pain, drawing all of our attention. She's of no use to me like this." He scoffed. "I'll have to kill her and start over. You see what you've caused." He glared at me. "All my hard work is for naught."

"You're not going to fucking touch her." I growled at him." He smiled at that.

"You think you can stop me Mr. Alpha?" His voice was ridiculing. I remembered where I had heard his voice now, it was in the forest last month when I hit that strange barrier.

"Yeah, I will." 

I shifted and leapt at him as he raised his hands that were engulfed in strange black lights. I moved faster than I had ever moved before. I reached him much sooner than he expected. The force of my attack was also stronger than I was expecting, and therefore stronger than he was expecting. I knocked him off his feet and the breath from his lungs. He gasped in surprise and shock.

Just as I was about to put my teeth around his head to end his life I felt several things hit me at once. It felt like I had burst into flames. I howled, falling off of the Warlock.

"Did you truly think it would be that easy?" The head Warlock asked me.

"If you didn't have back up." I gasped.

"You have back up as well." He snickered.

"Not that interfered." I was breathing heavily. "You can't fight fair."

"I'm a three hundred year old Warlock bent on ruling the world, you think I would ever fight fair." He smirked as he pretended to be offended by my statement.

"Then I will make sure I stop playing fair." I snarled at him.

At that there was one last scream of pain from Little Bunny that was cut off and replaced by a howl. Everyone in the cellar turned to look again. If they were even a fraction as captivated as I was they couldn't look away.

Trinity's main coloring was as white as snow. There was a fringe of black around the top of her shoulders, running out from her head on both sides just behind the ears and down her fluffy head like hair, black was also lining the tips of the ears. There were black lines that went above and below her eyes like make up, just the smallest amount white between those black lines and her bright ice blue eyes. Those lines connected and went forward, halfway down her muzzle before angling down to the corners of her mouth. Her lips were black as well. 

There were also sapphire blue marks. There was a thin blue mark running down her bottom jaw from the lip. Four smudge like marks on each cheek starting below the eyes moving up to the ears. On her forehead was a mark that matched the one on the floor here in the cellar, the trinity symbol with the circle through the tip of the leaves. And on her left shoulder, where the mate mark would be, there were now six marks, all in blue. 

In the middle was an altered version of the pack crest, there was still a full moon, but now instead of one wolf leaping there were several, all leaping toward a beautiful woman descending from the top of the moon. The other five marks formed a star. One mark was a triangle with two clasped hands. Another was an oval, the lower half filled with a wolf head, the upper half filled with a large tree with many branches but no leaves. There was a diamond shape that showed nothing but a night sky with a full moon. There was a square with a close up of a wolf's eye. The last was in the shape of a cross with a different element filling each portion of it.

Each of those five symbols, and the altered pack crest, were connected by a chain of trinity symbols, interconnected at the tips of each subsequent symbol.

The white of her fur was shining like crystals or like there was a light underneath her skin. The blue was glowing as well, but it was more like it caught and reflected any and all light around. She was the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen in my entire life. 

In my distraction, the Warlocks were creeping up on me. I hadn't noticed until it was too late. I had been too captivated by the beauty that was Trinity's wolf.

"STOP" I heard my Little Bunny, my mate, yell at the Warlocks sneaking up on me. The sound was amplified and I could see a visible shock wave following it. It was loud for me but didn't seem to bother me too much, however all the Warlocks and enemy wolves remaining in the cellar clamped their hands over their ears, wincing in pain. I looked to Noah and Vincent and they seemed fine as well.

"Don't you dare touch them." Her voice was at a normal volume this time. 

"So, you've awakened your magic, and your wolf." The head warlock sneered. "How dreadful. With a snap of his fingers he became a cloud of purple smoke and quickly disappeared up the stairs. The others tried to make a run for it as well, but Trinity moved quicker than they did, blocking the door.

"You aren't going anywhere." She growled at them. The four remaining individuals stared at us with fear in their eyes. They knew something was not normal about this situation.