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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 78 - Hospitalized Again

Chapter 78: Hospitalized Again

Lin Yun woke up early in the morning and felt dizzy.

She didn’t know if it was because she hadn’t slept enough, or whether the incident the previous day had really hurt her vitality.

When Aunt Xu pushed the door open and entered, she saw Lin Yun trying her best to sit up.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” Aunt Xu asked anxiously.

Lin Yun frowned and gritted her teeth to overcome the sudden dizziness.

When the darkness in front of her gradually dissipated, Lin Yun leaned against Aunt Xu and panted slightly.

“Aunt Xu, I’m not feeling well,” Lin Yun said weakly.

Aunt Xu reached out to touch Lin Yun’s forehead. “Aiyo, you have a fever!”

Aunt Xu said anxiously and quickly placed Lin Yun on the bed. “Miss, please wait a moment. I’ll get Doctor Fang over now!”

Lin Yun reached out to say something, but because she didn’t have the strength, she gave up.

Lin Yun lay on the bed and felt that everything in front of her seemed to be spinning.

For a moment, a thought appeared in her mind. “Don’t tell me I’m suffering from such a punishment because I was reborn and destroyed the cycle of the Heavenly Dao?”

This thought made Lin Yun feel sad and helpless.

She thought that she could live a different life with her rebirth.

However, it turned out that everything was just a flash in the pan. She would eventually die with resentment.

Lin Yun slowly closed her eyes and allowed herself to be swallowed by the darkness.

Alright! That’s it! Since I can’t change anything! I’ll let nature take its course! Lin Yun thought to herself.

When everything became abnormally quiet, Lin Yun’s heart became even calmer.

Just as Lin Yun thought that she would finally sleep in this dark silence…

Suddenly, something broke the silence.

Lin Yun felt as if someone was calling her.

She couldn’t hear the voice clearly, but she could vaguely hear footsteps beside her.

“Miss, Miss, can you hear me?” Aunt Xu’s voice became clearer.

Lin Yun had no strength left in her body and could only reply weakly.

Aunt Xu keenly caught this response.

“Miss heard it! She has a reaction!” Aunt Xu said excitedly.

Lin Yun could feel Aunt Xu’s anxiety. Soon, she also felt something moving beside her.

Lin Yun felt her arm tighten. In the next moment, something seemed to have pierced into her skin.

“Call us when the transfusion is done.” A female voice sounded. Lin Yun couldn’t tell who it was.

After a long time, when everything returned to silence, Lin Yun seemed to hear her heartbeat again.

“Am I still alive?” Lin Yun didn’t know what to feel, but she felt as if she had obtained a new life.

When she tried to open her eyes, she found herself back in the hospital ward.

Looking at the infusion equipment on her arm, Lin Yun gently raised her hand and touched her forehead.

She no longer had a fever…

What exactly happened to her?

Aunt Xu had just brought a basin of hot water to wipe Lin Yun’s body.

The moment she walked in, she saw that Lin Yun had woken up.

Aunt Xu quickly walked forward and gently touched Lin Yun’s forehead. “Miss, how is it? Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Lin Yun shook her head slightly, but she felt as if something heavy was shaking in her head.

She frowned miserably.

Aunt Xu hurriedly asked, “Are you alright? I’ll call the doctor over!”

Only then did Lin Yun say, “No need! I’m fine!”

Aunt Xu still looked at Lin Yun worriedly. “Are you really alright?”

Lin Yun blinked weakly before asking again, “Aunt Xu, what’s wrong with me?”

“The doctor said that the wound on Miss’s body ruptured earlier. Later on, you seemed to have gotten food poisoning.”

“That’s why you suddenly had a high fever and was sent to the hospital by Doctor Fang.”

“Food poisoning?” Lin Yun frowned.

She had always been more restrained when eating. Because she was prone to allergies when she was young, she was also more picky about food.

Everyone in the Lin family knew that.

She couldn’t remember eating anything strange. How could she suddenly have food poisoning?

Aunt Xu also found it strange. “Miss has always eaten with Old Master and Madam. The food at home is also especially nutritious and healthy. Try to avoid dishes that you are allergic to.”

“Although the dishes have become more complicated after Miss Xiaoyu returned, I’ve tried my best to avoid the things that Miss is allergic to.”

“How did it suddenly become like this?”