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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 90 - The Ownership of the Competitions

Chapter 90: The Ownership of the Competitions

Jin Yan glared at Lin Yun. He didn’t expect this little girl in front of him to be more ambitious than him!

Although she was someone who dared to take out 30 million to redeem someone, how was she confident about earning the same amount in a month?

Jin Yan could not imagine…

Seeing that Jin Yan was frightened by her, Lin Yun suddenly smiled slyly.

“I’ll give you another five million as capital. As for how you operate it, I don’t care.”

“I want to see a 30 million profit in a month!”

“Any problems?”

Lin Yun asked simply.

Jin Yan gritted his teeth before saying, “No problem!”

The stock market was at its craziest right now. If they could invest in it, it wouldn’t be difficult to earn six times as much in a month.

However, this was undoubtedly a huge gamble. If he really lost…

Jin Yan secretly clenched his fists!

What was there to be afraid of? It was just another five million to a debt of 30 million!

After making up his mind, Jin Yan’s expression became even more determined, and his eyes lit up again.

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yan and finally nodded in satisfaction.

Although 35 million was not a small sum, Lin Yun was certain that the fat boss would not dare to eat her 30 million.

In other words, this was just a small investment!

Although Lin Yun had her own ideas about how to invest and earn money, she was still more inclined to listen to the advice of professionals.

After chatting with Jin Yan for about four to five hours, the two of them finally finalized the investment plan happily.

When Lin Yun rushed back to the hospital, it was already evening.

Just as she pushed open the door and walked into the ward, she saw Lin Cheng sitting on the sofa with a serious expression. Lin Yu was leaning against the accompanying bed and looking at her phone.

Seeing that Lin Yun had returned, Lin Cheng’s expression turned even uglier. “Where did you go?”

Lin Yun looked around but did not see Aunt Xu. It seemed that Aunt Xu was not around for the time being.

Lin Yun wheeled herself into the ward. “I went to school!”

“Nonsense!” Lin Cheng slammed his hand on the coffee table.

Lin Yun frowned slightly.

Lin Yu quickly stood up and walked to Lin Cheng. “Dad, is your hand alright?”

Lin Cheng waved his hand to reassure Lin Yu. “Dad is fine. Go to the side and rest.”

Lin Yu nodded before sitting down at the side.

Lin Yun looked at Lin Cheng’s angry face and her expression darkened. “Did you come to the hospital today to tell me off?”

Lin Cheng saw that Lin Yun’s expression was ugly. He thought for a moment and sighed. “I’m just worried about you.”

“I came to the hospital today to see you, but I heard from the head nurse that you went out in the morning.”

“The head nurse only said that you didn’t go far, but she didn’t specify where you went.”

“I even asked Xiaoyu to look for you at school, but she couldn’t find you.”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lin Yu before saying, “Dad, how can you be sure that I’m not in school?”

Lin Yun’s question stumped Lin Cheng.

It was fine if Lin Yu went to school. She was not familiar with the school, so it was possible that she could not find Lin Yun.

But what if Lin Yu didn’t go at all?

Lin Cheng frowned slightly. Thinking of Lin Yu’s past, he couldn’t help but frown even more.

“Let’s not talk about that! I actually came today to tell you something.”

Lin Yun still stared at Lin Cheng with a tense expression.

Lin Cheng twisted his body uncomfortably before continuing, “I have already found another teacher for Xiaoyu.”

“However, this competition’s track…”

As Lin Cheng spoke, his gaze swept across Lin Yun.

Lin Yun knew what Lin Cheng meant.

He was worried that if Lin Yu changed her teacher, Lin Yun would take back her song.

Lin Yun smiled and said, “Since I’ve already given the competition song to Xiao Yu, it’s hers.”

Hearing Lin Yun’s words, Lin Cheng heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Yun’s musical talent was not something ordinary people could compare to.

She had been able to do what others could not since she was young. Even someone who had studied composition for several years might not be as good as Lin Yun.

It was also because of this that many famous singers and even composers had sought opportunities to work with Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun was still young and was not interested in these things, so she rejected them.

Since Lin Yu could use Lin Yun’s song for the competition, she would be a lot ahead of the other contestants!