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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 57 - Lin Yun Was Saved  

Chapter 57: Lin Yun Was Saved

Lin Yun stared at Lu Chen, seemingly dazed for a moment.

Aunt Ning stood at the side. Although she looked down, her tone was a little dissatisfied. “Miss, if we don’t go in, we will miss our appointment with the doctor!”

Aunt Ning naturally didn’t know who this cripple in a wheelchair was.

Right now, she only wanted Lin Yun to enter the hospital as soon as possible so that she could get back quickly.

Lin Yun came back to her senses and nodded at Lu Chen. “CEO Lu.”

Lu Chen looked at Lin Yun and then at Aunt Ning. “Miss Lin, are you here for a checkup too?”

Lin Yun nodded. “Yes! I made an appointment with the doctor at ten.”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said to Lin Yun, “It’s still early. Can I treat you to coffee?”

Lin Yun hesitated.

She didn’t want Auntie Ning, the family spy, to know that the person in front of her was the famous CEO of the Lu Corporation.

If that old fox Lin Cheng knew that she and Lu Chen know each other well enough to drink coffee together, he might think of something again.

Seeing that Lin Yun did not answer immediately, Lu Chen said, “Miss Lin, why don’t you go for your checkup first. I’ll wait on the top floor.”

Before Lin Yun could refuse, he had already asked the servants to push the wheelchair into the hospital.

Logically speaking, with Lu Chen’s status, he would definitely take the VIP passageway. Now that he had entered the hospital, the people inside panicked.

After a while, a group of directors and deans ran over to welcome them.

Lin Yun stood at the entrance of the hospital from afar and waited for the crowd to disperse before walking towards the elevator with Aunt Ning.

Although Aunt Ning still hadn’t guessed Lu Chen’s identity, she knew that this person must be from a wealthy family and had some relationship with Lin Yun.

When they arrived at the examination room, Lin Yun asked Aunt Ning to wait outside.

After all, Aunt Ning couldn’t help with much at this time. She might even annoy the doctor.

Aunt Ning ran to the elevator and made a call.

“Miss, we’re already in the hospital,” Aunt Ning whispered.

“Is everything going well?” Lin Yu’s voice sounded on the phone.

Aunt Ning hurriedly replied, “When I came in, we were surrounded by a group of people who came out of nowhere. Later on, we were saved by a rich young master.”

“Young Master?” Lin Yu’s tone rose slightly, sounding a little puzzled and… dissatisfied.

Aunt Ning looked around before continuing, “That young master doesn’t look simple. Not only did he save us, but even the hospital took special care of him.”

“He even…” Aunt Ning paused.

Lin Yu hurriedly asked anxiously, “How is he?”

Aunt Ning hurriedly replied, “He even invited Miss Xiaoyun to have coffee together.”

Lin Yu fell silent.

Aunt Ning didn’t dare to rush her and could only wait quietly.

“How long has she been in there for her check-up?” Lin Yu asked again.

Aunt Ning took out her phone and looked at the time before saying, “She has been inside for about half an hour.”

“Go in and hurry the doctor later. Tell him that there’s an urgent matter at home and he wants Lin Yun to go home quickly. We can’t let them meet again!” Lin Yu said coldly.

Aunt Ning nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll rush her later.”

Satisfied, Lin Yu hung up.

She was wondering if she should tell Ling Na about the situation when Ling Na called.

“How are things going?” Ling Na’s voice still sounded arrogant.

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across Lin Yu’s face, but she still adjusted her voice and replied gently, “Someone saved Lin Yun.”

“Who is it?” Ling Na’s voice was high and mighty, as if she was waiting for Lin Yu to report.

Lin Yu gritted her teeth and continued, “I don’t know who it is, but I heard from my servant that it’s a noble young master.”

Ling Na snorted. “Which noble young master in Sea City dares to stand up for Lin Yun now?”

“I’m afraid it’s just some nouveau riche showing off here!”

Ling Na instructed again, “You people are useless! Get your servant to find a reason to leave. I have a way to make Lin Yun suffer!”

Although Lin Yu was unhappy, she could only follow Ling Na’s instructions. “Okay! I understand!”

After hanging up, Lin Yu’s expression became even gloomier.

She swept away a plate of fruits on the table beside her and heaved a sigh of frustration.

After calling Aunt Ning and giving her some instructions, Lin Yu was about to walk out of the room when she heard a voice outside. “Xiaoyu, are you alright?”