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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 86 - I'm Looking for Jin Yan    

Chapter 86: I’m Looking for Jin Yan

Everyone was watching the show at the door when they heard a furious roar from the office inside.

“Jin Yan! How many times have I told you!” A man roared angrily.

“Don’t always think that the client needs to be clear about all the steps! They’re all fools and don’t need to know this!”

“Just let them see the numbers and the money! Our goal is to hold their money in our hands! We have to rely on their money to make big money!”

“And you can just give them some visible benefits!”

Silence greeted the man’s roar.

When Lin Yun heard the man’s roar, she knew where the person she was looking for was.

She wheeled herself to the door of the office where the roar came from.

The door was labeled “General Manager.”

Lin Yun nodded and reached out to knock on the office door.

At that moment, a hand blocked her fist.

“Miss, I advise you not to go in now to avoid being implicated!”

A man wearing gold-rimmed glasses smiled charmingly at Lin Yun. His skin was fair and tight, as if it had been glued back.

He ran his hand through his smooth hair and looked at Lin Yun with sincerity. Lin Yun pulled her hand out of his and rubbed it hard with her other hand.

The man pushed his eyes awkwardly, feeling a little uncomfortable from his momentary daze.He had seen countless women, but now he was panicking because of a little girl.

The girl in front of him looked pure and pleasant. She was probably a student who had just entered university.

It could also be a high school student…

The man guessed in his mind and subconsciously glanced at Lin Yun’s face.

Lin Yun looked at him coldly. “Move aside.”

When the man heard Lin Yun’s words, he was stunned for a moment. He did not expect this little girl to not be unaffected by his charm.

He revealed a charming smile again and leaned over slightly to Lin Yun. “Little girl, I’m doing this for your own good!”

“Why don’t I bring you to the negotiation room for a while? Let’s have a good chat?”

Lin Yun continued to stare at him, her expression turning even colder. “Move.”

The man was really stunned this time and subconsciously took a step aside. Lin Yun slammed her hand on the office door.

There were endless roars and curses inside. It was so unpleasant that the surrounding people couldn’t help but click their tongues.

Lin Yun didn’t hesitate and kicked the office door. As it affected her wound, Lin Yun frowned again.However, she did not stop. She kicked the office door twice and finally attracted the attention of the person inside.

The cursing from inside reached the door. With a bang, the office door was pulled open. A short and fat man stood by the door and cursed.

“Who the hell is looking for trouble? You dare to knock on my door? Do you want to die?”

“You don’t know how to earn money for me every day and only know how to cause trouble for me!”


The man cursed, only to realize that it was a young lady who was much shorter than him.

He looked down and realized that the little girl was sitting in a wheelchair.

The man restrained his anger and asked, “Little girl, who are you looking for? Did you come to the wrong place?”

He spoke gently, without any trace of his earlier arrogance.

But in the next second, he roared at the group of people standing not far away, “Are you all blind? Don’t you know how to greet guests?”

“All of you are standing there. Do you want me to move a basin for you and bury you?”

The more the man spoke, the angrier he became. His face turned red.

Lin Yun wanted to look past the man’s body to see the situation in the office, but she realized that the man had successfully blocked her view with just his big belly.

Lin Yun glared at the man impatiently. “I’m looking for someone.”

“Oh, oh…” The man looked down at Lin Yun again.” Who are you looking for? ”

“I’ll get the staff to help you! Wait a moment!”

After saying that, the man waved in the direction of the front desk. “You, come over and help this lady here!”

Before the receptionist could take action, Lin Yun said again, “I’m looking for Jin Yan!”

“Jin… Jin Yan?” The man was stunned for a moment before turning to look into the office.