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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 531 - 531 A Woman's Heart

531 A Woman’s Heart

“Third Brother, why are you so distracted today? Is there something on your mind?” Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen teasingly and asked meaningfully.

Lu Chen ignored Fu Heng and only stared at the report in front of him. His gaze looked a little terrifying.

Fu Heng looked at Lu Chen and couldn’t help but sweat for the finance manager who was frightened by Lu Chen at the meeting and reported several erroneous updates.

The afternoon meeting was the quarterly report meeting of the Lu Corporation’s subsidiary company.

Originally, Lu Chen would not attend such meetings. However, Lu Chen happened to be in the capital this time. For some reason, he informed her that he wanted to attend the meeting personally.

This made the upper echelons of the subsidiary company nervous for a few days. At the same time, it also perturbed Fu Heng, the usually “easy to talk” CEO, for a few days.

Although Fu Heng was a little resentful, seeing Lu Chen’s state today, Fu Heng still wanted to joke with him.

His third brother had always looked calm even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him. It was rare to see him daydreaming at meetings from time to time with a terrifyingly gloomy expression.

Seeing that Lu Chen did not respond to him, Fu Heng continued to ask, “Could it be that some ignorant person offended Third Brother?”

Lu Chen continued to look down as if he had no intention of paying attention to Fu Heng.

Fu Heng was not in a hurry. His eyes darted around before he said, “By the way, Third Brother has been staying in Man Garden for the past few days. Is it with Miss Lin…”

This time, Lu Chen finally reacted.

His gaze was like a knife as he glared at Fu Heng.

Fu Heng was not afraid at all. He still had a smile on his face. “Third Brother, you really don’t understand women!”

“Come, let me teach you well!” Fu Heng said as he walked to Lu Chen’s chair with a smile.

This time, Lu Chen ignored him and tacitly allowed him to continue.

“I heard that Third Brother helped Miss Lin resolve another problem?” Fu Heng said pretentiously.

Lu Chen glanced at Fu Heng as if questioning why Fu Heng asked when he already knew the answer.

Fu Heng pretended not to see it and continued, “You have to know that sometimes, you have to believe that your woman has the ability to solve the problem!”

Hearing the word “your woman”, Lu Chen seemed to like it very much, and his expression softened.

Although Lu Chen did not say anything, Fu Heng knew that he had spoken his mind, so he continued, “I heard that Miss Lin suffered some grievances in the Tian family’s shop, but when Ning Hao and the others went, the matter seemed to have been resolved.”

“Miss Lin accepted Ning Hao’s help because she gave Ning Hao and CEO Lu respect!”

“However, Ning Hao also revealed a piece of news. Miss Lin is very concerned about how Third Brother found out about her whereabouts.”

“I think you’d better explain this matter clearly first. Otherwise, if you want to get close to her in the future, I’m afraid…”

Before Fu Heng could finish, Lu Chen had already stood up from his chair.

Fu Heng looked up at Lu Chen and coughed before saying, “Third Brother, I heard that your legs are still disabled…”

Lu Chen lowered his eyes and glared at Fu Heng before pressing the call button in front of him. “Ning Kun, prepare the car.”

… .

“I heard that a contestant was hospitalized after the new Masked King competition!” There was suddenly news online, and it quickly occupied the headlines of various entertainment pages.

However, in just a few minutes, the news was taken down.

The curious baby refused to give up. Along the way, he really found a photo of Lin Yu fainting in the mall and being sent to the exclusive medical consultation room.

Soon, someone sent a message saying that someone was not hospitalized. Lin Yu, the popular contestant, had fainted in the mall.

In an instant, the news of Lin Yu fainting in the mall spread all over the Internet. Someone even found out that Lin Yu had an argument with someone before she fainted. That person was the fake daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yun.

Originally, the real and fake daughter was only the center of attention in Sea City, but now, because of what happened in the capital, it received even more attention on the Internet.

When Lin Yun returned to the Man Garden, she saw Auntie Niu rushing over anxiously. “Xiao Yun, did you suffer outside today!”

“Let’s go! Auntie Niu will bring you to settle scores with them!”

Auntie Niu’s angry look confused Lin Yun.

“Aunt Niu, what happened?” Lin Yun grabbed Aunt Niu’s arm and stopped her from dragging her out.

At this moment, Uncle Niu ran out.

When Uncle Niu saw Lin Yun, he immediately said to Auntie Niu, “Look at you. Isn’t Xiao Yun back safe and sound!”

“If there’s anything, ask her first! She’s been so energetic her entire life!”