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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 80 - Discharge Immediately!  

Chapter 80: Discharge Immediately!

Lin Yun lay on the hospital bed and thought that if this ginseng soup was really the culprit behind her hospitalization, then the culprit should not be Wang Lan.

After all, during this period of time, Wang Lan’s goal of nourishing her body was indeed to make her recover quickly.

After all, if Lin Yun remembered correctly, she would soon have a very important blind date!

However, if it wasn’t Wang Lan, who could it be? Was it Lin Yu?

Lin Yun believed that Lin Yu did not have the brains or the ability to get such herbs.

Although Ling Na had this ability, she probably had no time to care about these things recently.

After all, the Ling Corporation was facing huge financial pressure, and Ling Ao blamed the crisis on his precious daughter.

Ling Na must have had a hard time recently. Moreover, Ling Na would probably not bother to do something as time-consuming and inefficient as poisoning.

She was the kind of person who demanded speed, accuracy, and ruthlessness.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so stupid as to hire someone to kill Lin Yun!

Lin Yun thought for a long time but could not figure out who wanted to harm her.

“Lin, there’s a project that needs manpower recently. Do you want to participate?” Kent called and got straight to the point.

“What project?” Lin Yun asked curiously.

Kent was a very dedicated researcher and had a strong desire to explore. The research group he participated in was the top research group every year. Because of this, his group was a place where many researchers flocked to.

There was something odd about Kent, though. His emotions were very obvious to people he didn’t like. Especially those who were pretentious and liked to curry favor with him.

Lin Yun still remembered that after the first project research plan ended in her previous life, they did not have much interaction. However, later on, one of Lin Yu’s friends fell in love with Kent at first sight because he participated in the project team’s event and begged Lin Yun to help with matchmaking them.

Lin Yun rejected her with the excuse that she was unfamiliar with him. Under the instigation of Lin Yu and the others, the girl chose to pursue him.In the end, not only was she scolded by Kent, he even kicked her out of the research team.

Lin Yun admired Kent’s clear-cut personality and was happy to work with such a businesslike person.

After Kent sent the general information about the project to Lin Yun, he said, “Study it carefully. I believe that with your ability, you will definitely contribute greatly to the project!”

Lin Yun nodded and hung up the phone. She began to study the information Kent had sent her.Even as evening approached, Lin Yun was still working on her computer.

Wang Lan heard the news of her hospitalization and brought Auntie Ning to the hospital.

After pushing open the door of the ward, Wang Lan revealed a disgusted expression.

“Why is this room so small and old!” Wang Lan said as she waved her hand in front of her.

Lin Yun looked at Wang Lan’s disdainful expression and replied expressionlessly, “Mom, why are you here?”

Wang Lan glanced at Lin Yun, as if she felt that she would be contaminated by this disgusting environment if she took two more steps in.

She stood at the door and said to Lin Yun, “I just heard from Aunt Ning that you were hospitalized, so I came to see you.”

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you have to go to the hospital every other day?”

Hearing Wang Lan’s words, Lin Yun couldn’t help but find it funny.

They were all people who lived under the same roof. She had been sent to the hospital early in the morning, but Wang Lan said that she had only found out now and had heard it from Auntie Ning.

Moreover, didn’t she come to the hospital every other day because her injuries hadn’t healed?

Even if she didn’t care about her, she should at least show that she knew about her physical condition.

Lin Yun sneered and looked at Wang Lan. “This hospital is dirty. You should go back early.”

“I’m fine. I’ll be home in half a day.”

“Sigh, why don’t you stop staying in the hospital? It’s the same if you go back and get Dr. Fang to give you an IV!” Wang Lan looked up and down at the ward with disdain.

At this moment, Aunt Xu stood up. “The doctor said that Miss is weak and needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days to nourish her body before she can go back.”

Seeing that Aunt Xu actually dared to contradict her, Wang Lan immediately frowned. “Doctor? Which doctor? Ask him to see me!”

“I don’t believe it! Which doctor here won’t listen to Director Li!”