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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 98 - 50 Million    

Chapter 98: 50 Million

Not long after Lin Yu sent Ji Rou away, she came to Wang Lan’s room.

“Mom, are you busy?” Lin Yu knocked gently on the door.

Wang Lan had just hung up on Mrs. Chen when she stood up and went to the door to open it.

“Xiaoyu, come in! Why are you still knocking…” Wang Lan said as she held Lin Yu’s hand and walked into the room.

“Mom, I have something to ask of you,” Lin Yu said to Wang Lan shyly as soon as she sat down.

Wang Lan’s face was filled with a loving smile. “If there’s anything, just tell me. I’ll definitely help you!”

Lin Yu lowered her head slightly, a cunning glint flashing across her eyes.

She raised her head again and returned to her previous weak appearance. “Mom, a few of my friends have encountered something recently.”

“I want…” Lin Yu hesitated, not knowing how to start.

“You want to help them?” Wang Lan guessed.

Lin Yu hesitated and nodded nervously. “Just… to give them some money.”

When Wang Lan heard this, a deep smile appeared on her face. “I thought it was something serious.”

“If it’s anything else, Mom might not be able to agree to it, but as for the money, tell Mom how much you need!”

Lin Yu twisted her hands together as if she was conflicted and nervous.

Wang Lan could tell that something was wrong with Lin Yu and asked tentatively, “Do you need a lot of money?”

Lin Yu nodded slightly.

“How much do you need?” Wang Lan asked again.

For some reason, Lin Yu’s reaction made Wang Lan nervous.

“50 million.” Lin Yu’s voice was like a mosquito. Wang Lan almost thought that she had heard wrongly.

“What did you just say?” Wang Lan probed again.

“50 million.” This time, Lin Yu finally raised her voice.

However, Wang Lan couldn’t help but widen her eyes. “Why do you need so much money? What happened to your friend?”

Lin Yu frowned, clearly dissatisfied with Wang Lan’s reaction.

Lin Yu had already investigated the Lin family.

A mere 50 million was nothing to the Lin family.

She did not expect that she could scare Wang Lan to this extent just by asking for such a small sum of money!

Seeing that Lin Yu didn’t speak, Wang Lan guessed that Lin Yu had encountered some trouble.

She grabbed Lin Yu’s arm with both hands and said earnestly, “Xiaoyu, if you’re in any trouble, you must tell Mom the truth.”

“Don’t be afraid! I will definitely think of a way to help you resolve it!” Wang Lan said solemnly. She was already planning to use her police connections to help Lin Yu settle the problem.

Lin Yu chuckled and shook her head. “No, my friend is really in some trouble. She thought that I had returned to the Lin family, so she came to me for help.”

Wang Lan lowered her head slightly, not knowing what to do.

Although 50 million wasn’t a huge sum to the Lin family,

However, the Lin family’s assets had always been in Lin Cheng’s hands. It was impossible for Wang Lan to take out 50 million at once.

If she went to ask Lin Cheng, she would definitely be scolded.

Just as Wang Lan was thinking about how to help Lin Yu resolve this problem, Lin Yu started crying.

Wang Lan panicked. “Xiaoyu, what’s wrong? Don’t scare Mom!”

Lin Yu sobbed. After a long time, she said, “My friends met a swindler when they invested…”

“Then, did you call the police? Do you need Mom to help you find the police?” Wang Lan immediately asked with concern.

Lin Yu shook her head before continuing, “They’ve already called the police, but they won’t be able to retrieve the money for a while.”

“I urgently need money now, so…” Lin Yu started crying again.

Wang Lan’s heart ached when she saw this. Although she hesitated, she still nodded. “Okay! Mom will help you think of a way!”

After receiving Wang Lan’s promise, Lin Yu reached out her hands and hugged Wang Lan. “Mom, I know you are the best!”

Lin Yu placed her chin on Wang Lan’s shoulder, but her lips curled into a smile.

Wang Lan didn’t suspect anything and continued to pat Lin Yu’s back, trying to comfort her.

“I’ll invite celebrities from all walks of life to the banquet on the 18th.” Lin Cheng did not forget to instruct everyone on what to pay attention to at the dining table.

“Xiaoyu, you have to perform well in your competition! Don’t embarrass me, understand?!” Lin Cheng said with some dissatisfaction.

Lin Yu could hear the doubt in Lin Cheng’s tone. Although she was indignant, she still nodded and smiled. “Dad, don’t worry!”