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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 533 - 533 Embracing an Unfamiliar Man

533 Embracing an Unfamiliar Man

Because of the production team’s arrangements, Lin Qian and Ji Rou worked all afternoon before they could finally return to Man Garden to rest.

Unexpectedly, just as the two of them got out of the car at the door, they saw Lin Yun hugging an unfamiliar man at the entrance.

Lin Qian’s mouth widened in shock. In the next moment, he immediately rushed forward and pulled the man back.

The man did not react for a moment. He did not let go of Lin Yun and the two of them were pulled to the ground.

Lin Qian reached out to support Lin Yun and pulled Lin Yun and the man away, but he stood in front of Lin Yun.

Lin Qian glared at the unfamiliar man with a sharp gaze. “Who are you? Why are you hugging my sister!”

The unfamiliar man was stunned for a moment before looking at Lin Yun inquiringly.

Only then did Lin Yun wipe the tears from her face and say to the unfamiliar man, “This is my second brother, Lin Qian.”

The strange man nodded and reached out to Lin Qian in a friendly manner.

However, Lin Qian still looked at the other party warily, not intending to accept his goodwill at all.

Fortunately, he was the one who had witnessed the scene just now. If it were CEO Lu, who was a jealous man, he would have killed this person!

Although Lin Qian didn’t know the other party’s identity, his actions with Lin Yun were too intimate!

Ji Rou didn’t have Lin Qian’s thoughts. She was just curious about the identity of the man in front of her.

This person looked steady and mature; he was even a few years older than Lin Qian.

Who exactly was he?

Lin Yun looked at the awkward man and pulled Lin Qian, who was between the two of them, to her side.

Lin Yun explained anxiously, “Second Brother, this is my brother, Lin Tao!”

Lin Qian’s originally fierce expression immediately twisted. “Your, your brother?”

Just as he was about to apologize to the other party, Lin Qian suddenly realized something. “That’s not right! The Lin family in Sea City only has one daughter. Where did you get a brother?”

Lin Yun almost laughed out loud when she saw Lin Qian’s twisted, serious, and nervous expression.

She reached out to hold Lin Qian’s arm. “It’s a long story. Let’s talk inside!”

Although Lin Qian had a stomach full of questions, he didn’t continue asking.

Lin Yun asked Lin Tao about his arrangements. Knowing that he would come to Man Garden directly after arriving in the capital, she arranged for him to stay over.

After arranging for Lin Tao, although Lin Yun was happy, she was also a little puzzled as to why he would come to the Man Garden to look for her.

However, she didn’t have time to wonder before Xing Min brought his subordinates to Man Garden.

That old man did not come with Xing Min, so CEO Xing was naturally “abandoned”.

Although Auntie Niu did not have much business experience, she was familiar with entertaining guests.

Xing Min looked in surprise at the two buildings that occupied a huge area and had an independent style.

“Is this Miss Lin’s property?” Xing Min asked curiously as he watched Lin Yun drink the tea Aunt Niu had just sent over.

Jin Yan followed Xing Min and the others to Man Garden. This was his first time here, and he was also surprised.

This place could be said to be miles ahead of Lin Yun’s residence in the distant suburbs.

Jin Yan’s admiration for Lin Yun rose uncontrollably.

Lin Yun looked at Xing Min and smiled. “CEO Xing, do you believe that I have the ability to invest in Linglong now?”

Xing Min paused for a moment before realizing that Lin Yun had long discovered his thoughts.

However, he could not be blamed. After all, this concerned Linglong’s life and death. He could not let his guard down!

Seeing that Xing Min’s expression had become a little guilty, Jin Yan said, “I’ve already discussed the investment plan with CEO Xing on the way here.”

“After the investment, Miss Lin will own 47% of Ling Long’s shares and have a veto right on Linglong’s investments.”

Lin Yun took the investment plan from Jin Yan and looked at it seriously.

After a long time, Lin Yun placed the document in her hand on the table in front of her.