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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 71 - Senior With Thick Glasses    

Chapter 71: Senior With Thick Glasses

Lin Yun and Mu Sheng left, leaving Lin Yu alone.

She felt that the stares around her were trying to penetrate her from the inside out.

However, to Lin Yu, these were just small scenes.

She immediately asked the boy wearing thick glasses closest to her, “Senior, do you have time to show me around the school?”

He was the closest to Lin Yu.

In Lin Yu and Lin Yun’s conversation just now, he wanted to stand up and speak several times, but in the end, he timidly locked it back.

Lin Yu believed that this person must have taken a fancy to her beauty and wanted to get to know her!

Lin Yu had a smile on her face, looking so harmless.

He hurriedly pulled the strap of the double-shouldered backpack and nodded heavily, but said nothing.

Lin Yu revealed a smug smile and continued, “Thank you, Senior!”

Seeing Lin Yu leave with the boy, the crowd dispersed.

Lin Yu walked on the campus with the bespectacled senior, asking about the facilities and the people in the school from time to time.

He didn’t speak loudly and sounded nervous.

After walking about half the campus, Lin Yu felt that her feet were about to leave her control.

She frowned slightly and said, “Senior, if you have something to do, you can go ahead first. I’ll walk around by myself.”

But the senior said dutifully, “No, I have time.”

Lin Yu couldn’t help but roll her eyes and continue, “Uh… I feel a little thirsty. Why don’t we go drink something?”

This time, he did not refuse.

The two of them arrived at the open coffee shop in the school. The interior decoration was no different from the big-name coffee shops outside.

Lin Yu couldn’t help but pout. No wonder the tuition fees were so expensive. It seemed like the facilities in this school were very high-end!

After ordering a cup of coffee, Lin Yu obediently sat in the window seat and waited.

The four-eyed senior occasionally glanced at Lin Yu from behind his thick glasses.

Lin Yu had naturally noticed it long ago, but she didn’t care.

After all, it would be a waste not to be admired by others!

After a long while, he opened its mouth again. “Are you and Lin Yun really sisters?”

Lin Yu was a little surprised. While this senior seemed to be oblivious to the outside world, he actually knew about Lin Yun?

Lin Yu nodded warily. “Do you know my sister?”

“Not really. We’ve only interacted a few times,” he said simply.

“Then what do you think of my sister?” Lin Yu asked again.

She wanted to know how Lin Yun’s reputation in school was.

The senior pushed up his glasses before continuing, “I heard that she’s very kind and helpful…”

Lin Yu frowned as she listened to the praise.

After saying dozens of words of praise, he finally noticed Lin Yu’s ugly expression.

He coughed before continuing. “But there are those who say that she is excessively arrogant. She ignores everyone.”

Lin Yu nodded and smiled. “Sister is used to using her temper at home. It’s inevitable that she will show it occasionally outside.”

When the senior heard this, he did not continue.

Lin Yu lost interest in communicating with him.

She came to school today because Wang Lan asked her to familiarize herself with the environment and bring some materials home.

Wang Lan had originally arranged for a chauffeur to wait for Lin Yu outside the school.

However, when Lin Yu heard that Lin Yun was also in school, she planned to stay for a while longer and instructed the driver to wait in the distance.

This lasted from morning to afternoon.

Lin Yu felt a little tired, so she thanked the senior and prepared to leave. But he reached out and grabbed Lin Yu’s arm.

Lin Yu shook off the other party’s hand in disgust. He was shocked and looked at Lin Yu in a daze.

Only then did Lin Yu realize her subconscious actions.

She smiled at him in embarrassment. “Senior, I’m sorry. I’m not used to others touching me.”

He let out a disappointed “Oh” before saying, “Junior, can you leave your contact number?”

Lin Yu frowned slightly, but she didn’t show any obvious rejection.

She rolled her eyes and reached out to the bottom of the thick bottle. “Sure! Give me the phone!”

He quickly handed over the phone.

Lin Yu pressed a string of numbers and returned the phone to the bottom of the bottle. “Senior, we’ll meet again!”