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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 534 - 534 Lin Yun's Investment Approach

534 Lin Yun’s Investment Approach

Seeing Xing Min glare at him, Jin Yan chuckled. “I’ll listen to Miss Lin’s arrangements! I’ll do whatever Miss Lin says!”

Xing Min looked at the two of them in disbelief. After a long time, his cold and serious face finally revealed a sincere smile. “Miss Lin will definitely not regret investing in Linglong!”

“Of course! I won’t do anything I regret again!” Lin Yun smiled confidently.

Seeing Lin Yun’s smile, Xing Min took a deep breath. The gloominess that had lingered in his heart for the past few days finally dissipated a little.

After sending Xing Min and Jin Yan off, Lin Yun felt like she was about to collapse from exhaustion!

Although she did not spend much energy on the consecutive competitions these few days, the various things that happened in the middle made it difficult for her to rest well.

The new Masked King competition had accumulated a lot of fans’ attention.

As the previous competition was a completely closed competition, the production team deliberately played some exciting scenes of the contestants’ participation, causing the fans’ attention to increase.

However, recently, the reputation of the new Masked King had plummeted because of all kinds of negative news.

As a contestant, Lin Yun didn’t mind being controversial, but as one of the behind-the-scenes investors, Lin Yun didn’t want anything to happen to the new Masked King!

Lin Yun flipped through the Internet and looked at the direction of public opinion. Some people were concerned about the progress of the competition, but most of their attention was focused on the plagiarism incident, the injured contestant, and the high-profile contestant, Lin Yu, who fainted in the mall after the competition because of an argument.

“The new Masked King, Chen Hang, is now in the hospital. What caused this accident? How is Chen Hang’s situation now? Who is the mastermind?”

A news article with an eye-catching headline appeared on the home page of the online platform and quickly obtained 600,000 views.

Lin Yun clicked on the headline and read the news content meaningfully.

After reading all the news, Lin Yun sneered. “Is there anything useful? What a waste of time!”