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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 88 - Compensation    

Chapter 88: Compensation

Jin Yan gritted his teeth and smiled at Lin Yun. “Managers can only do business under the company’s name.”

Lin Yun nodded in understanding, understanding Jin Yan’s unwillingness.

“Since you’ve chosen to leave the company, let’s go out and have a chat!”

Jin Yan glanced at the fat boss, nodded, and pushed Lin Yun out.

The fat boss stood in front of Lin Yun. “Miss, did you come to our company to make a scene just to take Jin Yan away?”

“Then it’s not that simple!”

Lin Yun raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at the fat boss. “Why? Aren’t you letting him go?”

The fat boss no longer had the kindness from before. His expression was even a little ferocious. “Our company is open for business.”

“You came in and smashed everything up, and you want to take away my employee who hasn’t left?”

“Let me tell you, it’s fine if Jin Yan wants to leave. He can only leave after compensating for the company’s losses!”

“Losses?” Lin Yun looked at Jin Yan questioningly.

Jin Yan frowned and looked at the fat boss. “I’ve said it before! Those are not my mistakes! I won’t compensate you!”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’ve offended all those clients. What about our company’s losses?”

“Besides! If the client is not satisfied with you and comes to the company to complain, the company should discipline you!”

“Stop saying useless things to quibble…”

“Just one sentence. Pay up and leave!”

Jin Yan frowned even more, clearly unwilling to back down.

However, Lin Yun did not want to waste too much time on these meaningless matters.

She looked at the fat boss and asked, “For how much are you willing to let Jin Yan go?”

When the fat boss heard Lin Yun’s words, he knew that this little girl wanted to stand up for Jin Yan.

He revealed a mocking smile. “Hehe, little girl, you’re inexperienced and don’t know the dangers of society! Sometimes, you’ll find trouble for yourself!!”

Lin Yun ignored the fat boss’s teasing and only asked, “How much?”

Seeing that Lin Yun had no intention of backing down, the fat boss snorted and said, “30 million!”

Jin Yan’s eyes widened as he looked at the fat boss in disbelief.

Lin Yun’s lips curled into a cold smile. “As the boss of a management company, is it your job to extort money?”

“If people outside find out that you made your fortune with this type of tactic, do you think your company can still survive?”

The fat boss sneered indifferently. “Little girl, you don’t have to worry about that!”

“You’re still too inexperienced to threaten me!”

The smile on Lin Yun’s face did not fade. She nodded and took out a checkbook from her backpack.

She reached out to Jin Yan. “Pen.”

Jin Yan was stunned for a moment, but he shook his head at her.

Seeing that Jin Yan was unwilling, Lin Yun extended her hand to the fat boss. “Pen.”

The fat boss raised his chin at the man beside him.

The man immediately took out a fountain pen from the pocket of his suit.

Lin Yun took the fountain pen and skillfully wrote the amount on the check and signed her name.

Jin Yan stood behind Lin Yun and looked at her skilled strokes. He was secretly surprised but also annoyed.

Lin Yun wrote the check and threw the pen back to the greasy-haired man before handing the check to the fat boss.

“The check is written…”

The fat boss sneered. “Little girl, you have some capital!”

“I’m just taking a look…” The fat boss took the check and was stunned.

“Lin… Lin family?” The fat boss looked at the check and then at Lin Yun.

He moved back and forth a few times before confirming again, “The Lin family in Sea City?”

Lin Yun looked at the boss. “How many Lins are there in Sea City?”

The fat boss was stunned on the spot, not knowing how to move.

Although the Lin family of Haicheng was not the richest family in Sea City, they were already among the richest with their rising status.

Although his company was backed by a lot of big shots, he could not defeat the Lin family alone!

He had really kicked an iron plate this time!

Why did she offend the Miss of the Lin family!

While the fat boss was still in shock and frustration, Lin Yun had already instructed Jin Yan to push the wheelchair away.

“I’ve already handed you the check. Jin Yan will have nothing to do with your company from now on!”