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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 85 - Hiring a Manager  

Chapter 85: Hiring a Manager

Lin Yun stayed in the hospital for a day. The next morning, Doctor Liang brought a group of doctors to do ward rounds.

After yesterday’s incident, Lin Yun had a new understanding of Doctor Liang.

However, Doctor Liang acted as if he did not know Lin Yun and still treated her as an ordinary patient. After Doctor Liang finished his routine check-up, Lin Yun quickly stopped him.

“Doctor Liang, may I go out for a while?” Lin Yun asked anxiously.

“Go out?” Doctor Liang glanced at Lin Yun’s weak state.

“You should know the condition of your body.”

“If you want to go out, report to the head nurse. She’ll tell you what to take note of.”

Lin Yun nodded and thanked him.

Dr. Liang took two steps out and stopped.

“Your condition is unusual this time. Pay more attention to it.”

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment before nodding and thanking him again.

Lin Yun’s symptoms were indeed food poisoning, but the medicine dregs she handed to Dr. Cheng really contained slow-acting poison.

It seemed that Dr. Cheng and Dr. Liang had interacted before.

The two of them tacitly listened to Lin Yun’s request and did not expose this matter in advance.

Lin Yun reported to the head nurse. Because her body was still weak, the hospital provided a wheelchair for Lin Yun to move around.

This was also what Doctor Liang had specially instructed.

Regarding this, Lin Yun was sincerely grateful for Doctor Liang’s meticulousness.

Lin Yun rejected Aunt Xu’s company and headed to her destination alone. The reason why she came out in such a hurry was because Luna had suddenly sent her a message the day before.

“Ming Yi, the manager you asked me to locate seems to be in trouble.”

“Trouble? What happened?” Lin Yun quickly replied.

“The businesses he’s representing have been maliciously destroyed.” Luna’s messages popped up one after another.

“Not only that, I heard that his immediate superior seemed to have the intention of making him take the blame.”

“At the moment, he’s in a bad state.”

“If he’s your friend, I think you’d better go and see him.Because he should be kicked out of his current company tomorrow.”

Lin Yun quickly arrived at the entrance of Zi Chen’s management company. When she saw the dazzling renovation style, it really didn’t match the name!

Lin Yun had just arrived at the door when the receptionist saw her.

However, from afar, Lin Yun was sitting in a wheelchair and dressed in sportswear. She did not look like a rich person.

The receptionist glanced at her, not intending to acknowledge her.

Lin Yun frowned slightly. She came to the glass door of the company and waved at the front desk.

It was not until Lin Yun raised her hand for the third time that the receptionist stood up impatiently and opened the door for Lin Yun.

The receptionist stood rooted to the ground and looked at Lin Yun. Clearly, she had no intention of helping her push the wheelchair.

After entering the company, Lin Yun looked around and asked, “Is no one here to receive me?”

The receptionist looked at Lin Yun’s inexperienced appearance. Although she didn’t say it, her attitude was very clear.

She snorted softly and said, “Our investment here starts at 100,000 dollars. Young lady, if you don’t know the market well, I can provide you with some basic information first.”

Lin Yun looked at the arrogant receptionist and smiled.

“Does it have anything to do with you whether I understand the market?”

“I can afford to hire a manager, can you?”

“You!” The receptionist couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Lin Yun ignored her and said, “Do your job well. Don’t think about things that have nothing to do with you.”

“After all, you know very well why you’re in this position!”

Lin Yun’s interjection not only made the receptionist’s face turn paler, it even made her feel a little awkward.

A few nosy people had already gathered around to watch.Hearing Lin Yun’s words, they immediately started whispering.

When the receptionist came to the company, they already had many guesses. After all, other than her face and figure, this woman did not have any work ability at all. Her ability to serve people was also very poor.

They were all guessing that this was the boss’s mistress. He couldn’t bear to leave her in the house, so he brought her around to admire her every day.

Although everyone had such guesses, no one dared to say it out loud. Now that a young lady exposed it, everyone was more happy to watch a good show.