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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 532 - 532 Sorry to Have Made You Suffer

532 Sorry to Have Made You Suffer

“Why? Do you despise me?” Auntie Niu turned to glare at Uncle Niu, looking like she would tear him apart if he dared to admit it.

Uncle Niu immediately looked like he was begging for mercy. “Alright, alright! If you have any questions, quickly ask Xiao Yun!”

Uncle Niu was indeed good at changing the topic. Aunt Niu forgot her previous anger and asked Lin Yun, “Xiao Yun, tell me, what happened?”

“Why would someone post your video online? Someone even said that you quarreled fiercely with the daughter of the Lin family in public and even angered that person so much she was hospitalized?”

“She wasn’t hospitalized,” Uncle Niu corrected.

Auntie Niu was agitated when she was interrupted by Uncle Niu. She immediately glared fiercely at Uncle Niu.

Uncle Niu immediately lowered his head and did not dare to say anything else.

Seeing Auntie Niu’s angry expression, Lin Yun’s heart warmed. “Auntie Niu, don’t worry. The matter has been resolved.”

“Also, let me introduce you to my… good friend, Wang Qi.” Lin Yun held Wang Qi’s hand and greeted Aunt Niu.

Auntie Niu glanced at Wang Qi and called out, “Aren’t you the girl who was standing with Xiao Yun in the video?”

“That’s right! Auntie Niu, was I very powerful in that video!” Wang Qi winked, immediately making Auntie Niu laugh.

Auntie Niu revealed a satisfied expression. “You were indeed very good. You have the demeanor of your Auntie Niu when she was young!”

Seeing Wang Qi and Auntie Niu hit it off, Lin Yun was not surprised.

“Auntie Niu, the two of us are a little tired. Prepare a room for Wang Qi first.” Lin Yun interrupted Auntie Niu and Wang Qi’s happy discussion.

“In addition, there will be guests coming to discuss some things today. I’ll have to trouble Auntie Niu to prepare.”

“We have guests?” Although Auntie Niu was a little puzzled, she immediately replied, “No problem. I’ll go prepare now.”

Lin Yun brought Wang Qi to the courtyard at the back. When she saw the place, she couldn’t help but sigh, “I feel like you’re a real rich lady now! You’re much better than the daughter of the Lin family!”

Lin Yun curled her lips, but she did not think Wang Qi was praising her.

“I no longer suspect that you have the ability to invest in Ling Long.”

“But are you really going to help Xing Min? Why do I feel that Linglong is a mess? If you take over, I’m afraid you’ll be in trouble!”

Lin Yun helped Wang Qi move the suitcase into the room and said calmly, “I won’t fall into it. I have other plans.”

Wang Qi looked at Lin Yun deeply. She knew that nothing she said could change Lin Yun’s plan, so she could only sigh. “If you need help, just tell me.”

Lin Yun faced Wang Qi with a grateful smile. “It’s so good to have you!”

Seeing Lin Yun’s grateful expression, Wang Qi couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Please retract your affectionate gaze! I can’t stand that!”

“Alright, go ahead!” Wang Qi said and stretched. “I have to rest well!”

Lin Yun shook her head and smiled bitterly before quickly leaving the room.

… .

In the evening, Lin Yun was about to receive Xing Min’s things when she saw Auntie Niu walking over quickly. “Xiao Yun, someone is looking for you!”

“Who is it?” Lin Yun asked. “Did Jin Yan come over first?”

Lin Yun arrived at the door. The moment she saw the person, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Standing in front of Lin Yun, a man in beige casual clothes put down his suitcase and opened his arms to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun stood rooted to the ground in a daze for a while.

Finally, just as Auntie Niu was about to question the other party’s identity, Lin Yun suddenly rushed into the long-awaited embrace.

Lin Yun hugged him tightly as if she was worried that he would disappear if she let go.

That person let Lin Yun hug him. However, after a long time, he said, “I’m sorry that I came back late and made you suffer.”